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Daily Digest 8/28 - Blight Removal Project In Detroit, Record Number Await Surgery In Spain

Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 9:53 AM


‘Fake’ orders chased E-Mini S&P higher, then disappeared: Nanex

In the Panther case, the CFTC alleged Panther would place a small sell order, then place huge buy orders at higher prices to give other traders the impression of heavy demand. They would then cancel the buy orders as soon as they had filled the sell order. Then Panther would reverse the process, the CFTC said, with a small buy order followed by several large sell orders.

Record number awaiting surgery in Spain

The number of Spaniards waiting to undergo surgery has hit a historic high, amid massive budget cuts and layoffs imposed by the conservative government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

$100-million Detroit blight removal project

The United States Treasury gave the Michigan State Housing Development authority permission to ear-mark $100-million for a blight elimination program. The money will be used to demolish some of the more than 78,000 homes that sit empty in Detroit.

Four years in college and decades in debt—is it worth it?

"Fifty percent of our college graduates are ether unemployed or underemployed," William Bennett, who was education secretary under President Reagan, told CNBC's "Closing Bell."

"It used to be almost automatic that the advice would be, 'Go to college.' Now I think people have to pause and consider very carefully," he said, adding that there are other ways to achieve success.

Record Gold in India Seen Hurting Jewelry Demand as Rupee Slumps

Gold advanced to a record in India after the nation’s currency extended a plunge to an all-time low, threatening jewelry demand during the main festival season in the world’s largest consumer.

Russia, Kazakhstan Boost Gold Reserves as Mexico Sells, IMF Says

Nations added 534.6 tons to reserves last year, the most since 1964, and may buy a further 350 tons this year, the World Gold Council estimates.

“I think this is a long-term trend that will continue,” said Han Pin Hsi, Singapore-based global head of commodities research at Standard Chartered Plc. “If we look at many emerging countries, gold as a percentage of their total reserve is still very low. And given the continued QE efforts by say the central banks of developed countries, it makes sense for countries to diversify and hold more reserves in gold.”

Brazil Real Weakens Amid Concern Intervention Won’t Stem Decline

Policy makers are stepping up efforts to support the real after it declined 14 percent over the past three months, raising concern that its tumble will fuel inflation already running near the top end of the government’s target. As part of the intervention program, the central bank sold all 10,000 currency swaps offered in an auction today.

Ready for a $200K bachelor's degree? Tuition at N.J. colleges continues to rise

As college costs continue to climb, undergraduate tuition and fees at New Jersey’s costliest universities will top $40,000 this year. Once room and board are added in, the total bill for students living on campus at three local schools — Stevens Institute of Technology, Drew University and Princeton University — will easily top $200,000 over four years.

French jobless figures hit new high in July

The number of jobseekers in mainland France breached a new record in July, rising by 6,300 to 3,285,7000, the Labour Ministry said Tuesday.

How 10 speed cameras raked in £12million in just three years by catching 200,000 motorists (UK)

The country's 10 most lucrative speed cameras have been revealed - and between them, they have made £12million for the state over three years.

One camera, situated on the M60 in Greater Manchester, caught more than 32,000 speeding drivers - meaning it took in around £2million in revenue.

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The Baltic Dry, 2008 to Now.

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"Growth less than expected." ILO

This poor bloke cannot wrap his head around the concept of No Growth, let alone collapse.

He really should read the literature.

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