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Daily Digest 9/3 - The End Of Growth, Getting Used To High Oil Prices

Tuesday, September 3, 2013, 8:28 AM


Who Says Gold Is Money? (Part Two) (adam)

I prefer to own productive well-managed assets that produce things people want and need and buy regularly. I want management of businesses to be honest and free from greed. I’d like the global financial system to be free from fraud and manipulation. I’d like to live in a country where present and future debt is a small percentage of GDP, and I’d like a balanced budget. I’d like the consequences of breaking laws to apply to those connected to Congress and the White House. I don’t want the Federal Reserve Bank to buy the banking system’s suspect assets or accept them as collateral for loans. I don’t want the Fed to buy a boatload of treasury bonds. (I also wish I could be invisible at will and fly like superman.)

Gold Bull & Debt Bear Market In 50 Amazing Charts (Taki T.)

The debt bubble keeps on growing. The nominal amounts are beyond imagination. The key take-away here is the diminishing rate of return of a marginal unit of debt. In other words, central planners need to create increasingly more debt for less economic growth. That is worrisome, to say the least. By the way, did you know how much debt has been created per citizen (on average)? Please don’t try to imagine this figure also applies to yourself. It is no information for the faint-hearted.

The End Of Growth (Jim P.)

Economist Jeff Rubin and environmentalist David Suzuki might seem an unlikely pairing. But they've been touring Canada together, talking about the natural limits to growth from their very different perspectives. We listen in as they try to convince a Calgary audience that we've already exceeded the capacity of the planet.

'Black budget' shows massive bureaucracy, misplaced priorities, expert says (Arthur Robey)

Another issue raised by the black budget is the significant investment in offensive cyberattacks. The Post's documents show that the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency have begun launching "offensive cyberoperations" against designated foes. This, Cate said, is problematic because there is no legal framework to regulate such activities, and it is inconsistent with outspoken U.S. opposition to cyberattacks by other countries, particularly China.

Big Dreams, but Little Consensus, for a New Detroit (jdargis)

Should Detroit, which lost a million residents over the last 60 years, pin its sharpest hopes on luring more young people here, playing on an influx of artists and entrepreneurs?

Getting Used to High Oil Prices (James S.)

Higher prices have also led to significant changes in U.S. driving habits and the kinds of cars we buy.

Crop Pests and Pathogens Move Polewards in a Warming World (HughK)

Global food security is threatened by the emergence and spread of crop pests and pathogens. Spread is facilitated primarily by human transportation, but there is increasing concern that climate change allows establishment in hitherto unsuitable regions.

Japan to Spend Almost $500 Million on Water Crisis at Fukushima Nuclear Plant (jdargis)

Of that, 32 billion yen will fund the building of a massive underground wall of frozen earth around the damaged reactors to contain groundwater flows, and 15 billion yen to improve a water treatment system meant to drastically reduce radiation levels in the contaminated water.

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