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Daily Digest 7/13 - Pain On The Reservation, Europe's Debt Crisis Simmers

Saturday, July 13, 2013, 11:23 AM


Silver Fundamentals Are Strongest Ever (Taki T.)

Peter Schiff just released his new research report entitled “The Powerful Case for Silver” (pdf format). In it, he explains why the upside potential of silver is greater than the one of gold. Peter Schiff believes that the fundamentals for silver are the strongest they have ever been and that silver is massively undervalued at today’s prices.

Police Readying First Amendment Zones To Quell Possible Zimmerman Backlash (Dana T.)

In the month following the death of Trayvon Martin, South Florida students staged walk-outs. The demonstrations were public, yet peaceful rallies in support of the teen who lived here.

With the trial coming to a close, some worry people may turn to rioting.

Miracle material graphene could deliver Internet one hundred times faster (Arthur Robey)

Commenting on the report's main findings, lead researcher Dr Enrico Da Como said: "We've seen an ultrafast optical response rate, using 'few-layer graphene', which has exciting applications for the development of high speed optoelectronic components based on graphene. This fast response is in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, where many applications in telecommunications, security and also medicine are currently developing and affecting our society."

Europe's Debt Crisis Simmers (westcoastjan)

It is accepted that Greece has a funding gap of 4bn euros (£3.4bn; $5bn) over the next 12 months. That might require further belt-tightening. Almost certainly Greek debt will have to be, once again, restructured. At some stage German taxpayers will have to be told the truth - some of the money they loaned towards the Greek bailout will not be repaid.

Russia orders typewriters to prevent data leaks (westcoastjan)

"Typewriters are still used to type on paper with an adhesive layer so that the glue doesn't get too hot," Izvestiya's source said, according to the Guardian. "What's more, a whole series of documents are not created on electronic devices. That practice exists in the defence ministry, the emergencies ministry and the special services."

Pain on the Reservation (jdargis)

“More people sick; fewer people educated; fewer people getting general assistance; more domestic violence; more alcoholism,” said Richard L. Zephier, the executive director of the Oglala Sioux tribe. “That’s all correlated to the cuts from sequestration.”

Sudden Spike in Gas Prices, but Increases May Be Short-Lived (jdargis)

The recent price increases can be attributed mainly to higher global crude prices that have been creeping up because of the unrest in Egypt, brief export failures in Libya and Iraq and disruptions of Nigeria’s oil pipelines. Egypt is not a major oil producer, but instability there raises fears of a possible blockage of the Suez Canal, a major thoroughfare for oil exports and spreading unrest in the region.

Explosion in Apartment Highlights Risks of Using Chemical Foggers to Kill Insects (jdargis)

An order to vacate the building was issued on Friday after inspectors from the Department of Buildings determined that illegal interior partitions had been erected. It was unclear if the partitions delayed rescue efforts, but fire inspectors said it was the foggers that set off the blaze.

“These bug bombs are very flammable,” Mr. Byrnes said.

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scary comments on "Police Readying First Amendment Zones"

Anyone read the comments on the Police Readying First Amendment Zones To Quell Possible Zimmerman Backlash article. WOW! The three E's are not as scary as the beliefs and attitudes of some of my fellow Americans. Lots of anger and hatred out there! Of course anger is a secondary emotion created by fear or hurt. How will it grow and manifest in coming days as times become tougher and fear grows!

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