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Daily Digest 9/21 - The Five Stages of Collapse, The Great Fed Robbery

Saturday, September 21, 2013, 10:07 AM


Americans Sacrificing Freedom to Avoid Another Meltdown (Dana T.)

"We create this new and unaccountable bureaucracy in the Consumer Financial Protection Act, which has jurisdiction over mortgages and investment banking but also over pawnshops in Alabama," Richards rages. "I'm pretty sure pawnshops had nothing to do with the crisis."

At World's End - The Five Stages of Collapse (pinecarr)

Empires rise and fall due to the humanness of their leaders and citizens. The great American Empire is no different. It was created a mere 224 years ago by courageous patriots who risked their wealth and their lives to create a Republic founded upon the principles of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; took a dreadful wrong turn in 1913 with the creation of a privately held central bank to control its currency and introduction of an income tax; devolved into an empire after World War II, setting it on a course towards bankruptcy; sealed its fate in 1971 by unleashing power hungry psychopathic elitists to manipulate the monetary and fiscal policies of the nation to enrich themselves; and has now entered the final frenzied phase of pillaging, currency debasement, war mongering, and ransacking of civil liberties. Despite the frantic efforts of the financial elite, their politician puppets, and their media propaganda outlets, collapse of this aristocracy of the moneyed is a mathematical certainty. Faith in the system is rapidly diminishing, as the issuance of debt to create the appearance of growth has reached the point of diminishing returns.

Has Warren Buffett Nailed Another Market Top? (Nate)

Buffett stayed away from the stock market, in spite of the 1969-1973 bull market lifting the Dow back to its 1969 peak and somewhat higher. He settled for managing the businesses he had acquired control of, including textile mill Berkshire Hathaway (which he soon began expanding into the insurance industry).

Venezuela seizes toilet paper factory to avoid shortage (westcoastjan)

In a tweet on Thursday, Venezuela's Vice President, Jorge Arreaza, said authorities would "not permit hoarding of essential commodities, or any faults in the production and distribution process."

The Minister of Trade, Alexander Fleming, said the factory occupation complied with Venezuelan law.

Gordon Brown 'discussed troops on streets' in crisis (westcoastjan)

Mr Brown is quoted as saying: "If the banks are shutting their doors, and the cash points aren't working, and people go to Tesco and their cards aren't being accepted, the whole thing will just explode.

"If you can't buy food or petrol or medicine for your kids, people will just start breaking the windows and helping themselves.

Why Does A Canadian Company Pay Its Taxes to Switzerland? (westcoastjan)

They did this by a tried and true business practice of "transfer pricing." In 1999, Cameco signed a 17 year deal with its subsidiary in Switzerland to supply it with Canadian uranium at the fixed price of about $10 US per pound. The price of uranium has increased considerably since then, but the parent company continued to sell Canadian uranium at the 1999 price. The Swiss subsidiary, in turn, sold it to the ultimate customers at much higher prices.

JP Morgan Holds 2 Corners In The Gold And Silver Market (Taki T.)

The whole reason behind the decline in the first half of the year was JP Morgan rigging prices through their monopoly in the COMEX to the point that prices came down. In doing so, they were able to buy back many of their short positions in silver and all of their short positions in gold. The company made about 3 billion dollars on closing out these shorts. In gold, they went long till they reached 85,000 contracts long in gold. In the August rally they made another 350 million dollar of profits.

Barack Obama: "We're Not Some Banana Republic, This Is Not A Deadbeat Nation" (pinecarr)

"This is the United States of America, we’re not some banana republic. This is not a deadbeat nation. We don’t run out on our tab. We're the world's bedrock investment, the entire world looks to us to make sure the world economy is stable. We can’t just not pay our bills."

Gold, Einstein And The Great Fed Robbery (pinecarr)

One of Einstein's great contributions to mankind was the theory of relativity, which is based on the fact that there is a real limit on the speed of light. Information doesn't travel instantly, it is limited by the speed of light, which in a perfect setting is 186 miles (300km) per millisecond. This has been proven in countless scientific experiments over nearly a century of time. Light, or anything else, has never been found to go faster than 186 miles per millisecond. It is simply impossible to transmit information faster.

This Week Was A Disaster And It Will Lead To More Tyranny (pinecarr)

In the aftermath of more incredibly turbulent trading this week, today King World News spoke to the man who has been focused on uncovering sensitive government and market information for over 15 years. What he had to say will fascinate KWN readers around the world. Chris Powell covered everything from secret government agreements, to market manipulation, gold, and a coming new financial system. Below is what Powell had to say.

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Arthur Robey
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Nice find Pinecar.

This chart is amusing. This is how I read it. Between '47 and '52 every dollars worth of debt generated $4.61. Then I was born and things went downhill. Until now when every dollars worth of debt generates 8 cents.

I see that Orlovs 5 stages of collapse has been lifted straight.

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