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Daily Digest 9/4 - The Deadly Tin Inside Your Smartphone, Pandora's Black Box

Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 2:13 PM


How To Ride The Gold Wave And Minimize Risk (Taki T.)

We use two types of chart patterns a lot to help us not get sucked up in the hoopla. The two best patterns that we have found to do this are called POH’s, which stands for Pullbacks Off Highs, and another pattern we call First Thrusts Up.

The Deadly Tin Inside Your Smartphone (Elisabeth A.)

Police figures show Bangka miners died in accidents similar to Rosnan’s at an average of almost one a week last year, more than double the rate from 2010. There is good reason to believe it’s getting worse. At the end of July, five Bangka miners were killed beneath another mudslide.

Full Interview With Billionaire Frank Giustra (Arthur Robey)

Mining and entertainment mogul Frank Giustra in conversation with Tommy Humphreys - August 28th, 2012. Topics include inflation, natural resources and wealth creation.

Fed Moves Toward Open-Ended Bond Purchases To Satisfy Bernanke (Dana T.)

Bernanke used the forum to defend unorthodox policies such as bond purchases and made the case for further action to reduce an unemployment rate that he called a “grave concern.” Stocks and Treasuries jumped after the speech as investors increased bets the Fed will opt for further easing as soon as its next meeting Sept. 12-13.

Fears Rising, Spaniards Pull Out Their Cash and Get Out of Spain (Dana T.)

Mr. Vildosola is among many who worry that Spain’s economic tailspin could eventually force the country’s withdrawal from the euro and a return to its former currency, the peseta. That dire outcome is still considered a long shot, even if Spain might eventually require a Greek-style bailout. But there is no doubt that many of those in a position to do so are taking their money — and in some cases themselves — out of Spain.

Depression, Suicides Rise as Euro Debt Crisis Intensifies (Dana T.)

According to Josée Van Remoortel, advisor to the European organization Mental Health Europe (MHE), the financial crisis is affecting “all areas of life,” not just economies, and its impact on mental health is creating a “deep chasm in our society.”

Pandora's Black Box (adam)

When we think about the future of society and the world at large, it is not uncommon that we point at both the state of our financial markets and the finances of various States to get an idea of where things are headed. Of course, given the current enormity of State debts and the dizzying complexity of the financial system, many fear this portends a future collapse.


Tony Hayward Gets His Life Back (jdargis)

Could this possibly be that Tony Hayward — the pinched, sweaty chieftain of British Big Oil? The Englishman whom Americans derided as an insensitive buffoon — and whom President Obama said he would have fired? The man who sailed his yacht off the Isle of Wight as the tar balls washed up on the Gulf Coast? Who, in the middle of it all, delivered that crisis-P.R. sound bite from hell: “I’d like my life back.”

A Natural Gas Discovery From a Medicine Research Opportunity (Mike K.)

Last April saw Eric Kort of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory uncovering a surprising and potentially important new source of Arctic methane: the ocean itself. This comes as no great surprise; organic life produces methane at prodigious rates.

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