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Daily Digest 11/24 - A Tale Of Two Energy Visions, Are Wealth And Prosperity Synonymous

Saturday, November 24, 2012, 12:48 PM


Are Wealth And Prosperity Synonymous? (westcoastjan)

"In the last couple of decades we have seen hundreds of millions of people lifted out of poverty and as the Chinese government has experimented with free enterprise and more freedom, they are finding that a broader section of the population is dissatisfied because they want a more accountable government and greater personal freedom," he says.

Companies send workers far afield for bargain surgery "bundles" (Thomas C.)

Federal and state officials are catching on as well. Medicare and some Medicaid programs are pushing for more of these all-inclusive prices for the most common procedures, from surgeries to maternity care for low-income mothers, to eliminate some of the huge disparities in U.S. health care costs and reward high-quality providers with more patients.

These programs are generally voluntary, so patients can still opt for care closer to home, although it may cost them more.

Nassim Taleb: my rules for life (Michael W.)

In print, the hating and despising is there for all to see: he's forever having spats and fights. When he's not slagging off the Nobel prize for economics (a "fraud"), bankers ("I have a physical allergy to them") and the academic establishment (he has it in for something he calls the "Soviet-Harvard illusion"), he's trading blows with Steven Pinker ("clueless"), and a random reviewer on Amazon, who he took to his Twitter stream to berate. And this is just in the last week.

8 ways money can buy happiness (westcoastjan)

What most do not realize is that lay-away and similar payment plans eliminate anticipation, “and anticipation is a source of ‘free’ happiness.” The report and supporting studies claim that thinking about future events “triggers stronger emotions than thinking about the same event in the past.”


A tale of two energy visions: China and Australia (Arthur Robey)

The White Paper has extensive sections on building up the gas and petroleum sectors, as well as coal for export, and allowing market forces to work in the national markets for liquid fuels. In all this, the White Paper has a single paragraph on the country’s disastrous increasing dependence on petroleum products imports.

Coal market to face dropping quality, rising costs (westcoastjan)

In emerging markets, analysts think coal might not be king for as long as initially expected as the high degree of pollution from coal-fired electricity generation will result in public anger and lead to tighter regulation, making it increasingly difficult to justify use of the fuel.

“For the next round of rapidly growing economies, coal will be shorter lived than expected,” Axa said.


WHO Announces Family Cluster of Cases of New Coronavirus (VeganD)

A quick recap: This new virus concerns public health officials because it is related to the viral cause of SARS, which swept the globe in 2003, sickening more than 8,000 people and killing almost 800. News of it first emerged in September, when a post to the mailing list ProMED described the illness and death in June of a man who lived in Saudi Arabia. That bulletin caused physicians in London who were treating a man from Qatar to realize that their patient was suffering from the same illness. The timing and location of the cases caused international concern, because Saudi Arabia was about to host the annual hajj, which brings millions of observant Muslims to the country in closely crowded conditions, and thus could have been a transmission risk.

Since then, very little new has been released.

30 Years After Chia Pets, Seeds Hit Food Aisles (jdargis)

Janie Hoffman, founder of Mamma Chia fruit juices, was one of the first people to recognize chia’s potential as a food. She was complaining about flax seed — “I hate how you have to grind it and then it goes rancid” — to a friend, who asked why she wasn’t using chia instead. “She said it had no taste, it’s high in antioxidants, huge in omega-3, a far superior seed,” Ms. Hoffman said. “In short, she made me feel like an idiot — no one was using flax seed anymore.”

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