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Daily Digest 8/9 - U.S. Wind Sector Booms, Why Is Cycling So Popular In The Netherlands?

Friday, August 9, 2013, 9:20 AM


T.S.A. Expands Duties Beyond Airport Security (Thomas C.)

Some in Congress, however, say the T.S.A. has not demonstrated that the teams are effective. Auditors at the Department of Homeland Security are asking questions about whether the teams are properly trained and deployed based on actual security threats.

The $7 Trillion Problem That Could Sink Asia (westcoastjan)

In a perfect world, Washington’s bankers would threaten to call in their loans. Asian nations would sit White House and congressional leaders down and tell them to get their act together. But Connally’s 1971 observation is infinitely truer today than at any time in Asia’s history. We need to stop considering huge reserve holdings as a financial strength. They are a trap that is complicating economic policy making. It’s time Asia devised an escape.

Why is cycling so popular in the Netherlands? (westcoastjan)

In response a social movement demanding safer cycling conditions for children was formed. Called Stop de Kindermoord (Stop the Child Murder), it took its name from the headline of an article written by journalist Vic Langenhoff whose own child had been killed in a road accident.

The Animals Are Also Getting Fat (jdargis)

More generally, there are specific explanations for the weight gain in each of the animal populations, just as there are for humans. Each explanation looks plausible taken on its own but is it plausible that each population is gaining weight for independent reasons? Could there instead be a unifying explanation for the weight gain in all populations? No one knows what that explanation is: toxins? viruses? epigenetic factors? I am not ready to jump on any of these bandwagons and in some cases the author’s samples are small so I am not yet fully convinced of the underlying facts, nevertheless this is intriguing and important research.

New Data Suggest a Pause in China’s Slowdown (jdargis)

China had been gradually losing steam for many months as it left behind the supercharged growth that turned it into the world’s second-largest economy, after the United States. Economic growth is likely to come in at about 7.5 percent this year, a far cry from the double-digit annual increases the country enjoyed for much of the past three decades.

Still, the data for July appeared to indicate that some of the recent drags on growth have eased.

US Wind Sector Booms, Driving Prices Down (James S.)

This level approaches previous lows set back in the 2000–2005 period, which is notable given that installed project costs have not returned to 2000–2005 levels and that wind projects increasingly have been sited in lower-quality wind resource areas. Clearly, turbine scaling has more than overcome these headwinds to drive PPA prices lower. PPA prices are generally lowest in the Interior region, highest in the West, and in the middle ground elsewhere.

Leak at Oil Sands Project in Alberta Heightens Conservationists’ Concerns (jdargis)

Until they find the source of the problem, oil continues to leak at four locations. The spill, modest by historical standards, is manageable for the company, which says it expects to spend $60 million on cleanup and investigation. But already the leak is spoiling the landscape and hurting wildlife. It has killed 71 frogs, 27 birds and 23 mammals, including two beavers, according to the company.

300 Tons of Fukushima Nuclear Waste Pouring Into Ocean Every Day (pinecarr)

There is no credibility from TEPCO or the Japanese government on the extent of the real disaster, its effects, the ultimate cleanup costs, or how many years fish in the area will be contaminated. In addition, contaminated fish may turn up anywhere within their normal swimming range with obvious implications.

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■Your Certified Organic Food Just Might Rely Upon Chinese Import

As policy would have it, our nation’s farmbelt keeps ramping up corn production to feed our automobiles, while our organic meat producers are left scrambling for a source of organic soybeans by importing them from China. Organic soybean imports more than doubled last year, with import growth coming from China, India, Canada, and Argentina.

Suppliers of organic milk, poultry, and other meats are concerned because the growth rate of farmers who are adding organic row crop acres is falling behind growing demand by the consumer. Organic fruit and vegetable production here in the U.S., which is nothing to boast about when you look at the graph which follows, is growing more quickly than the organic row crops.



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T.S.A. and Nazis

Now all we need is a scapegoat.

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Fat Pets

Eat the same food as humans: modified wheat and HFCS.

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Recognition for Jan.

Thanks for your research digging up all the interesting articles Jan.

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As a veteran cyclist I was inspired by the Dutch cyclist story.

A few related thoughts.

Imagine if all the parked bicycles in the photos were single occupant cars.

We have to wear a pathetic polystyrene foam helmet in Australia. The hidden agenda of course is to discourage cycling by insisting that all cyclists have to wear a dunces cap. The motor car lobby is very strong on this one law. Studies have shown that this law kills more kids than it saves by discouraging physical exercise.

It also serves to underline the hazzards of cycling in the minds of over anxious parents. Overdosing on testosterone as a youth I have had many very bad accidents on my bicycle. In the worst one I managed to graze the skin off both my arm and my leg. Not a decent battle scar to be seen.

Money spent by a nation on oil is dead money if it is not used to produce saleable assets. I wonder is it is possible to quantify the difference that cycling has contributed to the Dutch economy. Dont forget to include the health benefits. You can also include the military expendature to protect the flow of oil. (How to Win Friends and Influence People.)

Imaginative inertia prevents the construction of overhead wind tunnels for cyclists. They be would be circular pipes snaking above the traffic and returning to form a torroid. Passive rotating vents would force the air through them in one direction.  They would be wide enough for three lanes. Fast, slow and stop.They would have offramps.

Imagine the advantages. Less oil importation, weather proof riding, free mass transport, traffic seperation, healthier population, the wind always at your back, easy parking.

Imagine the disadvantages. Fewer cars sold, Less steel manufactured.

Nah. Forgedaboudit.

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