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Daily Digest 8/27 - New Biofuel Created from Bacteria and Fungus, Older Workers Set Back By Recession

Tuesday, August 27, 2013, 10:03 AM


Set Back by Recession, and Shut Out of Rebound (jdargis)

Lately Mr. Fugazzie has been feeling a little weary and beat down. One morning last October, just before his 57th birthday, he was laid off and, carrying a box of belongings from his office, driven home in a car service hired by the company. In the 10 months since, he has applied for more than 400 positions and had 10 interviews, but still has no job.

Cut the Orwellian Apologies for Corporate Welfare (westcoastjan)

According to records obtained from Industry Canada, Bombardier first started receiving federal tax dollars in 1966. Over the decades, adjusted for inflation to current dollars (critical in order to make apple-to-apple comparisons in real dollars), various Bombardier iterations received over $1.1 billion in 48 separate disbursements from the federal department of Industry. (That figure thus excludes any tax dollars received from any other federal departments or other governments).

George W. Bush vs. Elon Musk (jdargis)

For many people, hydrogen fuel cells might be a better option than electric batteries. To convert the hydrogen to energy, a device called a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell first strips electrons off the hydrogen atoms, creating positively charged hydrogen ions. Those ions combine with oxygen from the air to form water as a waste product. The electrons provide the energy that drives the car’s electric motor.

New Biofuel Created from Bacteria and Fungus (James S.)

Two, by driving up demand for food crops, traditional biofuels encourage individuals and countries to clear ever more natural land for agriculture. Grasslands and natural forest store more carbon from the atmosphere than cropland. So the growth in biofuel production, means less natural ecology to absorb carbon, leaving more greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. On top of that, agriculture involves its own carbon emissions from driving tractors and such. So put it all together and traditional biofuel production is largely self-defeating in terms of the final amount of carbon dioxide left in the atmosphere.

The US Wastes Enough Energy Each Year to Power the UK for Seven Years (James S.)

In 1970, the US economy actually managed to use more energy than it wasted, using 31.1 quadrillion BTUs and only wasting 30.6 quadrillion BTUs, achieving an energy efficiency of higher than 50%. Since then the overall energy efficiency of the economy has steadily fallen as the use of electricity generation and transport has increased.

Oil spill would 'overwhelm' resources, B.C. minister warned (westcoastjan)

The B.C. government has said Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline — which would deliver Alberta oilsands products to a tanker port in Kitimat, B.C., for export to Asian markets — and Kinder Morgan's proposed expansion of its existing TransMountain pipeline into the Port of Metro Vancouver, could increase tanker traffic by more than 1,000 trips annually off the Pacific coast.

Russia's Arctic: Mission to protect wildlife (westcoastjan)

"So before the real oil and gas projects develop in the area we need to know that there is sufficient knowledge of the conservation needs here, which would allow us to put in the necessary protection if this development ever happens."

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amanitas muscaria...

...also known as "fly agaric" and "Alice in Wonderland" mushroom.  Interesting it is pictured with apparent reference to biofuels.  It has psychotropic effects, but is apparently toxic, but not deadly, in some quantity.  Distinguished from "death cap" mushroom, which is amanitas phalloides, which is deadly.  As with all mushrooms, be careful.

Can it also be used as a biofuel or was it pictured because its pretty? 



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Cold Fusion, Anyone?

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A Walk in the Park?

Here are the Russians struttting their stuff.

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