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Daily Digest 8/22 - Fukushima Nightmare Out Of the Closet, Silver's $100 History

Thursday, August 22, 2013, 10:44 AM


U.S. Prepares To Detonate Market Bubbles (Thomas C.)

Bernanke himself was vigilantly standing guard to make sure nothing derailed that Goldilocks economy. Of course by that time the U.S. housing bubble had already burst, and within months the wheels had fallen off the economy as a whole.

What Was Really Behind President Obama’s Meeting With Wall Street Regulators (Thomas C.)

Lew came to the U.S. Treasury from Citigroup – the bank that had received the largest taxpayer bailout assistance of any bank in the 2008 Wall Street crash. On his way out the door, Lew accepted a $940,000 bonus from the insolvent bank, which was paid with taxpayer money. Lew was Chief Operating Officer of the division that brought down the bank. According to public records, on January 14 of this year, just four days after Lew was nominated for Treasury Secretary, Citigroup completed a mortgage refinancing for Lew, lowering his mortgage rate to 3.625 percent for a 30-year mortgage of $610,000. At the same time, Citigroup provided Lew a $200,000 home equity loan at an unstated amount of interest.

Silver: The $100 History (GE Christenson)

Governments and banks represent the status quo so very little will change without a crisis or collapse. Governments spend more than their revenues and borrow the difference, thereby increasing total debt and the money supply. The status quo involves the creation of more and more currency, all of which is backed by debt, not assets.

Hindenburg Omen: Very Ominous, Highly Technical Warning Sign Returns (Dana T.)

If ALL of these measures are hit on the same day, we start to get nervous. If this occurs a second time, within a 30-day period, the Hindenburg Omen is triggered, and a serious stock market decline is expected to follow within the next 40 days. (Also of note, that 30-day time period varies among analysts. Some use a 36-day period, some use 30 calendar days, and others use 30 trading sessions.)

Lacking Funds for Repairs, Texas to Convert Roads into Gravel Paths (James S.)

David Glessner, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation, explained that “since paving roads is too expensive and there is not enough funding to repave them all, our only other option to make them safer is to turn them into gravel roads.”

Gold Mining Equities: A Play Against the Tide (Taki T.)

As it turns out, the massive drop in the gold price was not driven primarily by a drop in physical demand for gold. It was rather naked short selling on the COMEX where stop orders from small buyers were taken out by the shorts in massive volumes. When the gold futures were falling from a cliff, holders of gold ETFs became nervous and started to redeem their shares too. ETFs were the primary seller on the physical side. As confirmed by the World Gold Council, ETFs accounted for a 13% drop in overall investment demand in Q1.

China tests ‘most economical solution’ for shipping to Europe through Russian Arctic (pinecarr)

On the other hand, risks weigh of China gaining some control over the Arctic. China is openly calling itself a subarctic state and is seeking to win icebreaking contracts from Russia. In addition, China has received the status of a ‘permanent observer’ in the Arctic council – the body regulating access to the Arctic’s huge energy resources. The Arctic’s oil reserves are estimated at 90 million tonnes, or 13 percent of the world’s supply, with natural gas reserves standing at 1.67 trillion cubic meters, or 30 percent of the world reserves, and liquefied natural gas weighing in at 44 billion barrels, or 20 percent of world stock.

Fukushima Nightmare Out Of the Closet (Dana T.)

Please folks, listen to this interview. It contains very important information about what is really happening in the US and elsewhere as a result of radiation leaking into the ocean and the air from Fukushima, Japan. The US government is DELIBERATELY LYING to the American people and has raised the radiation limits in food more than 400%. Fish coming from the west coast and Hawaii should be avoided. An 800% increase in stillbirths along the British Columbia coastline in Canada has also been recorded.

Q&A: Fukushima leak problems (westcoastjan)

"It is very challenging. They have a real problem with the high level of background radiation, so the small leaks are hard to find."

Apple tree heist leaves Quebec orchard bare (westcoastjan)

The Alix family said the loss is not high enough to be covered by the Quebec Crop Insurance Program and home insurance does not protect against this type of theft.

This is not the first instance of large-scale horticultural theft in Quebec.

A Note From Joel Salatin (Michael W.)

Are you ready for the shoe to drop? The epiphany? What could the US Secretary of Agriculture, at the highest strategic planning sessions of our land, be challenged by other leaders to change this figure, to get more people in rural America, to encourage farming and help more farms get started? What could be the driving reason to have more farmers? Why does he go to bed at night trying to figure out how to increase farmers? How does the President and other cabinet members view his role as the nation’s farming czar?

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