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Daily Digest 6/1 - Understanding Cycles, Fiscal Woes for States Go On Despite Surpluses

Saturday, June 1, 2013, 10:37 AM


Understanding Cycles – the Two Extremes – Why We must Crash & Burn (Thomas C.)

Our correlation models indicate that whenever we get a cold spring then we move to a violent storm like hurricanes in the fall. It is like a pendulum. The more you swing to the extreme on one side the more you will move to the extreme in the opposite side. Markets function in the same identical manner.

Centerra Gold's Kumtor Mine Stormed In Protest; Kyrgyzstan Declares State Of Emergency (westcoastjan)

On Thursday, protesters cut off the power supply to the mine, prompting Centerra to issue a warning that it could see its financial results impacted by the demonstrations. The company called the protests "illegal."

How CNET founder Halsey Minor blew his tech fortune on way to bankruptcy (westcoastjan)

Since then, Minor has been selling his art collection to pay debts. In 2010, he sold a painting of a blue-eyed nurse by Richard Prince and an aluminum couch by Marc Newson to help raise US$21.1-million for his creditors. Proceeds from the sales went toward a US$21.6-million judgment obtained in October 2009 by ML Private Finance, a Bank of America Corp. affiliate, on a delinquent loan.

Child victims of Pakistan's 'begging mafia' (westcoastjan)

"Many of these children will be moved around shrines in Pakistan. They will have their heads shaved. They will be tattooed. They will be made unrecognisable to their parents.

"The culture of begging at shrines is so prevalent that the police will rarely intervene or ask children how they got to a shrine."

Can Central Banks Really Keep Interest Rates Down? (Taki T.)

The Fed’s track record of growing the economy based on monetary expansion is dismal. Currently, as part of QE3, the US Fed has been “printing” money (expansion of M1) in order to acquire, on a monthly basis, a total of US$ 40 billion worth of U.S. mortgages and US$ 45 billion worth of long-term U.S. Treasury paper. Their hope: to help the US economy grow by boosting money supply (monetary inflation) and keeping interest rates low.

Surpluses Help, but Fiscal Woes for States Go On (jdargis)

And California, which faced a $26 billion deficit two years ago, expects a surplus of between $1.2 billion and $4.4 billion this year, thanks to a combination of tax increases, budget cuts and an improving economy. But it could be erased if the state were to adequately finance its teachers’ pension fund, which says it will need an additional $4.5 billion a year, much of it from the state, to pay the benefits it promised.

B.C.’s opposition to Northern Gateway pipeline plan sends strong message (westcoastjan)

While environmental organizations applauded the tough talk, B.C. also said its position on Northern Gateway is not a rejection of heavy-oil projects. It says all proposals, such as Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion or David Black’s Kitimat Clean refinery project, would be judged on their merits.

Study reveals more acid seas could alter early development of Atlantic longfin squid (Arthur Robey)

These two smaller tanks represented two environments: today's ocean, and the more acidic oceans of the future. One was continuously exposed to air pumped in from outside, to simulate the ocean's current interaction with the atmosphere. The other received air enriched with higher CO2 levels that made the seawater about three times more acidic, a level of acidity that models predict will be widespread a hundred years from now.

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Arthur Robey
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Armstrong is partially right in his analysis of the consequences of Chaos Theory.(Thanks Thomas C)

He describes the cyclic nature around a single Strange Attractor. What he fails to emphasise is that the object can be captured by another Strange Attractor. And then the object will orbit a new normal.

This is the famous "Tipping Point" analogy that the media use to explain the phenomenon to the masses.

However, at the boundry conditions between one stablle regime and another, there is a lot of self similar behaviour. A lot of Chaos. 

Here is a diagram that illustrates the rich environment at the boundry between two Strange Attractors.


Once the object has been captured by another Strange Attractor it has a new stable orbit. The Starlings in this example, would have migrated. All gone.

Those who deny the phenomenon cling to the noise as a drowning man clings to straws.

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