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Daily Digest 2/18 - India's Rice Revolution, Could New Tech Mean The End Of Money?

Monday, February 18, 2013, 9:56 AM


Masked intruders raid Greek gold mining company, set machinery on fire (westcoastjan)

In Sunday's attack, firefighters and police said the intruders raided the facility after midnight, using gasoline bombs and flammable liquid to set alight machinery, vehicles and containers used as offices, causing extensive damage.

Killing off cash: Could new tech mean the end of money? (westcoastjan)

Digital money innovations, particularly tools anchored to mobile phones, offer faster and cheaper ways to pay bills, buy and sell goods, send and receive money and make bank transactions.

Bing, council can't turn Detroit's finances around, state-ordered review finds (Phil H.)

Even under state oversight for more than 10 months, there's no sign the city is taming its deficit, let alone addressing billions in bond debt, retiree pension and health care obligations, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak ahead of the report's delivery to Snyder.

Keiser Report: Sterlageddon (Arthur Robey)

We discuss ending the currency war with a gold standard. They also look at how, since going off the gold standard in 1971, productivity gains have all gone to the one percent who create and push the paper and credit. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to Jan Skoyles of the Real Asset Company about gold monetisation, renminbi internationalisation and the very harsh laws against sterling devaluation.

Bill Still: State Of The Union 2013 (LogansRun)

The State of the United States economic union address for 2013.

Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain (jdargis)

The project, which could ultimately cost billions of dollars, is expected to be part of the president’s budget proposal next month. And, four scientists and representatives of research institutions said they had participated in planning for what is being called the Brain Activity Map project.

In Russia, Ruins and Property Spared by Meteor, Side by Side (jdargis)

Scientists believe the space rock that tore through the atmosphere on Friday morning and blew apart here was the largest to have entered the atmosphere since 1908 and that it was unusual as well for the scale of its effects: more than 1,200 people injured and broad property damage.


Is Europe Next for a Shale Natural Gas Boom? (James S.)

Russian energy company Gazprom said Friday there was no way Ukraine could avoid paying the $7 billion it owes for unused natural gas last year covered under a "take-or-pay" scheme. Both sides have been at odds over gas contracts since at least 2006 and last year, the European Commission launched an anti-trust probe into the natural gas giant's business practices in the region.


India's Rice Revolution (safewrite)

The villagers, at the mercy of erratic weather and used to going without food in bad years, celebrated. But the Bihar state agricultural universities didn't believe them at first, while India's leading rice scientists muttered about freak results. The Nalanda farmers were accused of cheating. Only when the state's head of agriculture, a rice farmer himself, came to the village with his own men and personally verified Sumant's crop, was the record confirmed.

When Irish Hands Are Helping an Enclave in County Queens (jdargis)

Breezy Point has become something of a popular cause in Ireland, its plight an urgent topic in newspaper headlines and radio dispatches more than three months after the storm. Gaelic rock stars threw fund-raisers, Irish companies sent money and other donations, the country’s consulate bused thousands of volunteers through Breezy Point’s gates for “Irish Days of Action” and pop stars made pilgrimages, including the Irish Tenors, who serenaded local residents over a Christmas lunch and bade them “the luck of the Irish.”

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India's Rice Revolution

I am growing rice on a small scale ( 1 acre ) this coming year in NJ and I'm using SRI methods. This past year I was "amplifying" my seed from two 20 gram samples. Given the same yield the more prolific of the two rices would yield 30,000 lbs if I planted all the seed that was produced from the initial 20 grams. Amazing productivity! From 50 - 100 seeds to 30,000 lbs in two years!

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robie robinson
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how do you dehull your rice?


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Paul Krugman

Geeez Saxplayer00o1 that must have taken an awful lot of restraint:)

AK Granny

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AkGrannyWGrit wrote:Geeez
AkGrannyWGrit wrote:

Geeez Saxplayer00o1 that must have taken an awful lot of restraint:) AK Granny

I was thinking the exact same thing

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India's Rice Revolution

Very interesting piece. I was particularly struck by all the 'nay-sayers' who were, in effect, saying 'but this solves the wrong problem'. What the 'establishment' want is a way to make Big Ag, mechanized and chemicalized farming more profitable, not some way for small independent farmers to be free of the machine and feed themselves, profitably, with organic methods. How dare these farmers solve the wrong goddam problem? The cheek of it! Don't they realise it's not allowed to feed the poor with organic farming???

When will it dawn on the 'experts' that low-tech, labour-intensive farming IS the solution when you have few (and diminishing) resources and a lot of people to feed and employ? It won't, of course, because most of the 'experts' are funded by GM companies, machinery manufacturers and chemical suppliers. To them agriculture is just another wealth pump to stripmine the soil for the benefit of the "1%ers"...

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Arthur Robey
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Thinking about rice.

Seconded on the rice story. Nice find Safewrite. Here is exibit A as a description of how the Left Brain thinks.

Not everyone agrees. Some scientists complain there is not enough peer-reviewed evidence around SRI and that it is impossible to get such returns. "SRI is a set of management practices and nothing else, many of which have been known for a long time and are best recommended practice," says Achim Dobermann, deputy director for research at the International Rice Research Institute. "Scientifically speaking I don't believe there is any miracle

Did you get it?

What is happening "out there" in the real world is irrelevant. The model is the thing. Has it been peer reviewed? Where are the citation papers? 

The Right brain observes 22.5 tonnes of rice. The Left brain's task is to plan out the next step, not to userp the Right's throne.

It is my Left writing these words. 

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India's Rice Revolution

SRI methods are useful not only for improving rice yields but are also very applicable to growing other crops. Wider row spacing, younger transplants, intermittent feeding, cultivation alongside to introduce more oxygen,  will be of benefit for many  crops. Steve Soloman in his book Gardening When it counts advocated some of these same techniques. 

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