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Daily Digest 10/18 - Arctic Farming Can Be Done, 10 Ways Riding a Bike Can Save the World

Friday, October 18, 2013, 10:29 AM


JP Morgan's Perfect Silver Manipulation Cannot Last Forever (Taki T.)

In COMEX silver, JPMorgan has behaved differently. Instead of selling short silver at declining prices, as it did in the London Whale case, JPMorgan has only sold short additional quantities of silver on increasing prices. After these additional short sales have satiated all new buying interest, JPMorgan then causes prices to decline (through the manipulative device of HFT) and buys back its short sales at lower prices and great profit.

Slowly At First, Then All At Once (pinecarr)

As part of the bargain codified in HR 2775 (which President Obama signed into law), the Treasury Department is authorized to SUSPEND the debt ceiling. In other words, for all intents and purposes, there is now NO LIMIT government borrowing.

This limitless borrowing authority will expire on February 7, 2014. But it sets the precedent that dismissing the debt ceiling is a perfectly viable course of action.

Exploring the Real Reasons Behind the Current Economic and Energy Crisis (James S.)

With this view, the big problem in the future is pollution, and in particular climate change caused by carbon dioxide and other gasses affecting the climate. Coal is viewed as particularly bad in this regard, oil is somewhat less bad, and natural gas better yet. Nuclear is a concern for a variety of reasons, including lack of a place for spent fuel.

10 Essentials for Wilderness Survival (outlive)

The number one most important thing I make sure to bring is a knife. They have so many uses in every day camp activities and life in general. If you find yourself in a survival situation, your chances of survival are infinitely increased with a knife. I always have a pocket knife on me for everyday use and camping.

Fixed blade knives are ideal. They are more durable and resilient than folding knives as they do not have mechanical movement. They are also better for cutting large objects such as branches. Folding knives are great for a backup and less demanding tasks.

China Reports a Modest Acceleration in Growth (jdargis)

But tepid economic indicators in the first half of the year had left some observers wondering whether even that lower target might be missed without aggressive policy moves. China’s economy grew by 7.5 percent in the second quarter, compared with a year earlier, and 7.7 percent in the first quarter.

10 Ways Riding a Bike Can Save the World (Nick J.)

Strap on your helmet, pull up your pants legs, and get ready to save the world--one pedal at a time.

Arizona Utility Tries Storing Solar Energy for Use in the Dark (jdargis)

Like other utilities, Arizona Public Service faces its biggest challenge in the early morning, before the sun is high enough to hit conventional solar panels, the kind installed on rooftops to turn sunlight into electric current. Arizona and, increasingly, California see the same problem in the evening, when the sun is too low for the panels to work, just as thousands of people are returning home and workplaces are still humming. Solar panels can help utilities meet afternoon peaks, but not morning or evening ones; by 6 p.m., panels are producing only about half their maximum, even if they are installed on tracking devices that tilt the panels to follow the sun across the sky.

Farming in the Arctic: It Can Be Done (jdargis)

But perhaps most significantly is the fact that Arctic and sub-Arctic communities are isolated: Vegetables and other foods are shipped long distances and cost a fortune, $28 for a head of cabbage in some instances. Not to mention, these supply chains are vulnerable to the region’s litany of both natural and human-made disasters, including blizzards, earthquakes, volcanoes and shipping strikes.

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Debt = $17,075,590,107,963.57

Treasury Direct Link



Date Debt Held by the Public Intragovernmental Holdings Total Public Debt Outstanding
10/15/2013 11,926,495,975,191.95 4,820,874,558,898.67 16,747,370,534,090.62
10/16/2013 11,929,976,600,223.38 4,817,383,948,833.85 16,747,360,549,057.23
10/17/2013 12,117,282,743,815.33 4,958,307,364,148.24 17,075,590,107,963.57



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Arizona tries storing solar energy for use in the dark

The statement "by 6 p.m., panels are producing only about half their maximum" in my opinion is misleadingly optimistic, and might possibly be true only on the longest day of the year. On the other hand, if you have 10,000 watts of installed power (half the cost of an average new car if you avoid  utility and government incentive based control) and get 20% of maximum power at 6PM, that means you have 2000 watts of power at dinnertime (or maybe as little as 500 watts, enough to make coffee or toast if cloudy and you did not prepare food in advance based on forethought).  It is very helpful to use appliances that can accommodate differential power inputs and to be patient with their operation time.  Plants have evolved to do this, and humans are certainly capable of learning to do this too (and in fact have, before the oil age changed  their behavior).  Presently you have to make your own circuits because The Technologies that Be are all based on American Growth Standard instant gratification.  Many things such as induction stoves and water heaters can be modified to run fairly directly from  solar panels with varying output without buying lots of very inefficient but heavily hyped equipment from traditional  American Growth Standard companies.   We have forgotten that our grandparents /  great grandparents farms worked on a solar cycle and that they used to get up and work when the energy became available and adjust their activities throughout the year according to solar insolation.

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Federal Reserve balance sheet

Click on "view as table". $3.81 trillion.

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Buying Chinese yuans?

Hi.  I live close to NY City, in Nyack, NY.

My question: What is the easiest way to buy Chinese Yuan and where in my area?

And, of course, is this a smart thing to do now??  Comments, please.  Ken

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Great rec, James S - Thanks!

James S,

Thanks for your link in the Daily Digest to Gail Tverberg's article in oilprice.com

Exploring the Real Reasons Behind the Current Economic and Energy Crisis

While the paragraph included after the link doesn't really capture the main point of the article, the article itself is fascinating and very helpful.  It contains nothing essentially different than what Chris also teaches, but a diversity of writing and teaching styles is always helpful and I appreciate Tverberg's approach as well.

On a side note:

I am aware that some in the peak oil camp, including Kjell Aleklett, believe that future limits on oil production means that climate change projections are wrong in terms of their assumptions/scenarios regarding future CO2 emissions.  It seems that Tverberg may also be sympathetic to that argument, although in the article she also points out that the climate is probably changing more rapidly now than at other times in history, so I'm not really sure what her view is on this.

I'm going to re-read Aleklett's account of his difference on this issue with Nebojsa Nakicenovic, who argues that we should attempt to decarbonize in order to mitigate/reduce the anthropogenic climate forcing of greenhouse gasses.



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peak oil negates climate change worries?

Every time some new method of extracting fossil fuels or some new discovery of deposits of same occurs that kick the peak fossil fuel can down the road a bit, the argument that resource limitations will magically limit carbon emissions in time to rescue us from climate change becomes less viable.  We are supposedly at or very near peak oil and yet emissions and atmospheric concentrations are going up every year at a time when climate scientists are telling us that our window of opportunity to prevent catastrophic climate change is closing.  And now we are told that peak oil has been put on hold until 2018 by shale, tar sands and other nonconventional sources of oil.  My guess is we will see more such developments.

To me, this adds extra urgency to the necessity of limiting emissions by whatever means.  There is no room for complacency. 


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