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Daily Digest 6/17 - Oil Market Jitters Caused By Syria, Gagged By Big Ag

Monday, June 17, 2013, 10:47 AM


McD's worker sues: Don't pay by debit card (Thomas C.)

According to the complaint filed, the JP Morgan Chase payroll card lists several fees, including a $1.50 charge for ATM withdrawals, $5 for over-the-counter cash withdrawals, $1 per balance inquiry, 75 cents per online bill payment and $15 for lost/stolen card.

Gunshannon said she had taken her concerns to the main office of the franchise holder - Albert and Carol Mueller, trading as McDonald's, in Clarks Summit. She was told that the card was the only option, she said.

Philly Archdiocese grappling with pensions for clergy (Thomas C.)

Kenneth Gavin, a spokesman for the archdiocese, said the policy requiring priests in church-owned facilities to refund portions of their pensions started in April. He would not discuss other changes or aspects of the pension plan, including what the archbishop said in his private meetings with clergy.

Gavin said the archdiocese planned to release "detailed financial reports" about its spending and costs this summer.

The Prism (jdargis)

As a matter of historical analysis, the relationship between secrecy and privacy can be stated in an axiom: the defense of privacy follows, and never precedes, the emergence of new technologies for the exposure of secrets. In other words, the case for privacy always comes too late. The horse is out of the barn. The post office has opened your mail. Your photograph is on Facebook. Google already knows that, notwithstanding your demographic, you hate kale.

Liquid Fuel Consumption is Unlikely to Fall While it is Still Subsidized (James S.)

Thus when the EIA project that global demand will grow to over 92 mbd in the next year, they are likely only being realistic. Their assumption that it may then decline is perhaps more in the nature of wishful thinking.

Syrian War Causes Oil Market Jitters (James S.)

Syrian oil production is down more than 50 percent since conflict began in March 2011. The latest assessment of the oil sector said any future exploration in the country is next to impossible until the conflict ends. With Western allies mulling a no-fly zone over Syria in response to U.S. chemical weapons claims, investors are getting nervous. The United Nations already said it wants to prop up the peacekeeping force monitoring a cease-fire between Israel and Syria after Austrian forces pulled out because of security concerns. While Turkey is pre-occupied with domestic unrest, it's made its frustration with the Syrian situation loud and clear.

An Arid Arizona City Manages Its Thirst (jdargis)

“We’re often maligned as being an unsustainable place simply for existing in an arid climate,” said Colin Tetreault, senior policy adviser for sustainability for Mayor Greg Stanton. “But that’s just myopic.”

Gagged By Big Ag (jdargis)

While Lyons filled out paperwork and had his mug shot taken, his wife's cellphone buzzed again and again: Her husband's name was already on the evening news. Lyons hired a lawyer—but he was on video and he'd confessed to the deputy sheriff. "They got you, dude," Lyons said his attorney told him. He accepted a plea agreement—six months' probation and a $625 fine plus court fees—and signed an admission of guilt. It may seem like a slap on the wrist, but Lyons was the first person ever convicted of criminal livestock neglect on a Midwestern farm—and only the seventh person convicted of animal abuse in the history of the American meat industry. He wasn't alone for long: Five of Lyons' coworkers soon signed similar agreements.

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How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

Here is an article from MIT Technology Review that is worth a look, a little long but good.


The pattern is clear: as businesses generated more value from their workers, the country as a whole became richer, which fueled more economic activity and created even more jobs. Then, beginning in 2000, the lines diverge; productivity continues to rise robustly, but employment suddenly wilts. By 2011, a significant gap appears between the two lines, showing economic growth with no parallel increase in job creation. Brynjolfsson and McAfee call it the “great decoupling.” And Brynjolfsson says he is confident that technology is behind both the healthy growth in productivity and the weak growth in jobs.



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Asimov and Ayn.

This is how Asimov predicted it would happen.

The only time that there has been a leasured class is when all the work was done by slaves. The new slaves are the machines.

The problem is that of maintaining humans in the economic cycle. If humans don't get their hands on the money then they will be by-passed and the situation will be corporations making products for other corporations.This is something that Ayn Rand missed completely in her critique of the unproductive classes, who she despised. (Atlas Shrugged)

Rand was wrong. The purpose of the economy is to serve humanity.

The problem we will then face is that there will be no evolutionary pressure maintaining the fitness level of the genepool. Therefore we will be forced to take matters in our hands.

We will have to drop the indulgent moral posturing and modify our genes, because we will have escaped the attention of Mr Darwin.

One of the things we will have to do is to organize things so that both sexes have to exercise their will in order to fall pregnant. Than should not be too hard to arrange an a genetic level. (You exercise your will when you lift an arm. You do not exercise your will, as things stand now, with regard to pregnancy. The least worst thing you can do is exercise your will-not.)

But the only way out of the Limits to Growth trap we find ourselves in now, is straight Up. we missed the window in 1982 to stabilize the curves.

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