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Daily Digest 9/25 - Food Bills Rise Again, Homeless Numbers Soar

Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 9:12 AM


Unfunded liabilities pass $1.1 million per taxpayer

National debt clock. Scroll to the bottom line and on the right.

Government Shutdown May Harm U.S. Credit Quality, Moody’s Says

While the ratings company expects the nation’s leaders will avoid a shutdown and increase the debt limit, if it fails to do so “the consequences for the economy and government revenues would be negative,” it said in a report today.

Ukraine CDS Jump to Three-Year High After Moody’s Downgrade

Moody’s downgraded Ukrainian debt on Sept. 20 by one level to Caa1, seven steps below investment grade, amid growing political and economic risks and a lack of prospects for a bailout from the International Monetary Fund. Ukraine is struggling with economic contraction, a widening current-account deficit, shirking foreign-currency reserves and trade restrictions from Russia, its biggest export market.

Now not the time for deeper austerity in Russia- Finance Minister

The economy grew by 1.2 percent in the second-quarter, half the rate of the United States and even further below most of Russia's emerging market peers. Growth estimates for the year now stand at 1.8 percent - half the initial forecasts.

Families in Britain feel the squeeze as food bills rise again

FAMILIES are yet to feel any benefit from Britain’s economic recovery as disposable income falls and bills rise, according to new figures.

Homeless numbers soar (Dublin)

The number of people sleeping rough on the streets of inner city Dublin has increased by 88% since last year, a new report has revealed. Amid warnings that Government plans to end long-term homelessness by 2016 are in serious jeopardy, the Dublin Simon Community said current levels of those on the street were at an all-time high.

Red-light camera video helping local police solve other crimes (Florida)

While the new cameras are annoying drivers, the city says the cameras are actually benefiting taxpayers. In fact, Action News has learned that the town raked in over $173,000 in July and again in August. Because it only costs $29,000 a month to operate their seven cameras, that leaves about $144,000 in profits.

Interactive Map: In 13 States Plus D.C., Obamacare Will Increase Health Premiums By 24%, On Average (Amanda)

Will the “Affordable Care Act” live up to its name and make health insurance less expensive? To help the public understand the impact of Obamacare on individual-market premiums, my Manhattan Institute colleagues and I have crunched the numbers and created an interactive, state-by-state map, where you can find out how Obamacare affects insurance rates where you live. The results may surprise you.

A Risk Manager’s Impossibility? (Adam)

Dimon reportedly is a hands-on risk manager capable of handling the enormous responsibility of managing the largest and most systemically dangerous bank in the United States. If that were true, he knew or should have known about the oversized risky credit derivatives positions in the unit that actually reported directly to him.

China's synthetic gas plants would be greenhouse giants (Arthur Robey)

As part of the largest investment in coal-fueled synthetic natural gas plants in history, the central Chinese government recently has approved construction of nine large-scale plants capable of producing more than 37 billion cubic meters of synthetic natural gas annually. Private companies are planning to build more than 30 other plants, capable of producing as much as 200 million cubic meters of natural gas each year—far exceeding China's current natural gas demand.

Flour made with insects wins $1M for McGill team (westcoastjan)

Protein and iron, the students noted, are nutrients in short supply in the diets of many people in developing nations, but found in high amounts in insects. For example, they note, crickets have a higher protein content per weight than beef.

Soor said people in many of the countries they are targeting already eat insects.

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Russia accuses Greenpeace crew of 'piracy' in Arctic
Russian prosecutors have accused 30 Greenpeace activists of piracy and say they will prosecute all of them for trying to board an Arctic oil platform.  Russia's Investigative Committee, modelled on the FBI, will question the activists. Six Britons are among them.
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Lurch? Thanks for the belly laugh,TTH

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