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Daily Digest 10/14 - Chinese Exports Rise, Sell-Off Brings Spain Housing Bargains

Sunday, October 14, 2012, 11:39 AM


China Exports Rise, Hinting at a Glimmer of a Revival (jdargis)

But strengthening exports to the United States — up 5.5 percent in September compared with the same month a year ago — could also increase trade frictions at a politically touchy time for both countries. Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, and President Obama have competed this autumn to present themselves as more willing to confront China on trade issues.

Success in Industrial Robotics Seen Globally (Arthur Robey)

As in 2010, the automotive industry strongly increased robot investments. Continuing modernization and increase of capacities in emerging markets were the main reasons for this. The trend towards automation, especially in the metal and machinery industry, boosted robot sales there. The electrical/electronics industry—which almost tripled robot installations in 2010—increased robot orders again, but with a lower growth rate.

In Spain’s Housing Bust, Sell-Off Brings Bargains (jdargis)

Banks, which have been sitting on a pile of real estate assets or listing them at only slight discounts, are beginning to slash prices, eager to get out of the business of being landlords. Some experts worry that they are simply repeating mistakes of the past by handing out 100 percent mortgages again. But giddy Spaniards — those who still have jobs — are lining up to get in on the bargains.

Lithuania Votes as Austerity Upshot Points to Cabinet Ouster (jdargis)

“We expect to win this election and get the opportunity to form a new coalition government,” Social Democrat leader Algirdas Butkevicius said while waiting to vote today in Vilnius. Potential coalition partners could include any other parties that get strong voter support, Butkevicius said.

Treasuries Gain as Signs of Slowdown Boost Refuge Appeal (jdargis)

The yield on 30-year bonds fell 14 basis points, or 0.14 percentage point, to 2.83 percent this week in New York time, according to Bloomberg Bond Trader data, the biggest drop since the week ended Sept. 21. The benchmark 10-year note yield fell nine basis points to 1.66 percent.


Permaculture Podcast: Bringin' in the Wheaton (Arthur Robey)

We talk of chickens and pigs, American culture and the metric system, moving earth and building ponds, agri-business and industrial farming. Unfortunately skype ate some of the interview, so I wasn't able to include the question where he told me exactly how tall he his. All I can say for certain, is that he is order of magnitudes taller than my spindly frame.

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Federal Reserve flirting with higher inflation

"Risking the wrath of politicians and the central bank's hard-won reputation for keeping prices stable, three top Fed officials are touting plans for boosting employment that explicitly allow for inflation to run above the Fed's 2.0-percent goal."

Euro zone mulls new ways to cut Greek debt mountain

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