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Daily Digest 3/25 - The End Of Growth, Using CO2 to Create Polyester Fabrics

Monday, March 25, 2013, 11:36 AM


The Great Seat Squeeze: How airlines are trying to pack more people on a plane without anybody knowing (westcoastjan)

Both WestJet and larger rival Air Canada are making a big bet this year that advances in the design of so-called slimline aircraft seats will help them not only add a premium economy section on their planes — which will command a premium fare — but also increase the overall number of passengers on their planes. All this without creating discomfort for their customers.

Jack Knox: The naked truth on the culture of food, cleansed and otherwise (westcoastjan)

In fact, most passersby passed by without gawking. It takes more than public nudity to get a Victorian’s head out of his BlackBerry. Naked protesters are to the capital what gun nuts are to Texas. We’ve got anti-poverty activists doing cartwheels starkers on the legislature lawn, an annual Naked Bike Ride with more white buns than McGavin’s and the Human Body Project folk baring their wobbly bits with the regularity of the No. 30 Royal Oak bus.

Auguries: We have ways of bailing you out (westcoastjan)

Best observation of the week was from commentator Croesus at ZeroHedge, “In Soviet Cyprus, bank robs you!” Second best was a letter to the editor from B Posch of New Liskeard, Ontario, “There have been many articles about the gold market ending its bull run in the Financial Post lately. I understand the Cypriots wish they had been holding gold instead of assets in bank accounts.”

Perfect Storm: Energy, Finance and the End Of Growth (adam)

We date the acceleration in
short-termism to the early 1980s.
Since then, there has been a relentless
shift to immediate consumption as
part of something that has been
called a “cult of self-worship”.
The pursuit of instant gratification
has resulted in the accumulation
of debt on an unprecedented scale.
The financial crisis, which began in
2008 and has since segued into the
deepest and most protracted economic
slump for at least eighty years, did
not result entirely from a short period
of malfeasance by a tiny minority,
comforting though this illusion may
be. Rather, what began in 2008 was
the denouement of a broadly-based
process which had lasted for thirty
years, and is described here as “the
great credit super-cycle”.

Charles Hugh Smith On Cyprus, Russia, The U.S., China And More (Adam)

A loss of faith in the global banking infrastructure is under way and Charles thinks trust is eroding. Alasdair thinks the result is more interest in competing currencies like gold and silver. Charles asks why we couldn’t have a private currency backed with gold.

They also discuss US money printing, future interest rates, suppressed market forces. Japan, inflation, China and dollar strength.

The riches under Mongolia's Turquoise Hill (westcoastjan)

Sanj and his fellow geologists were by no means the first prospectors there. The local name for this "extrusion" is Oyu Tolgoi, or Turquoise Hill. The green stains that gave it its name are a clue to the minerals within.

But first the Soviet teams and then, more recently, those Western mining companies that examined it, dismissed the deposit as too small to warrant commercial exploitation.

Using CO2 to Create Polyester Fabrics (James S.)

Since the 1980s researchers have been looking into the possibility of making acrylate by combining carbon dioxide with a gas called ethylene in the presence of nickel and other metal catalysts. CO2 is essentially free and something the planet has in overabundance. Ethylene is cheaper than propylene and can be made from plant biomass.

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