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Daily Digest 9/7 - Wealth Is Not Property, Forget The Unemployment Rate

Saturday, September 7, 2013, 1:32 PM


Forget the unemployment rate. Here’s the chart to focus on on jobs day. (cmartenson)

The share of young people working — especially in their late teens, but up until their mid-20s too — is down pretty dramatically. There have been sizable (around 5 percent) reductions in the share of people ages 25 to 55 working. And older workers — especially women — are hanging onto their jobs for much longer than they did during boom times.

Across U.S., bridges crumble as repair funds fall short (cmartenson)

America's roads and bridges have been eroding for decades, but the deeper they fall into disrepair, the less money there is to fix them. First, the recession crippled local budgets, cutting the money available for transportation projects. As states began to recover, the federal government adopted its own mandatory budget cuts via sequestration. Then last month, the federal legislation that annually funds transportation projects across the country hit a roadblock of Republican opposition that throttled multibillion-dollar transportation bills in the House and Senate.

Enbridge's Kalamazoo cleanup dredges up 3-year-old oil spill (westcotastjan)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has ordered Canada's largest pipeline company to return to the river to dredge areas where the agency believes remains of the heavy bitumen fossil fuel have collected. The March 2013 order came nine months after most of the 56-kilometre stretch of the river affected by the spill was reopened to the public.

Brics economies plan $100bn reserves fund (westcoastjan)

The programme was introduced with the aim of increasing liquidity in the markets after the global financial crisis. Part of the increased cash has flowed into emerging markets, helping to lift asset prices there.

But Mr Bernanke's statement, coupled with a recovery in the US economy, has seen investors pull out money from these economies.

Africa's mines ditch polluting practices to produce its first Fairtrade gold (westcoastjan)

But the Fairtrade scheme could herald a change. Under a three-year scheme funded by Comic Relief, the mines are changing working practices – banning children, enforcing health and safety rules and preventing toxic run off – in the hope that shoppers in Europe, Asia and America will be prepared to pay more for "green gold".

Wealth is not Property (westcoastjan)

I appreciated your comments about the Russians not passing money hand to hand, not holding conversations or transacting business over a threshold, and not leaving empty bottles on a table. These things have always made me uncomfortable, and I think I know why.

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Daily Digesr

Couldn't help but notice that the contributions for today were from Westcoastjan and cmartenson. Many hands make light work, thanks guys!

Ak Granny

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The IRS touches up JPM for $6Bn. (Paper money-dont get excited)

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