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Daily Digest 10/1 - A Disease Cuts Corn Yields, What The Gov't Shutdown Means For You

Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 11:16 AM


US shutdown has other nations confused and concerned (jdargis)

In the United States, however, government shutdowns - or the threat thereof - have become an accepted negotiating tactic, thanks to the quirks of the American federal system, which allows different branches of government to be controlled by different parties. It was a structure devised by the nation's founders to encourage compromise and deliberation, but lately has had just the opposite effect.

What A Government Shutdown Means For You (jdargis, SATIRE)

Any harm that may occur to you during the shutdown will still affect your body in real life. Essentially, if you die in the shutdown, you die for real.

Boom, Bust, Flip (jdargis)

Now, five years after the start of the financial crisis, the housing market has come back, and many of these investors are cashing in. According to tabulations by Redfin, an online real estate listings site, banks have already sold about 1.5 million of the nearly 2 million homes that were foreclosed on during the past half-decade. Resales are becoming more common and can be hugely profitable. A house in Redwood City, Calif., for instance, was sold in a foreclosure auction in 2011 for less than half what the evicted owner paid in 2006. Ten months later, it was flipped for close to its previous price. Another house in Los Angeles went into foreclosure in 2012 and was flipped seven months later for a markup of $254,000, or 66 percent. Of the 87,062 foreclosures in the last five years that were bought by corporate investors and have been flipped, about a quarter were sold for at least $100,000 more than what the investor originally paid, according to Redfin. (Although it’s impossible to know how much investors spent on upgrades or renovations.)

In historic step, Japan PM to hike tax; will cushion blow to economy (Time2Help)

"It will just slow the pace of growth in outstanding debt and slow the pace of budget-deficit growth, but things would still be deteriorating," Ogawa, the ratings firm's Tokyo-based director of sovereign ratings, told reporters last week.
S&P could cut Japan's rating if it does not shrink its budget deficit, he said.

World's Biggest Ship: The $185M Maersk Triple-E (Dana T.)

On a dry-dock in South Korea Maersk is building the world's biggest ship. A container vessel, it will ply the route between Northern Europe and China. It is called the Triple-E and the Danish shipbuilder has ordered 20 of them, at a cost of $185 million each. A Triple-E, in one trip, could transport more 182 million iPads, or 111 million pairs of shoes, from Shanghai to Rotterdam. Stood on its stern, its bow would stretch 19 meters above the roof of the Empire State Building.

Detroit Spent Billions Extra on Pensions (jdargis)

When asked on what legal authority the trustees made the payments, Mr. Harris said, “My understanding was, it had to be approved by City Council, and council was under the belief that the money was there — that the pension funds were earning the money — with the consideration that in bad times the city would be making up the difference. I hate to say that. Ultimately the fund has to be funded by the taxpayers.”

A Disease Cuts Corn Yields (Mike K.)

“The farmer who called me had found a circle of corn about 50 feet in diameter or so that had strange symptoms, stalks broken over and twisting, discoloration, the whole nine yards,” said Clayton Hollier, a plant pathologist at Louisiana State University. “I hadn’t heard symptoms like that since I learned about Goss’s in college.”

IPCC Claims the Oceans are Dying to Save Us from Ourselves (James B.)

The ocean’s surface water first absorbs the heat, but with time that is then passed down into deeper water where it not only kills marine flora and fauna, but also shifts ecosystems, changes ocean currents, and causes seawater to expand, raising global sea levels.

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pat the rat
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Obama is as smart as hell he is using old fashion technique of divide and concur.


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one-eyed man
pat the rat wrote:

Obama is as smart as hell he is using old fashion technique of divide and concur.


Actually, he really isn't that smart.  It's just that the American public is dumb as hell.  In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

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per AO:  Actually, he really

per AO:  Actually, he really isn't that smart.  It's just that the American public is dumb as hell.

and i would add on both sides of the aisle. 

if one believes the old educational bell curve of intelligence where 3% got A's and 3% got E's

8% got B's and D's and the rest were C's 

the top 11%(those who got A's and B's) are a minority.

ever wonder why the political talk is so stupid? look at the audience. with both sides of the aisle, dumb sown to vy for the majority vote.

not too complicated

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Arthur's Medical Reform

I am disappointed that the Mars Curiosity site is down. I do hope that someone is volunteering to babysit the Rover.

It would be a pity if it were ditched now because some peoples' Left hemisphere's models and Egos were unwell.

Someone should mandate ego-dissolving medical intervention for any person who raises his right hand to swear anything.

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