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Daily Digest 8/25 - CA Wildfire Spreads Into Yosemite, Golden Rice As Lifesaver?

Sunday, August 25, 2013, 9:45 AM


COMEX Registered Gold Falls To a New Low As JPM Takes a Large Delivery From Scotia Mocatta (Adam)

The 'owners per ounce' remains very high at a little over 48 potential claims for every ounce of gold in the registered (deliverable) category. It will take higher prices to move more of the gold from 'eligible,' or stored in an approved COMEX warehouse, to 'registered,' or available for delivery.

On "Bullshit Jobs" (westcoastjan)

Employers had to retain such workers—had to pay them a wage sufficient to keep them on the job despite its dreadful tedium—because the machines of the era lacked the manual dexterity to complete the required tasks, and so a line of human machines was the only way to make the highly productive assembly-line system work. As technology evolved, however, automating routine tasks became ever easier. And the high wages needed to compensate labourers for the soul-crushing repetitiveness of their work gave employers every incentive to automate routine tasks as soon as it was technically feasible.

Alberta pipeline safety review criticized for lack of scope (westcoastjan)

Among other things, Group 10 said regulations concerning pipelines near water need to be more consistent and clear — including a definition of what actually constitutes a body of water — and urged greater harmonization between government agencies both within Alberta and outside it.

But in general, Group 10 said, Alberta's regulations are strong and compare favourably with other jurisdictions.

Huge California Wildfire Spreads Into Yosemite (jdargis)

The weeklong blaze on the timbered slopes of the Western Sierra Nevada has spread to 196 square miles and was only 5 percent contained. It continued to grow in several directions, although "most of the fire activity is pushing to the east right into Yosemite," said Daniel Berlant, spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Where Sand Is Gold, the Reserves Are Running Dry (jdargis)

St. Lucie and Martin Counties are none too keen to sacrifice their sand for the pleasures of South Florida. The last time the idea was mentioned, in 2006, it engendered accusations of subterfuge and raised so much ire that it was dropped. If recent public meetings on the issue held by the Army Corps of Engineers are any measure, little has changed, despite a new study by the corps that says the two counties have enough offshore sand for at least 50 years.

Golden Rice: Lifesaver? (jdargis)

But Golden Rice, which appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in 2000 before it was quite ready for prime time, is unlike any of the genetically engineered crops in wide use today, designed to either withstand herbicides sold by Monsanto and other chemical companies or resist insect attacks, with benefits for farmers but not directly for consumers.

Our first line of defence against violent solar storms (westcoastjan)

This year is supposed to be the year of the solar maximum, the peak of the 11-year sunspot cycle. Yet this maximum has turned out to be a weak one so far, sunspot numbers and strong solar flares have been far below predicted values.

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