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Daily Digest 4/22 - In Love With My Planet, 12 (Misguided) Commandments of Gold Bugs

Monday, April 22, 2013, 11:57 AM


Where Are The Regulators After The Historic Gold & Silver Price Drop? (Taki T.)

This week we have witnessed some of the biggest price smashes in history, brought about by deliberately predatory trading practices set in place by the CME and this sick exchange has the nerve to issue a press release trumpeting the record trading volume caused by the intentional market dislocation. One would think that the designated self regulatory organization (as well as the federal commodity regulator) would have something more instructive to say about extreme disorderly trading conditions than look at how much (dirty) money they are making. That sums up the problem here, namely self regulators and regulators that won’t regulate.

12 (Misguided) Commandments of Gold Bugs: Barry Ritholtz (Dana T.)

Barry Ritholtz of Fusion IQ made a prescient call last December when he sold all his gold. He has recently been writing on his The Big Picture blog about the "New Great Rotation" from commodities into bonds (versus the "old rotation" from stocks to bonds).

Travel Surveillance, Traveler Intrusion (Chris M.)

By April 2, the Transportation Security Administration will either have begun a public comment process on its policy of putting travelers through imaging machines that can see under their clothes, or it will be in clear violation of a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling requiring it to do so. Ginger McCall of the Electronic Privacy Information Center has been handling the litigation that prompted the court’s ruling, and she will assess the proposed regulation or discuss her renewed efforts to bring the TSA within the law.


Tata Faces Crisis as $20 Billion Spent on Water: Corporate India (Ben Johnson)

India, the world’s second-most populous nation, is doubling spending on water management to a record as conglomerates from the Tatas to Adani face shortages that the United Nations calls an impending crisis.
The federal and state governments have set aside 1.1 trillion rupees ($20 billion) for sewage treatment, irrigation and recycling for the five-year period ending March 2017, G. Mohan Kumar, special secretary in the Ministry of Water Resources, said in an interview. The nation with 1.2 billion people, which treats only 20 percent of its sewage, is pouring more money as inadequate clean water is threatening to stunt growth in industrial and farm output.

In Love With My Planet (jdargis)

These photographs are serene, even stately: still points in time. Meditating on the devastation we have inflicted on our world, Mr. Salgado said he set out with the feeling that “our very existence on this planet is in danger.” The shadow of perilous climate change falls quietly across the images. But “this project restored my soul.”

Bees “restored to health” in Italy after this spring’s
neonicotinoid-free maize sowing
(Wendy SD)

It does look like a resounding, spectacular success. During this year’s neonicotinoid-free maize sowing in Italy hardly a bee colony has been lost, bar a suspicious case where some leftover seed from last year may have been used.

Researchers Develop a Self-Filling Water Bottle that Harvests Water from the Air (Wendy SD)

The Namib Desert Beetle has a shell that is covered in bumps, which allows humidity in the air to gradually accumulate on its back until water droplets form. These droplets roll down the beetle’s back and directly into its mouth, allowing the insect to survive in environments where ground water is scarce. Researchers have mimicked this shell to develop a bottle that utilizes the same water collecting effect. This technology can also be used on tent covers, roof tiles and other items.

Antarctic Methane Could Escape, Worsen Warming (TheOptimisticFuturist)

If global warming causes the ice sheets to retreat in the coming decades or centuries, the researchers warn, some of the methane could belch into the atmosphere, amplifying the warming.

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zOmBiE mArKeT

This market has officially entered the Twilight Zone.

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Nice Spin

A talking head on the radio this morning said that Australia's low interest rate (3/%) would put it at a competative advantage.Oh, and re-inflate the housing bubble. 

Either he is asleep or lying. Where do they find these people?

Dont spook the horses.

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12 commandments of gold bugs

Gold may be an insurance hedge against some adverse outcomes this article reminds us not to believe its a panacea.

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