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Daily Digest 11/17 - School Districts Brace For Cuts, Export Grain Prices Soar

Saturday, November 17, 2012, 10:36 AM


Emigration: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (marygwen)

Generally speaking, it's going to be hard to get into a (formerly) First World, Anglo-centric country. It helps if you're young, have a skill set crucial to that country's current needs that will carry you through to qualifying as a permanent resident, have been offered a job a local can't do and will never be able to do, will start a business and, of course, have some money. Look up immigration requirements for countries you'd like to move to and see if you qualify. For all others, there's Mexico¹, Central America and parts of Asia.

Camden sets homicide record with Friday killing (Thomas C.)

The new force is expected to have lower per-officer expenses because more officers will start at the low end of the pay scale and old contractual obligations such as shift differentials can be avoided. It is not clear when the officers will be hired and the transition to the new force will begin.

Terence Corcoran: Harper Government’s Pork Barrel Polka (westcoastjan)

The plan, duplicated in other releases, is to use government funding to bolster global trade in every product Canada produces. In this case, it’s pet food: “This investment will help PIJAC recapture existing markets and penetrate new foreign markets and capitalize on more export opportunities for pet food manufacturers,” said P.S. Lemieux. “Our government is making strategic investments like these because we know trade creates jobs and keeps our economy strong.” The PIJAC will use the up to $125,000 investment to “build relationships with new and existing buyers and increase the sales, exports, and value of its products overall.”

As Labor Talks Collapse, Hostess Turns Out The Lights (jdargis)

The so-called liquidation will probably spell the end of Hostess, an 82-year-old company that has endured wars, countless diet fads and even an earlier Chapter 11 filing. Although the company could theoretically negotiate a last-minute deal with the union, Hostess is moving to shut factories and lay off a large majority of its 18,500 employees.

School Districts Brace for Cuts as Fiscal Crisis Looms (jdargis)

While federal funding generally represents about 10 percent of public school budgets, schools have already lost millions of dollars in state money. According to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal-leaning research and advocacy group, 26 states cut funding this school year, and two-thirds of states are providing less money for public education than they did five years ago. It may be several years before state coffers recover enough to restore funding to previous levels.

Export grain prices soar as US shippers fear Mississippi closure (Mark C.)

"If you're trying to run a river program and you have commitments to deliver corn in January and it looks like you're going to have river issues, you're going to expedite that sooner rather than later. Today was one of those days," he said.

Alaska-bound rail project could solve Canada’s oil sands problems (westcoastjan)

“The greatest strength of our Alberta-Alaska railway concept is the support it has received from First Nations along the route and from the Assembly of First Nations across Canada,” said consortium CEO Matt Vickers. He’s a former banker from northeast British Columbia with an engineering background and revealed the project in detail to me. “And the railway was first proposed by Alaska and Yukon, which still support it.”

Save The Earth, Drive Your Car? (jdargis)

“Obviously, the energy expenditure in moving around a transit vehicle per passenger mile depends on the number of passengers," Morris continues. "Whether you have one passenger in a bus or 40 passengers in a bus, you're going to be expending almost the same amount of energy. So it all depends on the ridership and the occupancy that transit vehicles and, for that matter, autos carry."

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Peak food

the era of cheap food is over

There are only a few people who get it: the era of cheap food is over.

Global net population growth creates over 200,000 new mouths to feed ever single day. Yet supply of available farmland is diminishing each year due to development, loss of topsoil, peak production yields, and reduction in freshwater supply.

Then there’s bonehead government policy decisions to contend with... like converting valuable grains into inefficient biofuel for automobiles. Paying farmers to NOT plant. Banning exports. Etc.

Of course, the most destructive is monetary policy.



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