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Daily Digest 8/3 - A Hankering for Hybrids, Dairy Supplier Warns of Botulism Threat

Saturday, August 3, 2013, 10:04 AM


Traditional technology looms large for luxury companies (westcoastjan)

These days, most intricate procedures can often be performed quicker, more accurately and cheaper than when left to human hands or traditional methods.

So other than out of misty-eyed sentimentalism, is there any point in sticking to traditional techniques when machines are often superior?

3D printer-built robot has insect moves (Arthur Robey)

This is a 3D-printed robot that weighs just 73 g including battery and control board. The length of the robot is 12 cm. The team said that STAR's wheel-like legs provide high electromechanical conversion efficiency and enable the robot to achieve legged performance over rough surfaces and obstacles. The STAR was designed for easy assembly and simple part replacement. "STAR is designed for rapid manufacturing," the authors wrote in their paper.

Contrary To Popular Belief, Paper Is The Bellwether For Near-Term Precious Metals (Taki T.)

Charles Keating was one, back in the late 1980s, but that was before the NWO began to operate more openly in their undaunted zeal to rule the world, enslaving it financially with fiat, with the Rothschild formula growing in influence like a tapeworm devouring its host. The Rothschild’s understood money and loaning it out at interest. Their formula was to lend only to kings and countries, demanding repayment in gold and silver, or control over a nation unable to repay. Eventually, none are able to repay, and the NWO take over. If ever anyone could roll over in his gave, convulsing with laughter, it is Mayer Amschel of the red shield sign.

In Complex Trading Case, Jurors Focused on Greed (jdargis)

Interviews with five of the nine jurors, an eclectic group spread across Westchester County, Manhattan and the Bronx, pulled back a curtain on the private deliberations in the S.E.C.’s most prominent trial stemming from the financial crisis. The jurors, speaking from their homes and offices a day after the trial, described the genesis of their decision.

U.S. Cuts Take Increasing Toll on Job Growth (jdargis)

“The macroeconomic situation is highly unusual,” he said, adding: “We have to be concerned about our debt getting totally out of hand, so we are concerned about the federal budget. But the concern has got to be tempered by the fact that we have got to get some economic growth going as well.”

House Votes to Bar I.R.S. Action on Health Law (jdargis)

“The I.R.S. has been abusing its power by targeting and punishing American citizens for their political beliefs,” said Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the majority leader. “This kind of government abuse must stop. The last thing we should do is to allow the I.R.S. to play such a central role in our health care.”

A Hankering for Hybrids (jdargis)

Today, more than 40 conventional hybrid models are available, from mass-market automakers like Toyota and Ford to luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes. Hybrids account for about 3 percent of overall industry sales, with the market-leading Toyota Prius cracking the Top 10 list of best-selling passenger cars.

By contrast, automakers offer only about a dozen all-electric cars or plug-in models — which run on battery power with assistance from a gasoline engine — although more are on the way.

Large Dairy Supplier Warns of Botulism Threat (jdargis)

After Fonterra raised alarms about the bacteria found in its milk products, the Chinese General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, which polices food safety, ordered importers in China to recall any products that may carry the bacteria, the administration said on its Web site. China is a major buyer of New Zealand food produce, especially infant formula and other dairy products. The Administration said it “promptly contacted the New Zealand Embassy to China and demanded that New Zealand take immediate measures to prevent problem products harming the health of Chinese consumers.”

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Arthur Robey
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A Critique please.

Can someone else critique this model for me please? It is somewhat disturbing.

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Their website does not lend confidence in what they claim to be true.  Too many conspiracy theories.  Too much effort to drum up money and interest in their messages with too little meat on the bone.

That said, engineering an event that could drag us into war would not surprise.  It's happened too often.  After five years of waiting for an economic collapse, I've turned skeptical.  I don't reject the possibility, but something more dramatic than is currently going on will have to happen.  My attitude is to continue to prep and wait...and get in an occasional (or more) round of golf. :^)


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