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Daily Digest 1/19 - The January Effect, An Early Wake-Up Call

Saturday, January 19, 2013, 11:47 AM


Chinese Yuan V.S. SDR – Who Will Be the Heavyweight Campion of The World? (Chris F.)

Today, the US Dollar is the reserve currency of the world. You need it, for instance, to buy oil, a vital component of any economy. Since other countries like China cannot print US dollars at their leisure, they have to get it from somewhere. They get it from trade with the US. The US buys products in Asia and the rest of the world with US dollars, and in turn these same dollar surpluses are used to buy oil and US bonds, creating a much needed artificial demand for US dollars.

Gold Price – The January Effect (Taki T.)

This chart shows the ‘real rate’ of interest. It is derived at by deducting price inflation as expressed by the CPI, from current Treasury Yield. This ‘real rate’ is presently -1.75%. This means money that is held in Treasuries is losing out by more than 1.75% per year (paying taxes on the yield adds insult to injury). In view of the fact that the official CPI rate is regularly understating the actual rate of price inflation, the ‘real rate of inflation’ is even worse than this chart portrays. In any event, this negative trend provides energy for gold and silver to rise in price.

Welcome to the global currency war (Nervous Nelly)

Mark your calendars. Today is the day the global currency war broke out into the open. This after the Bank of Japan announced it would ramp up its monetary policy stimulus efforts — on an unlimited basis — until it achieves a 2% inflation target.

An Early Wake-Up Call (Arthur Robey)

First, we hear about the effects of centralization and discuss suggestions for both broad policy changes and wise alterations of behavior for businesses and individuals. Our economy is in a “slow burn.” People are terrified because of a lack of transparency, privacy has declined extraordinarily, and everything is politicized. The pie has shrunk and the world is dangerous, and people are feeling it, despite their desire for things to be going well. As a result, the role of investment has changed. There is opportunity in decentralization, but it takes local organization and forethought, as well as discernment, to implement it. What are the most prudent choices for each of us in the year ahead? Who can we trust?


Toshiba Nuclear Reactor For Oil Sands To Be Operational By 2020: Reports (westcoastjan)

While the news of nuclear reactors potentially dotting the oilsands landscape is already raising concerns among some environmentalists, the technology could actually prove greener than current methods. Oilsands producers typically use natural gas to power bitumen extraction, which contributes significantly to Canada’s carbon emissions.

Keystone XL Pipeline: John Kerry Has Investments In Canadian Energy Companies (westcoastjan)

"Given what we know about the fossil fuel industry and their apparent desire to cook the planet, it's immoral to have investments in these companies," Daniel Kessler of 350.org, an organization that's started a fossil fuel divestment campaign, said Thursday.

"We look forward to Sen. Kerry as secretary of state given his commitment to climate issues, but he has to divest of these investments."


Delta expansion projects threaten farms and wildlife (Tana F.)

With little opportunity to increase industrial capacity along the prohibitively expensive Burrard Inlet waterfront, Port Metro Vancouver—which is the name of both Canada’s largest and busiest port and a federally established corporation—is set to quadruple its container import-export capacity at Deltaport in the coming years. After all, China beckons. Politicians genuflect before the god of perpetual economic growth. Unions see jobs. Developers see real-estate possibilities. Tsawwassen Natives see dollar signs. Profits—despite sanctimonious statements otherwise—trump environmental policy. Farms are expendable; ditto snow geese.

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"slow burn"

Good find on "An Early Wake-up Call", Arthur.  Catherine Austin Fitts's description of the "slow burn" is consistent with what I've been saying for a few years now about a "crumble" rather than a "Crash".

BTW, whatever happened to Victor the Cleaner?


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I would not like to discuss Victor. He would be a distraction.

The point that Catherine Fitts was making is that the population at large smiles as though they had just met Victor the Cleaner. (Disturbing content, not for sensitive souls).

I guess that millions of years of evolution has sensitised us to impending disaster. We know, even if we do not acknowledge it. Even to ourselves.

Catherine has a fine brain and a good heart. I follow Dmitri for the same reason.

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Robert L Carol


Author's Introduction

I know of only one other book that is angrier than the present one. That one is the book of Revelations in the Christian Bible.


I stand in awe of the author of that book who consigns the entire human race so easily to an endless series of plagues and pointless wars. The present treatise is hopefully intended to avoid such a future for humankind.

My anger is in part occasioned by my own futility in trying to explain physics without mathematics. Some of it is due to the fact that so many erroneous principles are accepted as truth at the present time that it will take eternity to straighten things out. How it is possible for an entire scientific community to go so far astray in a few thousand years of recorded history is utterly beyond understanding. Some of my anger is due to my own inability to be able to know anything with any depth of understanding. Human understandin in general is so superficial that is scarecely worthy of the name. The rest of my anger, if any is left over, is reserved for the administrators and supervisors who did all they could to discourage my efforts.


Robert L Carol. 1987

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