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Daily Digest 9/30 - Big Oil Moves North, 800 Years of Power From Waste

Monday, September 30, 2013, 9:55 AM


Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter (Arthur Robey)

To get the normally-massless photons to bind to each other, Lukin and colleagues, including Harvard post-doctoral fellow Ofer Fisterberg, former Harvard doctoral student Alexey Gorshkov and MIT graduate students Thibault Peyronel and Qiu Liang couldn't rely on something like the Force – they instead turned to a set of more extreme conditions.

When Ephemeralization is Hard to Tell from Catabolic Collapse (Dana T.)

The old infrastructures, as I argued here, are extremely capital-intensive, high-overhead, batch-and-queue systems that devote 80% of their total capacity — idle most of the time — to handling 20% of the total load at peak hours. This grossly overbuilt, capital-intensive infrastructure, to pay for itself, requires organizing the rest of society to maximize utilization of the infrastructure’s capacity — even if it means doing everything in an extremely inefficient way.

A Wave of Sewing Jobs as Orders Pile Up at U.S. Factories (jdargis)

The American textile and apparel industries, like manufacturing as a whole, are experiencing a nascent turnaround as apparel and textile companies demand higher quality, more reliable scheduling and fewer safety problems than they encounter overseas. Accidents like the factory collapse in Bangladesh earlier this year, which killed more than 1,000 workers, have reinforced the push for domestic production.

In BP Trial, the Amount of Oil Lost Is at Issue (jdargis)

Both sides will present their case in Federal District Court in New Orleans using competing technical calculations over the next four weeks. Hanging in the balance are Clean Water Act fines that range from a maximum of $1,100 for every barrel spilled through simple negligence to as much as $4,300 a barrel if a company is found to have been grossly negligent.

China Ban on Items for Nuclear Use to North Korea May Stall Arms Bid (jdargis)

Both Chinese and Western analysts called the export ban an important development — if it is implemented fully — especially since the list appeared to have been approved at the highest levels of the Chinese government. Either the Politburo, or the group’s seven-member Standing Committee, the apex of Chinese power, gave the green light, they said.

Atomic Goal: 800 Years of Power From Waste (jdargis)

The people developing the reactor work for a start-up, TerraPower, led by Mr. Gates and a fellow Microsoft billionaire, Nathan Myhrvold. So far, it has raised tens of millions of dollars for the project, but building a prototype reactor could cost $5 billion — a reason Mr. Gates is looking for a home for the demonstration plant in rich and energy-hungry China.

Big Oil Moves North Despite Climate Woes (James B.)

Dozens of activists with environmental organization Greenpeace were sentenced to jail by a Russian court last week for their role in a protest against a Gazprom drilling rig in the Pechora Sea. Greenpeace International Director Kumi Naidoo said the Russian energy company was operating recklessly while arctic sea ice is "melting before our eyes." Russian President Vladimir Putin, however, said his government was expanding its arctic protection while at the same time linking arctic exploration to the ability to clean up any mess.

Giant Deadly Hornets Kill Dozens And Injure Hundreds In China (Mike K.)

If their venom lands in the eyes, the eye tissue will melt, according to a National Geographic documentary.

The giant hornets’ highly toxic stings can also lead to anaphylactic shock and renal failure.

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