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Daily Digest 7/28 - Inflationary Deflation, What If Emerging Markets Aren't?

Sunday, July 28, 2013, 11:10 AM


Gold And The Endgame: Inflationary Deflation (pinecarr)

The IMF, Bank for International Settlements, Bank of England and US Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC) have published reports in recent months warning of the risks.

The TBAC identified the gross shortage of high quality collateral – US$4.6-11.2 trillion - under “stressed market conditions”.

A tax hike is Ficano's fantasy (Phil H.)

King should have left Ficano at home. His abuse of the pension system — one example: his 41-year-old former chief of staff can collect a $96,000 yearly pension for the rest of his life after working for just 8 ½ years — steals the thunder from the poor grandma terrified of losing her $1,500-a-month benefit.

Breaking News: Police sergeant arrested in "fake cop" robberies (Phil H.)

The first incident took place at a Citgo gas station near French and I-94 on Detroit's east side last Sunday. The clerk says two white men in a black Ford F-150 with police lights allegedly pistol-whipped customers pumping gas. The men stole cash and cell phones from their victims. A warning went out to be on the lookout for "fake cops" but it turns out those officers were not fake after all. It appears the sergeant in this case was driving his personal vehicle.

Governments Will Hit The Wealthy Big Time (westcoastjan)

Only Hard Asset protection outside the Monopolistic Ponzi system will prove to be a safe haven. Guaranteed!

What If The Emerging Markets Aren't? (jdargis)

First, most emerging-market economies were overheating in 2010-2011, with growth above potential and inflation rising and exceeding targets. Many of them thus tightened monetary policy in 2011, with consequences for growth in 2012 that have carried over into this year.

Cost of economic growth have 'outweighed benefits' (westcoastjan)

The countries for which GPI has been estimated comprise more than half the world's population, over five continents, as well as representing nearly 60 per cent of global GDP. They are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, the United States and Vietnam.

Bee-Killing Germs May Leave You With Less Food Options (westcoastjan)

In 2011, a collaborative group of agricultural researchers from Japan and China tested this hypothesis and found that problems with immune function led to increased Nosema infections. Their claim was that the overall nature of beekeeping was causing undue stress on colonies leaving them prone to infection and collapse. But the results could not explain all cases as even those who kept bees in the least stressful means were experiencing problems.

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