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Daily Digest 9/10 - India Currency Troubles, Space Farming: The Final Frontier

Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 9:41 AM


Mana March draws thousands (thatchmo)

Following a pule around 11:30 a.m., the crowd, waving anti-GMO signs and banners, hit the pavement for the one-mile walk to the county building. Once there, they formed a circle around the building and council chambers, where the final vote on Bill 2491 will eventually be cast.

Event organizer Fern Rosenstiel said the 4,000-plus marchers stand united for their right to know.

The Middle Class In The U.S. Economy Is On The Verge of Collapse (David B.)

When presenting his company’s second-quarter earnings, the chairman and CEO of Dollar General, Richard Dreiling, said, “Dollar General delivered another solid quarter. Our same-store sales growth for the second quarter of 2013 accelerated to 5.1%. We are very pleased with the increase in customer traffic in our stores. We continue to grow our market share and believe that our second quarter results position us well to deliver our financial outlook for the year.”

John Kaiser: India Currency Troubles, Import Restrictions Bearish for Gold Demand (adam)

When asked about whether the dollar is going to collapse in the face of insurmountable debts, John asks, “Whose currency is the US dollar supposed to crash against?” Citing ongoing structural problems facing Europe and China, John asserts that no other currency is poised to replace the US dollar in any radical fashion. Instead, the process of gold accumulation and greater competition amongst currencies for reserve status is an inevitable decade-long trend.

Treasury: Debt Up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B (Dana T.)

Among the “extraordinary measures” Lew said he could take to create this “headroom” under the debt limit were: 1) not investing new money from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund (CSRDF) in U.S. Treasury securities, which he said would create $6.4 billion in “headroom” per month, 2) not reinvesting $58 billion ion Treasury Securities held by the CSRDF that would be maturing and not reinvesting $16 billion in interest owed to the fund, which would create $74 billion in headroom, 3) suspending the routine daily reinvestment of $160 billion in special Treasury securities held by the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Thrift Savings Plan, which would create another $160 billion in headroom, and 4) suspending the routine daily reinvestment of Treasury securities held by the government’s own Exchange Stabilization Fund, which would create another $23 billion in headroom.

Five years after Lehman, all tickety-boo? (westcoastjan)

Individual banks have sold loss-making or peripheral assets, unwound some of the more toxic assets and adopted a more prudent approach to lending (and in the process of mending themselves, staunched the supply of new credit, thus holding back the recovery of many economies, including our own).

Wave to the Energy Future (James S.)

So why am I, your humble guest, talking about that now? Now is the time to talk about shale, oil-by-rail and the market fundamentals of the drawdown in Libyan crude oil production. Renewable energy, you say, is expensive and mired in bureaucracy. It was not so long ago that solar power was clouded by the bankruptcy of government-backed Solyndra. Now, companies like SunPower and First Solar are reaping the rewards, with share prices rising by 272 percent and 47 percent respectively for the year.

Space Farming: The Final Frontier (jdargis)

Growing food in space helps solve one of the biggest issues in space travel: the price of eating. It costs roughly $10,000 a pound to send food to the ISS, according to Howard Levine, project scientist for NASA’s International Space Station and Spacecraft Processing Directorate. There’s a premium on densely caloric foods with long shelf lives. Supply shuttles carry such limited fresh produce that Gioia Massa, a postdoctoral fellow at NASA, says astronauts devour it almost immediately.

Government rejects the science behind neonicotinoid ban (westcoastjan)

The government says it accepts the EU ban on the use of some pesticides linked to bee deaths, but it rejects the science behind the moratorium.

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Home Quantum Energy Generator


Just thought I would post this to see if anyone has any comments about this technology.



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Wouldn't it be more lucrative...

Wouldn't it be more lucrative just to pick up on some of those Nigerian Bank Account offers?

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Re: Home Quantum Energy Generator

Just another scam. This article is the same as the rest: Short on details, long on promises. 

"In basic terms, our machine reverses the conventions used to build electric motors, i.e., instead of using low voltage/high current construction, which wastes energy, our designs use high voltage/low current construction, which gives us a HUGE surplus of energy."

Industrial motors use very high voltages to reduce current. There are industrial motors that operate in the kilovolt range. Using higher voltages does not cause a motor to produce "surplus energy".

Any hypothetical quantum energy system would need complex material and probably need to operate at cryogenic temperatures. 

Its a giant leap between allegedly designing vacuum cleaner motors and designing machines\devices that involve quantum mechanics. Imagine a caveman that designed the wheel,  designed a fusion reactor the next week after.

His Bill of materials make no sense except to build a common AC or DC motor.

The video is a splice of various youtube videos most that have nothing to do with this project.



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