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Daily Digest 5/17 - Why Gold Won't Stay Down, The Beneficial Bacteria In Our Guts

Friday, May 17, 2013, 9:00 AM


Paper Silver Price Retesting April 2013 Lows: What about the Physical Price? (Chris F.)

Once again, Kitco has no more bullion bars on their shelves at the moment. Silver maples are still being sold on Ebay for over $30 (that is, for a 37% premium over the spot price)! Or is it possible that there is starting to be a disconnect in the paper price to the physical market?

Why Gold Won't Stay Down (Dana T.)

When the world is being flooded with cheap money, Economics 101 tells you the prices of all tangible assets -- including gold and silver -- will eventually increase. And that's why this could be a great buying opportunity.

DSM-5: Mental Health Professionals, Critics Face Off Over Upcoming Psychiatric Manual (gillbilly)

A British psychologists' group is criticizing the DSM-5, calling for a "paradigm shift" away from viewing mental problems as a disease. An organization of German therapists also attacked the new guide.

11 charts that show Canada’s economy is entering a world of hurt (westcoastjan)

“A pronounced shift in both Canadian and US economies has taken place,” write Pacifica’s analysts. “The Canadian economy, once the envy of Americans, Europeans, and others, is now widely viewed as a commodity dependent, “one trick pony”.

Venezuela Runs Out Of Toilet Paper (pinecarr)

All of this this is quite surprising: because while one may not be able eat gold, one may certainly use fiat, especially fiat of any regime in the last throes of economic collapse and where staggered currency devaluation is now a periodic fact, as precisely the noted commodity in short supply.

How Facebook and Brooklyn Killed America's Obsession With Cars (Dmitriy)

There are likely two separate engines motivating this trend. The first is that the upper and middle class youth in their twenties and early thirties, those most likely to be able to afford a car (or to come from families that can afford to buy them one), are moving into cities where they're unnecessary. Much digital ink has been spilled over these "Millennials" and their predilection for moving to hip, Brooklyn-esque communities where they can walk everywhere and ditch the SUVs of their forebears. But the data, collected by the U.S. Department of Transportation, pretty much bears it out.

Some Of My Best Friends Are Germs (Ben Johnson)

Our resident microbes also appear to play a critical role in training and modulating our immune system, helping it to accurately distinguish between friend and foe and not go nuts on, well, nuts and all sorts of other potential allergens. Some researchers believe that the alarming increase in autoimmune diseases in the West may owe to a disruption in the ancient relationship between our bodies and their “old friends” — the microbial symbionts with whom we coevolved.

The Great Salt Debate: So Bad? (jdargis)

Science writer Gary Taubes, a salt defender and author of Good Calories, Bad Calories and Why We Get Fat, has written columns for The New York Times in which he defends salt's health properties. The problem with Satin as the loudest salt advocate, though, is that even while a close look at data does seem to lend credence to his claims, he works for the Salt Institute -- which salt companies help support. Credibility goes out the window, Taubes says, and it doesn't matter how loud you are, no one will listen.

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Violent Arctic storm a climate-change 'harbinger,' study finds

The Inuvialuit living in the Mackenzie Delta of the Northwest Territories watched incredulously in September of 1999, as a particularly violent storm swept the Arctic Ocean 20 kilometres inland, killing all vegetation in its path and leaving lakes infused with salt water.


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Thanks Gillbilly.

You are preaching to the converted. Psychiatric medicine is all about the dollar.

I know of psychiatrists who have walked away from their careers in shame. Perhaps there is a pill we can prescribe for that too.

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Arthur Robey wrote: You are
Arthur Robey wrote:

You are preaching to the converted. Psychiatric medicine is all about the dollar.

I know of psychiatrists who have walked away from their careers in shame. Perhaps there is a pill we can prescribe for that too.

Take the red pill?

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Arthur Robey
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You are all getting dumber.

(Phys.org) —In a new study, a European research team suggests that the average intelligence level of Victorian-era people was higher than that of modern-day people.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2013-05-victorian-era-people-intelligent-modern-day-counterparts.html#jCp

I can think of many possible reasons from environmental pollution to lack of genetic stressors.

"The Histories" by Herodotus illustrates the awesome mental facilties of ancient people. 

In Victorian times primary age children learned Latin and unless you were a complete dunderhead you learned Greek at high school. Despite my enthusiasm, I failed Latin. 

By the way, apparently Queen Victoria was a Very Naughty Girl. I like her a lot already.


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