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Daily Digest 10/24 - Replace GDP with Disposable Energy, American Dreams Turn To Nightmares

Thursday, October 24, 2013, 9:26 AM


Detroit: From American dream to American nightmare (westcoastjan)

"I don't know what else to say - we're up in the air," Mr MacDonald says. He worries more about his wife, who is in poor health, than about himself.

"I take 15 prescriptions," says Mrs MacDonald, "and I kind of jokingly said if they take [my healthcare] away, which pills do I stop without dying?"

Troop Withdrawal Means ‘World’s Biggest Garage Sale’ (westcoastjan)

“Many non-military items have timing equipment or other components in them that can pose a threat. For example, timers can be attached to explosives. Treadmills, stationary bikes, many household appliances and ­devices, et cetera, have timers,” said Michelle McCaskill, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon’s Defense Logistics Agency.

Chris Hedges: Let's Get This Class War Started (westcoastjan)

The inability to grasp the pathology of our oligarchic rulers is one of our gravest faults. We have been blinded to the depravity of our ruling elite by the relentless propaganda of public relations firms that work on behalf of corporations and the rich. Compliant politicians, clueless entertainers and our vapid, corporate-funded popular culture, which holds up the rich as leaders to emulate and assures us that through diligence and hard work we can join them, keep us from seeing the truth.

Tremors and Warnings in the Gold Market (westcoastjan)

The year long decline in open interest on the Comex is a phenomenon worth noting. It is marked on the third chart. Even as gold bullion purchasing is soaring, gold futures interest in the US is in a secular decline. But even with this decline, the 'claims' of ownership as represented by futures contracts over ALL gold in the warehouses is a bit high.

Ways to Solve The National Debt – Donation? (Chris F.)

Currently, the Bureau of Public Debt may accept gifts in the form of cash, an outstanding government obligation (pension), or even PROPERTY as a donation to the US government to help reduce the debt. At the rate of $7,749,618 per year in contributions, it would take more than 2,116,233 years to pay down the debt--assuming, of course, that the debt is fixed at $16.9 trillion, which we know is exponentially increasing.

Gold, Silver and the Debt Ceiling (GE Christenson)

The legend does not show which line represents gold, silver, or the national debt. Why? Because it hardly matters! Government spends too much money to perform a few essential services and to buy votes, wars, and welfare, and thereby increases its debt almost every year, while gold and silver prices, on average, match the increases in accumulated national debt. - See more at: http://www.deviantinvestor.com/5114/5114/#sthash.eokyWNJ5.dpuf

World Just Witnessed A Stunning Watershed Moment In History (pinecarr)

“Earlier today we had Keith Barron discussing the ‘Great Inflation’ -- a technical hyperinflation in the fine art market (which is taking place). Some of the (fine art) pieces have gained an astonishing 100% in just 6-to-8-months. It’s stratospheric the prices those (fine art pieces) are going out the door (of auction houses) for. But he said you see these things in anticipation of a coming ‘Great Inflation.’”

Metrics: Replace GDP with Disposable Energy (Suzie G.)

Effective metrics are predictive, aligned with the mission, actionable, simple, timely and ungameable. Gross Domestic Production (GDP) metric is none of these. This paper recommends replacing the economic metric of GDP with Disposable Energy. Disposable Energy is an extremely simple measure of how much energy can people buy with their disposable income. Disposable Energy increases as people obtain energy more economically, expend energy more efficiently, employment increases, and the economy becomes healthier.

U.S. Energy Independence: The Numbers Don’t Add Up (James S.)

The EIA's [U.S. Energy Information Administration's] estimate for the most recent four week average crude oil production rate (Crude + Condensate)[which is the definition of oil] was 7.6 mbpd (million barrels per day). Refinery runs were 15.8 mbpd, and net crude oil imports averaged 8.0 mbpd. The numbers for total liquids are, of course, different.

Post Carbon Institute Calls on Environmentalists to Embrace Post-Growth Economics (pinecarr)

By community resilience, Miller and Hopkins are referring to the ability of a community to "bounce back from disruption to a normal state of being," according to the paper. The amount of resilience in a community is defined by the amount of change the community can undergo and still retain its basic structure, the degree to which the community can self-organize and the ability of the community to build the capacity for learning and adaption.

After Storm, Toxic Water Overflows in Japan (jdargis)

After the rain, Tepco said, it tested water in the ponds that overflowed and found that a half-dozen were contaminated with levels of radioactive strontium-90 above the limit of 10 becquerels per liter set by regulators for releasing water into the sea. Radiation levels at the most contaminated site were 71 times that limit, Tepco said.

Gold in trees leads to hidden deposits (westcoastjan)

Dr Mel Lintern, a geochemist from Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), said: "We've found a lot of the easy deposits in Australia and elsewhere in the world as well.

"Now we are trying to tackle finding these more difficult ones that are buried beneath tens of metres of river sediments and sand dunes.

"And the trees are providing us with a method to be able to do this."

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Half of nation's foreclosed homes still occupied

RealtyTrac estimates that 47% of the nation's foreclosed homes are currently occupied. The percentage actually tops 60% in some hot housing markets, like Miami and Los Angeles.


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Half of nation's foreclosed homes still occupied for 3 years
Tall wrote:

RealtyTrac estimates that 47% of the nation's foreclosed homes are currently occupied. The percentage actually tops 60% in some hot housing markets, like Miami and Los Angeles.



been that way for almost 4 year in judicial states:

LPS: Average Days to Foreclose at 895 in August as National Pipeline Ratios Remain Over 3 Years




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