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Daily Digest 9/28 - Last Call Before $2000 Gold, Is U.S. Energy Independence Possible?

Friday, September 28, 2012, 11:49 AM


1st ID BCT deploying to Africa in pilot test (C Strutt)

The effort with AFRICOM is the first of several planned regionally aligned brigades, two more of which are tentatively scheduled to be attached to European and Pacific commands in 2014, while a third will follow the 2/1’s rotation in Africa.

The aligned brigade concept signals a potentially huge shift in how the Army understands its mission, and its global role in a postwar environment. It also signals a shift in how the Army views itself.

Money: A New (Decentralized) Shade of Green (James S.)

In Germany and the United Kingdom, the idea of the Green Bank has also taken hold, with a clean energy development bank already boasting success in Germany, while the UK’s is only just getting off the ground. The UK’s version, however, is experiencing some setbacks in and a recession and deficit that is not falling as planned, the UK Green Investment Bank is behind on gaining borrowing powers.

Last Call Before $ 2,000 Gold – Prospects Of Gold And Confiscation (Taki T.)

A few weeks back we wrote about the fact that central banks have globally turned into the largest net buyers of gold since 2011, despite a continuance of the generally negative rhetoric of their most prominent figure heads. We also highlighted the fact that, in the realm of Basel III, gold is to become a “Tier 1 asset”. In other words, gold is to be treated as a “zero percent risk-weighted item”, next to such items as cash, US Treasury papers or IMF claims.

Builders put home buyers into credit boot camp (westcoastjan)

These fiscal rehabs are one reason many builders are boosting sales, even though mortgage lending is tight. Pulte said in July that its financial program could help its sales for some time. On Monday, Lennar Corp (LEN.N) said revenue from home sales rose 33 percent last quarter from the same quarter a year earlier. Orders for homes rose 44 percent, helped by the 25 percent increase in membership in its Homebuyers Club since last year.

France Economy: On Track To Growth Or In Denial? (westcoastjan)

Before the election, Francois Hollande paid a visit to the industrialised region of Lorraine, promising to defend their jobs - but steelworker Renald Carmona, 27, has just been made redundant.

He is one of three million French people now out of work. Nationwide unemployment is at the highest level since France joined the euro. No wonder he is searching for work in Luxembourg.

US election: How can politicians bring back jobs from China? (westcoastjan)

The company had been making water control valves at a factory in the town of Franklin since 1959, but the company began shifting jobs to China a dozen years ago.

The company didn't entirely shut things down in New Hampshire, and today, the Franklin factory is once again bustling.

Silver: The harsh realities behind diminshing supplies (westcoastjan)

Finding replacements for medical applications might be more tricky. For instance copper also has an antiseptic quality – it is being used in hospital door handles to replace aluminium and reduce the spread of germs, and in water filters to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. But copper can be neurotoxic, so it is not used in implants or wound dressings, says Alan Lansdown, an expert in medicinal uses for silver at Imperial College London. "There aren't really any effective and safe replacements for silver, except synthetic antibiotics," he says.

Canada won't say if China involved in hacking incident (westcoastjan)

"The Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre is aware of this incident and is already working with stakeholders in government and the private sector," public safety ministry spokesman Jean-Paul Duval said in an e-mail late on Thursday.

KrebsOnSecurity.com cited experts who said digital fingerprints left during the attack pointed to Chinese hackers.


Energy Independence in the US: Is the Impossible Possible? (James S.)

Once you include 3 million barrels of US liquids production (natural gas liquids like propane, butane, condensate and biofuels), overall production was still less than 9 million boepd—not even half of the country's total demand of 19.2 million barrels of oil equivalent per day (boepd).?

Canada and Mexico are comparatively small consumers, using only 4.4 million bopd, with combined overall oil and liquids production of 6.6 million boepd of oil and NGLs.

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Another intense tropical??? storm

Sure looks like a huricane! But this one is in Alaska.

"A massive storm system is buffeting the state of Alaska, the latest in a string of storms to strike the state so far this fall. The storm, // intensified at an extraordinarily rapid rate on Sept. 26. According to the National Weather Service's Ocean Prediction Center, the low pressure deepened 42 mb in just 24 hours, which would be unusual even for a tropical storm or hurricane. At one point, its minimum central pressure was lower than Hurricane Isaac's at its most intense point.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm in Alaska is so large it could cover most of the lower 48 states.

...this storm is one of three very intense storms to strike different parts of the world in recent days. In the western Pacific, Super Typhoon Jelawat exploded from a tropical storm to a Category 4 Super Typhoon in just 24 hours earlier this week, and the most intense storm since 1981 struck Britain."


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Ed's Critical Reads

Ed's Critical Reads http://www.caseyresearch.com/gsd/criticalreads

Frontrunning: September 28 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-09-28/frontrunning-september-28

James Grant (September 2012) WealthTrack


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