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Daily Digest 5/27 - Drought Gobbles Up Texas Turkey Hunt, Bank Holidays Around The World

Monday, May 27, 2013, 11:41 AM


Absurd Property Of The Week: Vancouver vs. Winnipeg (westcoastjan)

This 2842 sq.ft. four-bedroom family home features a huge eat-in kitchen, five bathrooms, double car garage and a landscaped backyard.

Sleepwalking to disaster (Nervous Nelly)

Our correspondents explain why Europe's leaders should be concerned by the current absence of bad news.

Gold ETF sellers face tax surprise (westcoastjan)

Assets in Gold Trust dropped 37 percent this year through last week as sellers including billionaire George Soros forced the fund to redeem shares. Gold saw a seven-session slump through the end of last week that was the longest since March 2009.

The UK was 6 Hours from Running Out of Natural Gas in March (James S.)

If it had run any lower it would have meant ... interruptions to supply.

The bottom line is that in the UK we are in a place where the gas supply is dangerously low.”

Bank Holidays Around The World (westcoastjan)

South Korea is a car-producing nation - Hyundai and Kia are both Korean brands - and the country is rich enough that almost every family has at least one. Most people head to the coast or to the cool, forested mountains in the north, particularly when the bank holiday creates the chance for a long weekend. For many Koreans, this little escape is a substitute for the annual leave they don't take. The working culture here is so strong, that a day or two at a time is the most some office workers say they can afford without incurring disapproval from their senior colleagues.

Brazil 'to write off' almost $900m of African debt (westcoastjan)

The debt announcement was made during the third visit in three months to Africa by Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, who attended the African Union summit in Ethiopia.

Don't Dump Iron -- Dump Rogue Climate Schemes (westcoastjan)

"The board and our community has decided to recalibrate this business so that it moves forward in a constructive fashion and effectively responds to legitimate concerns raised by various stakeholders around the world" explains the corporation's press release.

Alberta’s bitumen loss could be B.C.’s shale gas gain (westcoastjan)

“There’s some real questions about whether Alberta is ever going to be able to get any of its energy outside of the province other than into the U.S.,” said Tom Valentine, a partner in the Calgary office of Norton Rose Canada LLP.

Drought Gobbles Up Texas Turkey Hunt (westcoastjan)

"The drought in 2011 had a significant impact on turkey production," said Steve Lightfoot, a spokesperson for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The result is that, if this season mimics last year's, hunters will bag 60 percent fewer long beards – or mature males – than they did before the drought hit.

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Denny Johnson
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No articles

Is anyone seeing articles in today's, May 27, DD?.........the link opens for me, but no articles to read.

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youre right, denny, it's an empty post
Denny Johnson wrote:

Is anyone seeing articles in today's, May 27, DD?.........the link opens for me, but no articles to read.

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Sorry about that, it's been

Sorry about that, it's been fixed! 

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