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Daily Digest 10/11 - IMF Cuts Canada's Outlook, Fed's Sole Purpose Is "Keeping Banks Afloat"

Thursday, October 11, 2012, 12:26 PM


Mysterious Algorithm Was 4% of Trading Activity Last Week (Dana T.)

My guess is that the algo was testing the market, as high-frequency frequently does,” says Jon Najarian, co-founder of TradeMonster.com. “As soon as they add bandwidth, the HFT crowd sees how quickly they can top out to create latency.”

Chris Martenson on what job numbers, the Fed, and a drop in oil prices are hiding (Arthur Robey)

We talk to Chris Martenson, author of "The Crash Course." Among other things, we ask how he thinks the issue of credit expansion is compounded by global energy resource depletion and population growth. Is the credit bubble is re-inflating or are we past the deflationary point of no return? And unemployment dipped to 7.8 per cent, with the largest gain in almost a decade. However most were involuntary, part-time positions. We talk about what the numbers really mean and how to factor in exponential population growth as an unaccounted for headwind to employment going forward.

Red Cross to make Spain appeal as economic crisis bites (westcoastjan)

The Spanish Red Cross is one of the country's most-recognised charities, previously best known for making public appeals for disaster-hit and poverty-stricken countries, the BBC's Madrid correspondent Tom Burridge reports.

It is warning of rising levels of inequality, which could lead to social unrest.

IMF cuts Canada's outlook, frets over housing, consumer debt (westcoastjan)

The Canadian government has already moved several times to tame the mortgage market and take the froth off house prices. The latest move by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, in July, has helped cool the market, and most, though not all, observers, now see a soft landing.

Mr. Flaherty moved amid record high levels of debt to disposable income.

Developing Breakdown (pinecarr)

Dmitri Orlov on the developing economic breakdown.

NWO:The Enemy of Humanity (Amanda)

This American street muralist recorded a stop-motion video of his London creation of a mural depicting world leaders playing Monopoly on the backs of the working class. Pretty remarkable.

The artist goes by Mear One.

Peter Schiff: The Real Fiscal Cliff Is Much Bigger Than You Think (David B.)

They predict the U.S. will continue its tepid growth rate of near 2% if the fiscal cliff is averted. On the flip side, if we go over the cliff, the IMF predicts the automatic spending cuts and tax hikes due to set in at year-end would take more than 4% out of the GDP rate for 2013, tipping us back into recession.

Feedback Loops: HFT, Black-Scholes, and Cicadas (adam)

Feedback loops in the real world use control strategies based upon mathematical algorithms derived by time based differential equations (integrals and derivatives). To avoid confusion, note the dual use of the word "derivative" in the mathematical sense, and as a financial product "V" discussed as follows in the Black-Scholes (B-S) equation.

Guest Post: "The Fed's Sole Purpose: Keeping The Banks Afloat" - G. Edward Griffin (westcoastjan)

In this explosive video, Casey Summit speaker G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, talks about the Fed's real role in the US economy and why – contrary to common belief – it is not this banking cartel's mission to act in the best interest of the American public.

Greece’s biggest company quits for Switzerland (westcoastjan)

“A primary listing on Europe’s biggest and most liquid stock exchange reflects better the international character of Coca Cola Hellenic’s business activities and shareholder base,” the company said in its regulatory statement.

Infographic: Is Silver The New Gold Created By The Silver Bomb (Taki T.)

And while gold remains a smart move, there’s much to be said for silver. Why? Because, unlike gold, silver has an inherent value that goes well beyond scarcity. Without silver the world as we know it would literally stop. The computer screen on which you are reading these words, has silver in it. The TV you watch, has silver in it…and the list goes on and on.

John Williams on Lies, Damned Lies and the 7.8% Unemployment Rate (Phil H.)

What few people realize is that the headline unemployment rate is calculated each month using a unique set of seasonal adjustments. The August unemployment rate, which was 8.1%, was calculated using what BLS calls a “concurrent seasonal factor adjustment.” Each month the agency recalculates the series to adjust for regular seasonal patterns tied to the school year or holiday shopping season or whatever is considered relevant. The next month, it does the same thing using another set of seasonal factors. Rather than publish a number that’s consistent with the prior month’s estimate, it recalculates everything, including the previous month, but it doesn’t publish the revised number from the previous month.

Renewables Are Overrated, We Need Cheap Oil – Interview with Gail Tverberg (Arthur Robey)

Gail Tverberg is an independent researcher who examines questions related to oil supply, substitutes, and their impact on the economy. Her background is as a casualty actuary, making financial projections within the insurance industry. She became interested in the question of oil shortages in 2005, and has written and spoken about the expected impact of limited oil supply since then to a variety of audiences: insurance, academic, “peak oil”, and more general audiences. Her work can be found on her website, Our Finite World.

Pipeline To Nowhere? (James S.)

Natural gas also is what industry folk call “a lower 48-state commodity”, meaning it’s pretty much land-locked to the U.S. We have the capacity to import gas in the form of LNG. We just do not have much capacity to export LNG.

Ottawa to consider penning oilsands caribou (westcoastjan)

The idea follows a study released in July by the Oilsands Leadership Initiative that recommended fencing off at least 1,500 square kilometres to protect caribou from predators such as wolves.

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Chicago "violence tax" on guns/ammo

An Illinois lawmaker wants to implement a so-called "violence tax" on guns and ammunition sold in Chicago and surrounding areas, hoping it will curb crime.

That's a super good idea, but I have a few additional equally good ideas to flood Chicago public coffers with even more tax money (since they are so mind-boggleing in debt).

1.  A "jihad tax" on every visit to a Muslim mosque.

2.  An "obesity tax" on every sugary soft-drink sold (but Philly and NYC beat ya too it).

3.  A "DUI tax" on every motorized vehicle sold.

4.  An "ignorance tax" on every book and magazine sold which concerns itself with the personal lives of celebrities, and on every video game sold.

There's gotta be more I'm not thinking of.

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Too much fun!

Love it thc0655!  Reminds me (in an indirect way!) of a child's story I used to read my son, "The Sensible Tax".  The coffers of a kingdom were empty, and so they came up with the bright idea of taxing any sensible behavior; going to work on time, making a healthy dinner, wearing a raincoat when it rained.  The tax revenues poured in!!  But soon enough, one then another inhabitant of the kingdom learned NOT to behave "sensibly", to avoid the tax.  Parents didn't go to work, families ate ice cream for dinner, and so on.  The tax revenues that had been pouring in dried up.  Hmmmm....

Anyway, here are a couple more additions for your list:

5. A "brain-rot tax" on every tv sold

6. A "shoot your eyes out" tax for every BB gun sold...

7.  A "domestic abuse tax" for every marriage license sold

8. An "endangering the welfare of  child tax" for every child born

Too much fun

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Arthur Robey
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Good Dmitri Podcast, Thanks Pinecar.

Dmitri engenders no cognitive dissonance while keeping the subject alive with a fresh perspective. I put his lateral thinking down to the fact that he is naturely bi-lingual.

Did you notice how the conversation slipped back into BAU with modifications. Some people cannot get it. Life expectancy is going to drop off. It will never be as good as it is now, except if these conditions are met

  • We manage to make a carbon nano-fibre monofiliment for the space elevator.
  • Cold fusion is useful
  • and we escape into the boundless Cosmos.

It is this denailist pretence that somehow we can muddle through that will lead to unacceptable consequences.

Survival demands a monomaniacle obsession to this end. Every other road leads to extinction.

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Illinois Lawmaker

5. Global Warming tax on every can of beans sold, and all meals at Mexican restaurant.

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