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Daily Digest 9/13 - German Firms Question Eurozone's Value, The High-Tech Fight Against Fake Food

Thursday, September 13, 2012, 9:49 AM


Huge turnout for Catalan independence rally (westcoastjan)

Protester Teresa Cabanes told Reuters: "This is a blow for the government. People like me came from everywhere. I don't think they were expecting something as big."

The huge volume of people overwhelmed the mobile phone network, which shut down for hours as a result, reports say.

Following FEMA's Zombie Preparedness Plan Could Land You On Terrorist List (cmurray)

From the article: 'Don't be silly by thinking you must actually break the law before cops deem you a potential threat and report you. Paying with cash comes under numerous "you might be a terrorist if" lists. Whatever you do, stocking up on non-perishable food as the feds advise should not include buying "meals ready to eat" since that, too, is potentially suspicious and means you might be a terrorist. "Suspicious activity" at military surplus stores includes making "bulk purchases" of "weatherproofed ammunition or match containers and meals ready to eat, as does suspicious purchasing of "night vision devices include night flashlights and gas masks."

Tax Cheat Banker Wins $104m For Exposing Scam (james_knight_chaucer)

Mr Kohn, who is also executive director of the National Whistle-blowers Centre, said the award was a resounding signal to other financiers with information about tax wrongdoing that the IRS will treat them properly.

German firms question eurozone's value (westcoastjan)

With most Lebkuchen sales made in the vast German home market, you might say the company has little to gain from large sums of its tax euros being siphoned off to keep southern Mediterranean countries afloat.

Why The U.S. Dollar’s Reign As World Reserve Currency Is Ending (David B.)

They don’t like that the United States has a built-in advantage of having the reserve currency of the world, and over the past several years both countries have been busy making international agreements that seek to chip away at that advantage.

Just the other day, China and Germany agreed to start conducting an increasing amount of trade with each other in their own currencies.

Federal Judge Strikes Down ‘Indefinite Detention’ Provision in NDAA+ (safewrite)

An anti-terrorism law was struck down Wednesday by a federal judge who said she saw legitimate fears in claims by journalists, scholars and political activists that they could face indefinite detention for exercising First Amendment rights. (Any story positively covered by The Daily Kos AND The Blaze--far left and far right--is worth reading.)

Pipe wall in California refinery fire thin as a penny, investigators say (westcoastjan)

“We have obtained internal Chevron policies that recommend that every segment of pipe in this service should have been included in the pipe inspection program,” said Don Holmstrom, lead investigator for the board. “There is no indication that this segment of pipe was inspected for thickness during the most recent” inspections.

Oilsands to exceed Alberta's new pollution limits, say documents (westcoastjan)

Shell filed the papers after the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency asked the company to give a clearer account of how the environment of the oilsands region has changed since development began and what part the Jackpine expansion would play.

DNA barcoding: The hi-tech fight against fake food (westcoastjan)

Slice it and package it in the right way, and one reptile’s meat looks – and may even taste – like another. From mislabeled crocodile to fake fur, a global industry has thrived for centuries by supplying shops and markets with fraudulent or counterfeit products. Until now, perhaps. Scientists and authorities think they can finally put an end to this unscrupulous trading by using a technique that can identify species from its genetic material like a barcode on a cereal box.

‘Astonishing’ Ice Melt May Lead to More Extreme Winters (kelvinator)

The record loss of Arctic sea ice this summer will echo throughout the weather patterns affecting the U.S. and Europe this winter, climate scientists said on Wednesday, since added heat in the Arctic influences the jet stream and may make extreme weather and climate events more likely.

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"Astonishing ice melt" link does not work

link doesn't work.  Try this one instead:


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U.S. 2012 budget deficit crosses $1 trillion mark

"The U.S. government's budget deficit for fiscal 2012 crossed the $1 trillion mark in August, the Treasury Department said on Thursday, to stand at $1.16 trillion. The government ran a monthly deficit of $191 billion, Treasury said, spending $369 billion and taking in $179 billion. The year-to-date figure marks the fourth consecutive year of $1 trillion-plus deficits, all under President Barack Obama. The federal government's fiscal year runs from October to September."

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Brains Trust.

Did you bother to read the Climate Catastrophe denials after the Weather Channel's piece?

That old model-making Left Brain sure has a powerful grip on peoples thinking. It has on yours and mine too. The tricky bit is to know when to let go of an beloved model.

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the Fed essentially creates money from nothing...Reuters


To buy bonds, the Fed essentially creates money from nothing, paying for its purchases by crediting the accounts of banks from which it buys the bonds. That's a clue as to how it works -- as money piles up in their Fed accounts, earning the paltry quarter-of-a-percentage point in interest that the Fed pays, banks may be keener to lend to companies and people. If companies use that money to buy equipment, and households use it to buy homes and cars, the economy gets a jump."

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