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Daily Digest 8/24 - Antibiotics Do's And Don'ts, The Rise and Fall of the Great American Hog

Saturday, August 24, 2013, 10:00 AM


Well And Truly Fracked (Katherine C.)

The publication of Snake Oil, then, is one of the reasons why a discussion of fracking is particularly relevant at the moment. The other? That comes from an even more unanswerable critique of fracking—this one written by the impersonal forces of geology and economics. This will come as no surprise to this blog’s regular readers, either; as I suggested in a post earlier this year, with the approach of autumn, the fracking juggernaut is running on fumes.

The Center of the Gold Trading World Is Now In Shanghai (Thomas C.)

If the Anglo-Americans did not use this opportunity to secure the return of the gold bullion which had been leased out, it was a strategic blunder of epic proportion. It may be viewed in retrospect as the watershed moment in which London and New York squandered away the confidence of the world. In their cynical and amoral self-delusion, and a contempt for other people, they assumed that maintaining public confidence is a function of being bolder and more skillful liars. Nicely played, gentlemen.

The Doomsday Machine (adam)

Although the biblical meaning of doomsday included both worldwide destruction and a day when everyone’s life is laid bare, today we have narrowed the idea merely to a machine or device that has only the capacity to destroy. Of course, with the advent of the hydrogen bomb and its terrifying explosive power, this image became solidified in our minds and displaced all other considerations where now, when we speak of a doomsday machine or device, there are few who trace its origins back to the relevatory detail of one's data.

Indian Gold Dealer: “Gold Is Now Trading At $1800oz.—Small Factories And Workshops Are Shutting Down” (Thomas C.)

The trade controls are also pushing the price of gold higher Vishal noted, in that, “Since import duties have risen, the gold price in the Indian market is the same as it was when gold was $1800 oz. When $1800 an oz. gold was in the market, it was 31,500 rupees per 10 grams of gold. Today gold is below $1400 oz., and the price is the same—31,500 rupees per 10 grams of gold.”

Weight Gain Drugs May Be Making Cattle Sick (jdargis)

While the drugs save farmers money on feed, they take away from their ability to time slaughters to get the best market price. Mike Callicrate, a cattle producer in Colorado Springs, Colorado, told the Wall Street Journal, ”‘Now, you only have so many days after an animal has been fed [a beta-agonist] before it’s got to go to slaughter or it becomes so lame it can’t move.’”

Antibiotics Do's And Don'ts (jdargis)

In a July study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, researchers from the University of Utah and the CDC found that 60% of the time physicians prescribe antibiotics, they choose broad-spectrum ones. "There is overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics both in situations where a narrower alternative would be appropriate and in situations where no therapy is indicated at all," said Adam Hersh, assistant professor of pediatrics at University of Utah and a study author.

The Rise and Fall of the Great American Hog (jdargis)

Advances in our understanding of swine genetics, nutrition, housing, and the way we bring hog feed to the trough are all partly responsible for this shift. We now have pigs with the genetic propensity to grow quick and lean, and with the right nutrition we have the ability to make it happen faster all the time. But it’s not only farmers who have pushed the pork industry into what it has become. We owe a large extent of our thanks for that to a demographic who has changed almost as rapidly as the hogs themselves: American consumers.

The Tesla Model S Is So Safe It Broke the Crash-Testing Gear (jdargis)

The reason for the insanely high marks isn’t just the stiff structure, but the electric drivetrain. With no engine up front taking up valuable crumple zone space, Tesla’s engineers were able to maximize the amount of sacrificial space, and with the battery mounted oh-so-low in the floor, that increases rigidity around the occupants. The rear crash test — particularly important given the rear-facing child jump seats — was another high score, with no “permanently disabling injury to the third row occupants” thanks in part to what Tesla calls a “double bumper” to absorb additional impact.

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The Cannibal Swine.

Where do we look for a xenotransplant organ? We look to the animal that is least likely to be rejected by the human body.

There is a very good reason that I wont touch pork.

It smells just like roasted human.

Here is an interesting photo, with interesting ethical considerations. Would you eat it?

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WMD.. .. ..Again?

I have strong opinions, but Just the Facts Arthur.

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good food

When it comes to food, I follow Joel Salatin's advice.


I recommend his books as well.

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