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Daily Digest 12/11 - 'Change In Tone' In Fiscal Fight, Mislabeled Fish A Common Problem

Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 12:49 PM


Move Over, Michigan, China Is The World's Next Rust Belt (Nervous Nelly)

Globalization once propelled China. Hong Kong manufacturers flocked to that country’s coastal regions in the early 1980s largely because labor costs were low and regulation lax. Later, companies had little choice but to move to China because their competitors had already located there, and soon suppliers congregated around assemblers, forming efficient industrial communities. The country became an integral link in the production plans of manufacturers, large and small.

Tests Say Mislabeled Fish Is a Widespread Problem (jdargis)

“There are a lot of flummoxed people out there who are trying to buy fish carefully and trying to shop their conscience, but they can’t if this kind of fraud is happening,” said Kimberly Warner, a senior scientist at Oceana, who led the study.

U.S. Fiscal Dispute Shows Sign of Thaw Before Deadline (jdargis)

“For all the president’s talk about the need for a balanced approach, the truth is he and his Democratic allies simply refuse to be pinned down on any spending cuts,” Senator Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, said today on the Senate floor. “The president seems to think if all he talks about are taxes, and that’s all reporters write about, somehow the rest of us will magically forget that government spending is completely out of control.”

Job Openings in U.S. Rose in October to Four-Month High (jdargis)

The job market withstood the impact of superstorm Sandy last month, Labor Department figures showed on Dec. 7. Payrolls rose by 146,000 in November following a revised 138,000 in October that was less than initially estimated. The median estimate of economists in a Bloomberg survey called for an 85,000 advance. Private payrolls, which exclude government agencies, grew by 147,000 after a revised gain of 189,000.


The Renewable Energy Illusion (James S.)

Carbon isn’t the whole story. When you count toxic sludge from making solar panels, noise from windmills placed too close to residential areas, or changes in land use patterns from cultivating biofuel crops, you find that alternative energy has negative externalities of its own that offset its low-carbon benefits at least in part, and sometimes entirely.

Peak Phosphorous: What Can we Expect? (James S.)

What happens when these fertilizers run out is a question I can’t get satisfactorily answered and, believe me, I have tried. There seems to be only one conclusion: their use must be drastically reduced in the next 20–40 years or we will begin to starve. The world’s blind spot when it comes to the fertilizer problem is seen also in the shocking lack of awareness on the part of governments and the public of the increasing damage to agriculture by climate change...


Ortley Beach, N.J., Still Vacated, Recovers Slowly (jdargis)

Wayward houses, boats and downed power lines had been dislodged from streets. A tractor sat atop a 50-foot-high mountain of sand that is part of the beach and dune rebuilding. Ortley Beach will be shut down four days this week for gas service restoration, which could happen by the end of the month for houses structurally sound enough. More than 200 loads of debris, 100 cubic yards each, had been hauled away.

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our oil fields at night

Across the North Dakota prairie, natural gas flares light up the night sky like huge torches. Every day, they burn off enough gas to heat half a million homes.




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