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Daily Digest 9/11 - Syrian Crisis Hits Currency, Chinese Shadow Banking Surges Back

Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 9:57 AM


China Shadow Banking Surges Back as Growth Rebound Adds Risks

“If credit growth picks up persistently from here, China’s current growth recovery may well last bit longer and go a bit further,” said Yao Wei, China economist at Societe Generale in Hong Kong. “However, that only adds to the downside risk afterwards, as the leverage of Chinese corporates and local governments keeps rising from the already alarmingly high level.”

Syrian Crisis Hits Currency

Last week, Syria ordered merchants and shopkeepers to price goods in their home currency - or face jail. But at this money shop in neighbouring Jordan, cash from its crisis-hit neighbour is worth less and less.

Govt debt may exceed 15t yuan (China)

China's government debt may exceed 15 trillion yuan ($2.45 trillion), said a government researcher, amid an ongoing audit of total borrowing.
Zhao Quanhou, head of financial research at the Fiscal Science Research Center affiliated with the Ministry of Finance, suggested that the figure may even run up to 18 trillion yuan.

Swedes Urged to Cut Record Debt Loads in New Bank Oversight Plan

Household indebtedness will reach 177 percent of disposable incomes in 2015, the central bank estimates.

Debt Limit Deadline: Study Finds U.S. Could Default As Early As October 18

The United States could default on its obligations as early as Oct. 18 if Washington fails to agree on legislation to raise the government's borrowing cap, a new study predicted Tuesday.

The Bipartisan Policy Center analysis says the default date would come no later than Nov. 5 and that the government would quickly fall behind on its payments, including Social Security benefits and military pensions.

US consumer borrowing rises $10.4 billion in July

The Federal Reserve says consumers increased their borrowing $10.4 billion in July from June to a record high of $2.85 trillion. That followed an $11.9 billion gain in June.

Chinese Zombies Emerging After Years of Solar Subsidies

Only five solar-power vendors remain in a space built for 170 at a sprawling complex of offices stacked three stories high outside Xinyu city in China’s southeast.

Locked doors and empty offices are what’s left of the government’s audacious plan to dominate the global solar industry. What happened in Xinyu is being replicated across China, which used subsidies and $47.5 billion of credit to wrest supremacy from Germany, Japan and the U.S., saddling an industry with losses for at least two years.

French public deficit 'to exceed 3.7% target'

Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici confirmed Tuesday that France's public deficit will be higher than the target of 3.7 percent of gross domestic product.

"Yes, it will be higher than 3.7 percent" of gross domestic product (GDP), Moscovici said on RMC radio.

China's Luxurious, Newly Built 'Ghost' Cities: Oh-So Extravagant And Oh-So Empty

The development covers more than 54 square kilometers (13,096 acres) and boasts a five-star hotel, hot springs, a golf course, a museum, a temple, two colleges and entertainment facilities in addition to the villas, the South China Morning Post said Monday. Luxurious surroundings -- but they're not surrounding anyone.

City expects to get millions from school zone speed cameras (Ballard)

A few schools near Ballard will be getting road safety improvements as the result of the revenues generated from school zone speeding cameras.

By the end of 2014, the city will install 15 school zone speeding cameras, in addition to the four that there already are. These cameras, officials say, should generate $14.8 million.
That revenue will work toward improving roads around schools

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John Williams: Govt. Statistics 12 yrs after 9/11

John Williams: Govt. Statistics 12 yrs after 9/11

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9/11 -- More skeptical, more accurate


This post is a personal response to the day and the state of our world as I am seeing it.  It reflects my own views, not necessarily the views of anyone else here.


The world is more skeptical now of the pronouncements of it leaders.  When the President of the United States Stands before Congress and says that something is true, the world no longer assumes that his words are necessarily truthful.  Having been burned clearly and repeatedly, we are sadder, and wiser.


Here, Colin Powell, the Secretary of State explains to the UN assembly how Iraq had a massive WMD effort and was responsible for the anthrax attack on the USA in September 2001. 


“Iraq declared 8,500 liters of anthrax, but UNSCOM estimates that Saddam Hussein could have produced 25,000 liters.”


For the safety of our nation, he explained, we would need to invade Iraq.

Fortunately, though, the president and cabinet had to the foresight to start taking Cipro, the antibiotic active against anthrax, the week before that surprise attack commenced.  No explanation has ever been offered for this remarkably prescient coincidence.

Years after the Iraq invasion, and searches of Iraq failed to find ANY anthrax or WMD, the anthrax used in the attacks on the was identified as the Ames strain and traced to the US Army Biological Weapons lab in Fort Detrick, Maryland.   Colin Powell later admit that his speech was not true, and was a permanent blight on his record.  He explained  that he had been mislead by others

A scientist, with “a history of mental illness” working in the Fort Detrick biology lab was blamed, he commits suicide, his widow is paid off in a private, out-of-court settlement and his medical records are sealed. Professional Societies later review the techniques used by the FBI to link the anthrax strain used in the attack with the strain the scientist worked on and find that they are "not at all conclusive."   Thought the FBI admits that they have “no direct evidence” linking the scientist to the crime, they conclude never-the-less that he was guilty and the case is closed. 

This episode is one of the most widely known episodes employing this type of deception:  trusted government officials tell a fantastic story and presents it to the public with little evidence saying simply, “trust us, we have information that you don’t know about.”  The media reports the government's statements without inquiry.  The public hears and believes the story presented in several minute sound bites from “trusted news stations” and returns to their football games and reality TV.  Later we discover that the story was not factually true. 

Such non-factual motivating stories can be called “myths.”   This has generously been described as “myth building for the purpose of shaping public thinking.”  A key commonality of these myths is that they do not hold together under careful examination.  They must be innocently believed without questioning too many of the details.  And psychological pressure is strong to believe the myth without questioning.



Building the myth of the Islamic Terrorist and scaring the pants off the American public:  The 9/11 Attacks.


From what I can gather from reading the work of Economics Professor Michel Chossudovski, William Engdahl,  Zbigniew Brzezinski,  Katherine Austin Fitts  and, of course, Dick Cheney,  efforts to build global domination demanded that America gain control the oil and natural gas fields of the middle East and central Asia.  I have heard figures that as much as 80% of the planets proven energy reserves lie under the sand of Muslim countries.  Distribution routes for pipelines and shipping ports are also mostly in adjoining Muslim countries. An imperative to permit, and even require, military intervention in these key Muslim countries was needed by the group of the western world's decision makers referred to as the "global domination faction."

Much has been written about the attacks of 9/11.  I will not in any way attempt to reproduce it here, except for offering a few pointers for anyone who might be interested in exploring the subject.  The key thing is that the myth unravels when examined in depth.  The first is an inconsistency in the myth that most people are able to grasp fairly quickly once it is pointed out.  And that is the difference between buildings that fall down due to the effects of gravity acting on a weakened structure damaged by fire, versus buildings destroyed by methodically placed explosive charges. The photographic and video record of the behavior of the THREE towers that fell that day is available for us all to see. The second point is to name two of the people who have taken public positions that the 9/11 attack myth does not holdup to examination.



Differentiating between buildings that FALL DOWN from ones that are BLOWN UP

A tall thin buildings that experience a structural failure at an isolated point will tip over.  This is so obvious that it is almost comical to need to point it out to make this conscious.  Everyone knows this already.  Imagine a lumber-jack felling a tall tree by placing a cut near the base.  He yells “Timber” and steps back while the tree, very slowly at first, begins to lean (for this example, imagine the tree falls to the east).  Gradually it picks up speed and finally it crashes into the ground.  The structure of the tree above the cut remains intact during the fall.  Impact with the ground can break the tree.  When we look at where the tree lands relative to its base, it lies entirely to the east of its base.

This trailer from Transformers 3  (at 2:15 mark) has a scene with a falling skyscraper.   Though this is obviously fiction, the "monster damaged buildings" in this video behave as we intuitively expect.  The building slowly begins to fall, picking up speed and it remains structurally intact during the tipping over phase.  Here are pictures of a couple of other buildings that fell over due to isolated structural failures.




And now a couple of demolition destroyed buildings here and here.  There are quite a number of ways the explosives can be set to fire, so I’ll mention just a few of the characteristics.  Here we see the hallmarks of a demolition by explosives summarized on the architects and engineers for 911 Truth website in the lower right corner, http://www.ae911truth.org/

1.  Instantaneous onset

2.  The sights and sounds of explosions

3.  The destruction of the building in the air where it stands, (rather than after its fall on impact with the ground.)

4.  Vertical dropping of fragments of the building. (Building structure is designed to make straight down be the path of maximum resistance.  This is why structurally intact tall objects must tip over. If ALL of the underlying structure is destroyed, the building can drop vertically and accelerate at the same rate as a bowling ball dropped from the top floor.  We see this with WTC Building 7.  This free fall vertical drop is an absolute marker that all vertical collums were severed simultaneously and at multiple levels.)

5.  The generation of large amounts of cement dust high in the air where the explosive shock waves pulverize the cement components.  This happens well before the building hits the ground.  Very high explsive forces can create an absence of big chunks of cement in the debris field, even in buildings with a great deal of cement in their structure. (This was noted around the twin towers).

6.  Examination of the debris field shows the building, broken into small fragments, is symmetrically arranged around the base of the building, not off to one side, giving evidence that the building was broken into small pieces in the air rather than broken up after hitting the ground.

In this picture, we see the top of the south tower exploding.  Cement is pulverized high in the air, building debris is generated high in the air--i.e.  the building is demolished as it stands, heavy steel beams weighing 4 to 6 tons are being ejected horizontally in all directions.  The resulting debris field consisted of small fragments and minimal macroscopic pieces of cement, that were arranged symmetrically, radially, around the building's base.  The cement floors (104 floors, each 4" thick) were entirely converted to cement dust which flowed through the air in giant clouds and drifted down over Manhattan and New Jersy.




And finally, I want to name one of the “400 Professors who question 9/11.”

Lynn Margulis, a personal hero of mine.  :-)


Professor, University of Massachusetts.  Former Chair, National Academy of Science's Space Science Board Committee on Planetary Biology and Chemical Evolution.  Recipient of the National Medal of Science, former wife of the late Carl Sagan.


"The 9/11 tragedy is the most successful and most perverse publicity stunt in the history of public relations.  I arrive at this conclusion largely as the result of the research and clear writing by David Ray Griffin in his fabulous books about 9/11.  I first met him when he was a speaker at a scholarly conference unrelated to 9/11.  He immediately impressed me as a brilliant, outstanding philosopher - theologian - author, a Whiteheadian scholar motivated by an intense curiosity to know everything possible about the world. 

On the plane home and for the next two days I did little else but read Griffin’s first book about 9/11, The New Pearl Harbor.  From there I went on to read his even more disturbing account of the bogus 9/11 Commission Report, The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, which provides overwhelming evidence that the official story is contradictory, incomplete, and unbelievable. 

It is clear to me that David Ray Griffin and his fellow critics are correct: the 9/11 "new Pearl Harbor" was planned in astonishing detail and carried out through the efforts of a sophisticated and large network of operatives.  It was more complex and far more successful than the Allende assassination, the US bombing of our own ship the "Maine" that began the Spanish-American war (and brought us Guam, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Philippines), the Reichstag fire that was used to justify the suspension of most civil liberties in Germany in the 1930's, and even Operation Himmler, which was used by Germany to justify the invasion of Poland, which started World War II. 

Whoever is responsible for bringing to grisly fruition this new false-flag operation, which has been used to justify the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as unprecedented assaults on research, education, and civil liberties, must be perversely proud of their efficient handiwork.  Certainly, 19 young Arab men and a man in a cave 7,000 miles away, no matter the level of their anger, could not have masterminded and carried out 9/11: the most effective television commercial in the history of Western civilization.

I suggest that those of us aware and concerned demand that the glaringly erroneous official account of 9/11 be dismissed as a fraud and a new, thorough, and impartial investigation be undertaken."

She refers to David Ray Griffin, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus of Claremont School of Theology.  His most famous lecture in text and video is "911: Myth and Reality."

My own conclusion here, is that our nation is indeed being threatened by terrorist.  However the terrorists are not Muslim, and are not even Arab.  They are mostly white, Judeo-Christians, and many hold high office in our land.

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Breaking down the US debt: Numbers don't add up to accountants

Breaking down the US debt: Numbers don't add up to accountants


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liars and idiots

Sand Puppy, I liked your comments.  Especially this phrase:

“The world is more skeptical now of the pronouncements of its leaders. When the President of the United States Stands before Congress and says that something is true, the world no longer assumes that his words are necessarily truthful.”

US leadership, when it comes to motivations for military actions, has a slide which one side is an idiot and the other side is liar.  The US leadership has squarely placed themselves on this slide, evident from the Colin Powell video (and may other such testimonies).  Any place along this scale leads to the statement above; they are either liars or idiots or somewhere in-between; with your case strongly suggesting liars.  I have always been skepical of both liars and idiots.

With Syria, the US population is obviously skeptical of leadership, and I don’t blame them on bit.  We have idiots and liars to listen to.

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  To me, this is the US involvement in Syria in a nutshell. 

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