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Daily Digest 10/5 - Desperation Fuels Trips of Migrants to Spain, Governors Face Tough Calls During Shutdown

Saturday, October 5, 2013, 10:22 AM


Shutdown’s Pinch Leaves Governors With Tough Calls (jdargis)

The calculations promise to grow more complicated and more polarizing if the shutdown extends and federal poverty programs administered by the states — in particular heating assistance and child nutrition programs — begin running dry. On Friday, state officials said, governors held a conference call with the White House reiterating that they could not afford to step in for long.

Desperation Fuels Trips of Migrants to Spain (jdargis)

“Some people will clearly risk death to reach Europe,” said Israel Díaz Aragón, who captains one of the boats of Spain’s maritime rescue services. “It has been a very busy summer, because we’re now also rescuing Africans who not only cross in a toy boat but haven’t even spent money on buying proper oars.”

In Rural Iowa, Spending, Not the Shutdown, Raises Worry (jdargis)

In this bedrock conservative district, I found that people were fed up with the gridlock in Washington. But while they are beginning to question Mr. King’s tactics, they continue to support his core commitment to cutting the size of government.

Well-connected hemispheres of Einstein's brain may have sparked brilliance (Arthur Robey)

In particular, this new technique permitted registration and comparison of Einstein's measurements with those of two samples—one of 15 elderly men and one of 52 men Einstein's age in 1905. During his so-called "miracle year" at 26 years old, Einstein published four articles that contributed substantially to the foundation of modern physics and changed the world's views about space, time, mass and energy.

Currency Wars and the Ghost of Bear Stearns - The Mass Exodus of Gold Bullion (Thomas C.)

If you know that there is going to be a dislocation of inventory in the cloakroom, the first thing the average person would do is get their own coats out. And the less scrupulous might buy up all the tickets they could to redeem for other people's coats, and then sell what unfilled tickets that remain at whatever price they might get. Those doing God's work might even short sell tickets, if such thing was possible, and take side bets against them.

David A. Stockman Interview (pinecarr)

"Stockman lays out how the U.S. has devolved from a free market economy into one fatally deformed by Washington’s endless fiscal largesse, K-street lobbies and Fed sponsored bailouts and printing press money."

Diesel exhaust stops honeybees from finding the flowers they want to forage (jdargis)

Dr. Newman, a neuroscientist at the University, comments: "Honeybees have a sensitive sense of smell and an exceptional ability to learn and memorize new odours. NOx gases represent some of the most reactive gases produced from diesel combustion and other fossil fuels, but the emissions limits for nitrogen dioxide are regularly exceeded, especially in urban areas. Our results suggest that that diesel exhaust pollution alters the components of a synthetic floral odour blend, which affects the honeybee's recognition of the odour. This could have serious detrimental effects on the number of honeybee colonies and pollination activity."

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Chicago Fed: Detroit bankruptcy may reshape municipal bond marke

Chicago Fed: Detroit bankruptcy may reshape municipal bond markets


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