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Daily Digest 12/6 - Fed Buys 90% of New Bonds, Have We Really Seen The End Of Growth?

Thursday, December 6, 2012, 10:59 AM


GRANTHAM: We're Headed For A Disaster Of Biblical Proportions (Jason C.)

Grantham believes that the planet can only sustainably support about 1.5 billion humans, versus the 7 billion on Earth right now (heading to 10-12 billion). For all of history except the last 200 years, the human population has been controlled via the limits of the food supply. Grantham thinks that, eventually, the same force will come into play again.

The hope of the optimists, of course, is that science will find a solution to this problem, the way it has for the past 150 years.

Let's hope so.

Have We Really Seen The End Of Growth? (ScubaRoo)

If you believe Robert Gordon, the Northwestern University professor whose work on technological progress – or to his mind, the lack of it – is gaining a cult following, economic growth in advanced economies is essentially over, not just for now, but forever.

Is tech spending eating into Canadians’ retirement savings? (westcoastjan)

Tod Maffin spends hundreds of dollars each month on what can be called communications — cable bill, cellphone, high-speed Internet, cloud services. You name it, the Vancouver digital-marketing strategist has it.

Bombshell: Deutsche Bank Hid $12 Billion In Losses To Avoid A Government Bail-Out (westcoastjan)

SEC enforcement attorneys eh? Because this is where it gets really fun: the person who was in charge of DB's legal compliance at the time was none other than Robert Khuzami. The same Robert Khuzami who just happens to be the chief of enforcement at the SEC!

Ireland budget: Local property tax introduced (westcoastjan)

To help "maintain momentum" in the domestic property market, any new or previously unoccupied homes bought between the beginning of next year and the end of 2016 will be exempt from the new property tax. Equally, any homes bought by first-time buyers in 2013 will be exempt.

For all other homes, the Local Property Tax will be introduced in July next year, and will include a higher rate of 0.25% that kicks in on the balance of any property over and above 1m euros.

A Drug Recall That Should Frighten Us All About The FDA (amanda)

How many patients who were not adequately treated on the 150mg dose were put on the 300mg only to see their symptoms get worse because the generic did not work as promised? How many patients, doctors, and their families thought that this was simply a further deterioration of a patient’s condition and mental state? How many parents had to worry about their children when their anti-depressant seemed to stop working? How many people committed suicide taking a generic antidepressant that did not work?

'Everyone in US under virtual surveillance' - NSA whistleblower (Dana T.)

Binney, one of the best mathematicians and code breakers in the history of the National Security Agency, resigned in 2001. He claimed he no longer wanted to be associated with alleged violations of the Constitution, such as how the FBI engages in widespread and pervasive surveillance through powerful devices called 'Naris.'

This year, Binney received the Callaway award, an annual prize that recognizes those who champion constitutional rights and American values at great risk to their personal or professional lives.

Sovereigns Rating List (Ken H.)

S&P downgrades Greece from CCC to Selective Default.

Treasury Scarcity to Grow as Fed Buys 90% of New Bonds (Jason C.)

Investors bid for more than four times the amount of two- year notes the Treasury auctioned last week, matching a record high, data compiled by Bloomberg show. Yields on U.S. government bonds are about a half a percentage point lower than the rest of the world on average, compared with about a quarter-percentage point more as recently as April 2010, Bank of America Merrill Lynch indexes show.


Falling Oil Prices and the Shale Boom: An Interview with Michael Levi (James S.)

The Middle East is always the place where focus is rightly drawn, because it is the place where you can have outsized disruptions. One of the things that I tend to emphasize is the need to focus and prioritize concerns, and it is very easy to get [drawn into] every 100,000 or 200,000-barrel-a- day change somewhere in the world that might have big consequences for one particular country, but does not necessarily have outsized global consequences or national consequences that policymakers need to think about. If I spend my time trying to think through what policymakers should be paying attention to, my focus, when it comes to disruptions to the oil system, tends to come back to the Middle East.


Cornstalks Everywhere But Nothing Else, Not Even A Bee (cmartenson)

Cornfields, however, are not like national parks or virgin forests. Corn farmers champion corn. Anything that might eat corn, hurt corn, bother corn, is killed. Their corn is bred to fight pests. The ground is sprayed. The stalks are sprayed again. So, like David, Craig wondered, "What will I find?"

The answer amazed me. He found almost nothing. "I listened and heard nothing, no bird, no click of insect."

Agrarian Revolution (rfuhrmann)

The daily routine consists in weeding, cleaning, harvesting, cooking, weeding, painting, building, weeding, and much much more. There is no lack of work here. Of all the terrain around, we have only about one and a half hectares planted, mainly with peppers. Other fields are being prepared with a tractor for this winter’s corn. With more people we could do much more.

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The Total Animated, Annotated US Debt (Video)

The Total Animated, Annotated US Debt (Video posted at zerohedge)


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Hi Amanda

You might "enjoy" reading Whitaker's book , "Mad in America."

It will shock-proof you.



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You know how I feel about Whitaker so I will reserve my comment

However, you are comparing apples and oranges. Blaming clinicians for poorly manufactured wellbutrin xl tablets is like blaming moms for unwittingly feeding their kids melamine infused formula.

nuf said.

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