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Daily Digest 7/2 - Hospitals Threaten To Close To Cut Costs, We’re Going Into The Greatest Depression

Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 7:21 AM


Harper's Gag Orders Sweep While Canadians Sleep (westcoastjan)

Employees lassoed by this order would be prevented from disclosing (or even confirming the existence of) so-called "special operational information." This includes confidential intelligence sources, targets of operations, names of spies, military plans, various techniques or technologies, plus encryption and other means of protecting data.

What brought about this rush for hyper secrecy?

Gerald Celente: We’re Going Into The Greatest Depression (David B.)

But they will try to boost it some way. And that’s when I believe gold and silver prices will again skyrocket. They can stay low, I believe, for another several months… even a year. But I don’t see them staying down forever.

I don’t give financial advice. I’m a long term buyer and a long term holder of gold.

Health minister says hospitals may be closed in order to reduce costs (Alan W.)

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis visited Geniko Kratiko Hospital in central Athens on Sunday night, a few hours after saying that he would be prepared to shut down hospitals in order to reduce healthcare spending.

Georgiadis used Twitter to thank the hospital staff after his visit, saying that they were “fighting hard.”

Paid via Card, Workers Feel Sting of Fees (westcoastjan)

At companies where there is a choice, it is often more in theory than in practice, according to interviews with employees, state regulators and consumer advocates. Employees say they are often automatically enrolled in the payroll card programs and confronted with a pile of paperwork if they want to opt out.

Obama Announces $7 Billion Plan to Improve Africa’s Energy Access (James S.)

Africa Power will follow a model that encourages partnerships between the public and private sectors. The US governments $7 billion will be added to $9 billion of private finance, in an attempt to double access to the energy grid in a region where more than two thirds of the populations live without electricity.

Does China Have Enough Water to Burn Coal? (westcoastjan)

Currently, more than half of China's industrial water usage is in coal-related sectors, including mining, preparation, power generation, coke production and coal-to-chemical factories, according to China Water Risk, a nonprofit initiative based in Hong Kong. That means that the water demand of the Chinese coal industry surpasses that of all other industries combined.

Student's flashlight works by body heat, not batteries (Arthur Robey, Amanda)

She ran some calculations to see if the warmth from a human hand could generate enough energy via a tile to power a flashlight. She presented her hypothesis:" If I can capture enough heat from a human hand and convert it efficiently to electricity, then I can power a flashlight without any batteries or kinetic energy." She presented her objective: "To make a flashlight that runs on the heat of the human hand."

Farmers Look to New Ways of Irrigating in a Drought (jdargis)

Mr. Grall’s cornfield is part of a closely watched demonstration project aimed at showing farmers how to use less irrigation water on their crops. It was put together by a groundwater authority in the Panhandle that strictly limits the amount of Ogallala water each farmer can pump. The project reflects the harsh reality that has taken hold across the drought-stricken state: farmers, who account for more than half of the water used in Texas, must learn to do more with less, just like cities and industrial plants.

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paycheck ATM cards

I know a lot of people in the Dallas, PA area where these cards are being imposed-unfortunately it is a depressed area that is losing industry related jobs and those fast food jobs are pretty darned important for day to day living expenses.  Taking any percentage of those salaries is simple robbery. Horrible.

In other news, ChinaRussia is joining forces on the open sea as new naval BFF's:


Europe will be hard pressed to get too huffy with the US about spying if they have neighbors like this joining forces.

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Drought and flooding issuehe

Isnt that a surprise that farmers are seeing such extreme weather when the corn-beans operations are the first to voice a concern and ask for crop insurance covered.

I just watched the farmers around here-last year we got drought, this year it's flooding. . . And it is appearing they are the cause of their own demise. You see, in a corn-beans operation, they have no deep rooted crop in the rotation. Just the practice of corn-beans creates a hard plow-pan.

The plow-pan stops water from entering into deep water aquafers because it runs off the fields.  This causes the flooding we see from even small rains...we are seeing 100 year floods occurring every 10-20 years. And, the rains are to going deep as they would naturally so the water tables and aquafers are not replenishing as they would, had the corn-beans practice not be happening.

Can anyone say....Climate Change?

The options are pretty limited too. They can use rippers to break up the plow-pan to a depth of 2' so water can go a little deeper, OR, plant a deep rooted crop such as alfalfa, whose roots go 6' deep, or, learn to plant trees back on field borders.

The alfalfa option means a field is non-productive corn-bean field for 3 years. 

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Real-World Economics Review

For those Prosperity Peakers who have not already discovered and subscribed, I suggest an online open-access quarterly economics journal: Real-World Economics Review, having a byline of “Sanity, Humanity and Science” and claiming that theirs is “Probably the World’s Most Read Economics Journal” (> 22,000 subscribers in over 150 nations).  It is published by the World Economics Association, which also offers two “sister” journals (ECONOMIC THOUGHT and WORLD ECONOMIC REVIEW).

To whet your appetites, a selection of titles from Real-World Economics Review’s:

Issue 63 (March)

The Veil of Deception Over Money

Ultra Easy Money Policy and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Looking at the Right Metrics in the Right Way – Two Kinds of Models

What I Would Like Economics Majors to Know


Issue 64 (July)

A Bubble So Big We Can’t Even See It

The Next Crisis

From the Bubble Economy to Debt Deflation and Privatization

Capitalism and the Destruction of Life on Earth *

* A striking at the root (eg. ‘radical’) perspective, echoing H.D. Thoreau –

      “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to the one who is striking at the root.”

You would also have access to RWER’s BLOG

To subscribe (free), Google: Real-World Economics Review


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