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Daily Digest 10/20 - Gold Can Save Us From Disaster, Energy From Manure Boosts Ski Resort

Saturday, October 20, 2012, 9:15 AM


Analysis: Complaints rise over complex U.S. stock orders (westcoastjan)

Gary Katz, president of the International Securities Exchange, a leading U.S. options exchange, said complaints about poor disclosure are unwarranted as exchanges are required to make documentation on new order types available to everyone.

"This is a fully transparent mechanism," Katz said at a convention of the Security Traders Association in Washington last month.

Could This Be The End Of Stock Market Crashes? (Arthur Robey)

Professor Preis, who is associate professor of behavioural science and finance at Warwick Business School, which is part of The University of Warwick, said: "We analysed the daily closing prices of the 30 stocks forming the Dow Jones Industrial Average from March 15, 1939, to December 31, 2010. Our results also shed light on why correlation risks in mortgage bundles were underestimated at the beginning of the recent financial crisis." The results of this study, published in Scientific Reports, provide crucial information on the behaviour of markets in times of stress.

Gold Can Save Us From Disaster (Arthur Robey)

The promiscuous printing of money in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere is enabling governments to put off pro-growth structural reforms and giving them incentive to increase the burdens on the private sector. The poster child here, of course, is France, raising its maximum income tax rate to 75%. Not since the early 1930s have governments of major countries collectively acted so destructively. The only difference between then and today—and it is a gargantuan one—is that we haven’t destroyed the global trading and capital systems. But even they are facing increasing strains and will continue to do so unless policies are changed.


Cow manure from dairy farms to boost skiers at Vermont resort (westcoastjan)

Under the process, manure collected from barn floors during the day is mixed with wash water from milking equipment. Bacteria in an anaerobic digester then process the manure slurry into methane gas, which is burned to generate electricity. The program currently consumes 300,000 gallons of manure per day.


Will a Fishy Geoengineering Experiment Raise the Stakes of Global Environmental Law? (jdargis)

Still, if George’s iron dump didn’t harm the local environment, why not call it a case of no harm, no foul? Because much more is at stake than the “rogue field experiments” fretted over by the New York Times. Critics of experiments like George’s are not just concerned with the environmental impact of field studies. Many are worried that the mere promise of a technological fix—however speculative—will create a false sense of reassurance and give us more excuses not to clean up our carbon mess. Committed research could have an inertial effect, making deployment of geoengineering technology more likely even if those who might be most affected by it haven’t consented to—or been properly made aware of—the risk.

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UAW retiree trust reports larger shortfall in 2011: filing

UAW retiree trust reports larger shortfall in 2011: filing

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I hung the wrong URL on the peg. My mistake.

See what Mr Forbes of Forbes magazine has to say on Gold standard here.

I do wish he would pipe down. Do you have any idea what this sort of talk will do to the price of the money of Kings? (Rhetorical question.)

Just a refresher 


Gold is the money of Kings

Silver is the money of Aristocrats,

Barter is the money of peasants

And debt is the money of slaves.


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