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Daily Digest 9/24 - Glacial Meltdown, Why Do So Many Americans Live In Mobile Homes?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013, 10:41 AM


It Begins: Monte Paschi "Bails In" Bondholders, Halts $650 Million In Coupon Payments (westcoastjan)

Why is this happening now? Simple: the Merkel reelection is in the bag, and the EURUSD is too high (recall Adidas' laments from last week). Furthermore, if the ECB proceeds with another LTRO as many believe it will, it will force the EURUSD even higher, surging from even more unwanted liquidity. So what to do? Why stage a small, contained crisis of course. Such as a bail in by a major Italian bank. The good news for now is that depositors are untouched. Unfortunately, with depositor cash on the wrong end of the (un)secured liability continuum it is only a matter of time before those with uninsured deposits share some of the Cypriot pain. After all, in the brave New Normal insolvent world, "it is only fair."

Why Harper Hates Evidence-Based Data (westcoastjan)

While these restrictions serve the government's agenda to create an unimpeded/streamlined environment for both industry and government ideology, they endanger the public. Core research that interferes with the government/corporate agenda (but sometimes negatively impacts public health and safety) is discarded or suppressed, while narrowly focused research that doesn't contradict corporate government messaging is rewarded.

Bangladeshi factory workers locked in on 19-hour shifts (westcoastjan)

Two days later, I return to Ha Meem Sportswear. I am going undercover as a buyer from a fake British clothing company.

I want to hear what the factory owners say about shifts. We are shown around. The factory is old and cramped. One woman is working under a table.

Why do so many Americans live in mobile homes? (westcoastjan)

A few days after her comments, US Census figures confirmed that her state did indeed have the highest proportion of mobile homes - also known as trailers or manufactured housing - though the figure is closer to 18% than 20%.

Economically, Obama Is the Best (Brittany F.)

The "Say on Pay" law ensures a non-binding vote for stockholders over how much corporate executives should be paid. Increased mortgage fraud penalties, protection for low income house-buyers.

Canada's Transportation System Hampering Economy: Government Documents (westcoastjan)

The Transport Canada documents, presented after the 2011 election, estimated that Canadians spend about $10,000 on transportation annually, or about 14 per cent of a typical household budget. That’s more than Canadians spend on food, on average.

Traffic congestion is just one part of the picture, but recent data finds Canadian cities now racing ahead of the U.S. in terms of time spent in jams.

Oil Railway To Prince Rupert Could Carry Northern Gateway's Capacity: Memos (westcoastjan)

The proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, which would carry crude oil to Kitimat, B.C., has met fierce opposition from First Nations and environmentalists.

Spain Turns Sewage into Energy in World First (James B.)

After reaching a critical mass, the algae are extracted to be processed for oil. The remaining algal biomass left behind can be used to make bio-methane, carbon dioxide and minerals.

The goal of All-Gas is to produce 3,000 kilograms of dry algae per day with an oil content of 20%. To add some perspective to things, that would be enough biodiesel to fill up about 200 cars.

Glacial Meltdown (HughK)

When enough ice weighs down on it, ice itself can flow. “When it’s not moving, it’s stagnant ice—it’s not a glacier,” says Dan Fagre, pointing at a shriveled white patch in Montana’s Glacier National Park. He has worked there for two decades as a climate change ecologist. There are 25 active glaciers in the park, but a century ago there were 150. Many disappeared before they could be put on a map. We know them by their moraines—the piles of rubble they plowed up as they slid downhill, back when they were alive and moving.

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Overpopulation: Why ingenuity alone won't save us

It's easy to grasp that in a national park, balance must be maintained between predators and prey, lest the ecosystem crash. But when we're talking about our own species, it gets harder. The notion that there are limits to how much humanity this parkland called Earth can bear doesn't sit easy with us.


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New Island from Earthquake!!

Zerohedge reports this morning several news sources say that this mornings 7+ earthquake produced a new island in the Indian Ocean just off the border of Pakistan between and Iran.  This is a very hot area from the standpoint of military and commercial shipping.

What is curious is that the shocking formation is quite close to the border with Iran, and in close proximity to the Gulf of Oman, best known as the favorite anchoring spot of US Aircraft Carriers patrolling the Straits of Hormuz.

I have never heard of this happening before.  Has anyone else?


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sand puppy

I have never heard of this happening before.  Has anyone else?

Sure, colliding tectonic plates push up mountains.  If they happen to be in the ocean, they emerge as islands.  Apparently there are a number of tectonic plates in that region.



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