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Daily Digest 7/5 - Unemployment Remains 7.6%, Clay Pot Refrigeration

Friday, July 5, 2013, 10:31 AM


Fables and Fairy Tales (Ilene)

The moral of The Crow and the Pitcher: “Little by little does the trick.”

Summer career boosters, fun included (westcoastjan)

The CEO of the US bond fund giant suggests boosting your brain with robust and purposeful reading in his post Three Insightful Books for Your Summer List. His suggestions are meant to make people examine what might be holding back their thought process, and in turn, their success at work or in business. Among them: biases we don’t realize we have.

“Even ‘good people’ can fall hostage to unconscious bias ... As a result, we end up with blind spots that undermine our ability to make consistently good decisions, especially in a rapidly changing world,” El-Erian wrote.

Boat-roofed shed wins British shed of the year (westcoastjan)

Welsh DJ Alex Holland's unique shed, which features a century-old overturned boat for a roof, has been named the 2013 British Shed of the Year.

Holland's shed includes solar power, a sound system, gas cooker, fridge, and a view of the Cambrian Mountains.

How the 1% is privatizing (stealing) the $600bn public education budget (westcoastjan)

At the same time, the lower income parents (most of the rest of the country) will either use their vouchers for the fly-by-night or less-good charter schools or they’ll have to send their children to increasingly useless public schools. Public schools will not disappear, except as a means of education. Only the poor will eventually use them, and they will become more like jails and youth rehab camps than actual schools. They will operate on a fraction of the money they have now. And the teaching profession, stripped of union rights and incomes, will be gutted of anyone but the desperate.

U.S. Adds 195,000 Jobs; Unemployment Remains 7.6% (jdargis)

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben S. Bernanke, said two weeks ago he anticipated the bond-buying program would wrap up when the unemployment rate sinks to 7 percent. The Fed estimates that could happen by the middle of next year.

If the job market continues to improve, and other indicators like manufacturing activity and consumer spending remain healthy, the central bank could begin scaling back the stimulus program as early as September, Ms. Meyer said.

Scientists Plan to Use Subterranean Volcanic Rock Formations for Energy Storage (James S.)

The study focussed on subterranean basalt rocks in the eastern part of Washington, and the idea is to use excess renewable energy to pump air under high pressure down into the rock from where it should be unable to escape. This method of energy storage is known as compressed air energy storage (CAES).

Keeping it Cool - Clay Pot Refrigeration (Amanda)

Finally, the Rolex Awards Committee makes a great point about ideas vs. innovation in their article about the Pot-in-Pot award: "Good ideas are indeed rare, but good ideas that actually become good projects and bring lasting benefits are even rarer still," In other words, an innovation is an idea that is brought to life and changes people's lives.

Crews in Arizona Make Progress in Subduing Deadly Fire (jdargis)

“The conditions are really dry. We’re going to be very cautious and we’re going to be very deliberate in how we continue to work within the lines of the fire,” said Suzanne Flory, a spokeswoman for the interagency team that is fighting the fire. “We’re constantly keeping an eye on the weather and the winds.”

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Usa: 100 anti NSA protests.

Have not seen this mentioned, maybe someone else also finds it interesting/encouraging.




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Thank You!

Great find RogerA.  This is impressive.  Let's hope the protests start to move us in the right direction.


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