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Daily Digest 8/10 - Trickle Down Hunger, How Do I Start Up A Community Garden?

Saturday, August 10, 2013, 9:30 AM


Philly Schools Chief: I Need $50M To Open Schools (Thomas C.)

Mayor Michal Nutter is hoping City Council will support the Governor Tom Corbett’s plan to make the temporary sales tax hike permanent so the city can borrow $50 million against that revenue for the school district.

Reaction to Dr. Hite’s plea for an immediate infusion of cash was decidedly mixed at City Hall, where the mayor and city council are at odds.

Gold & Silver – Only Votes Cast In Elections Count, Same For Markets (Taki T.)

There are two factors concurrent that alerts one to the possibility of a stopping point in the current decline. The first is the fact that 700 was the last swing low of significance prior to the almost uncorrected rally to 1900. The difference, 1200, divided in half is 600. Add that to the 700 swing low and a half-way retracement between the two major swing points is 1300.

Trickle Down Hunger (pinecarr)

Presented with no comment...

Trade Data From China Suggests More Stability (jdargis)

A steadying of the economy would be a relief to China’s leaders, who have scrambled to shore up growth in the past couple of months. There had been concerns that a sharp slowdown could derail their attempts to shift the economy to being driven more by consumption than debt-funded investment and manufacturing.

Asian stocks rebounded on the data on hopes that Chinese demand might have found a floor.

The world according to Itskov: Futurists convene at GF2045 (Arthur Robey)

The first speaker on GF2045's second day was inventor, futurist and author Ray Kurzweil, who Immortality By 2045 presentation was focused on reverse engineering the brain. While much of his presentation was familiar to those who have followed his work on technology trend analysis and the Singularity, his material on the brain – also appearing in his recently-published How to Create a Mind3, and in part the purpose of his joining Google (to work on new projects involving machine learning and language processing) – focused on ideation rather than implementation.

French winemakers count cost of devastating hailstorms (Alan W.)

Wine-makers in the Côte de Beaune area, including the well-known Pommard, Volnay, Monthélie, Beaune and Meursault districts, had been struggling to recover from damage caused by hail last year and floods this spring. They were hit again in July, costing the region an estimated 4m bottles. The storm last Friday night hit a slice of France from Bordeaux to the Belgian border, including parts of Champagne.

New Study Finds High Levels Of Arsenic In Groundwater Near Fracking Sites (Mike K.)

We were able to get a press release put out from UT Arlington that went into the local newspapers that essentially called for volunteers to be participants in the study. For being a participant, you would get free water testing, and we would tell them our results. We were upfront with everyone about, you know, we don’t have a bias, we’re not anti-industry, we’re not pro-industry. We’re just here to finally get some scientific data on this subject. And we had a pretty overwhelming response.

How Do I Start Up A Community Garden? (jdargis)

A word about starting a community garden without prior permission on neglected or abandoned vacant land, or so-called “guerilla gardening.” Wearing my lawyer hat, of course I have to say that it’s usually breaking some laws, but clearly it happens (check out Richard Reynolds’ blog about these endeavors — the beauty created by these rogue efforts is undeniable). Should you decide to hoe down this row, be aware that you run the risk of being accused of trespass and might be forced to terminate your garden, even if you are many years in. It doesn’t always turn out that way, but it is a consideration you should make before you decide to plan and spend money to start an unauthorized endeavor on someone else’s land.

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Trade Data From China Suggests More Stability

Who would believe Chinese econ stats?

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Chinese Econ Stats

It's getting hard to believe any government, especially ours (USA). At least when the Chinese catch a crooked bankster they don't give them a slap on the wrist, they execute them.

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Nervous Nelly
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calling erin brockovich...

NN: I saw a related article earlier in the week and was, as you are, totally shocked and amazed. This is nothing less than bullying and coercion by clandestine means.

However, it is to a degree an enabled behaviour -  the following link illustrates how there existing regulations are being ignored in California. I have no doubt there will be many more people like the one's in your article who will be bullied into a settlement and gag order. Just as in the banking system, there are lots of laws and regulations in place, but little in the way of enforcement. Money talks, and there are far too many pockets being lined in order to buy their collective ways around "problems".




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