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Daily Digest 8/5 - Economy Lost 1.2 Million Jobs In July, Wildfires Rip Across Oklahoma

Sunday, August 5, 2012, 1:07 PM


New York tests social impact bond investing with Goldman Sachs (VeganD)

The four-year program, in which private non-profit groups will provide education and intensive training and counseling to at-risk incarcerated youths, must reduce the recidivism rate by at least 10 percent for Goldman to recoup the investment.

Wait, the U.S. economy actually lost 1.2 million jobs in July? (cmurray)

In theory, that makes sense. But some economists and analysts now wonder if the BLS seasonal adjustments are somehow off a bit. If the financial crisis and recession mucked with the seasonal ebb and flow of the economy, then the adjustments that BLS makes for its monthly reports might be a bit skewed. Some jobs reports might look much better than they actually are. And others might look worse.

Lucrative Gambling Pits Tribe Against Tribe (jdargis)

To pull itself out of poverty, the tribe applied in 2002 to build an off-reservation casino at a spot with more economic potential, near towns and highways about 35 miles south of here. After the federal government gave its approval last year, the final decision now rests with Gov. Jerry Brown, who is expected to decide on the fate of the Enterprise casino and another tribe’s off-reservation proposal by an Aug. 31 deadline.

State Department and Pentagon Plan for Post-Assad Syria (jdargis)

The State Department is considering positioning additional food and medical supplies in the region and is studying how to dismantle the raft of American and European sanctions against Syria quickly to allow investment to flow in and business to resume, avoiding further deterioration of life for ordinary people.

Plan to Speed Travel With Toll Road in Maine Hits a Nerve (jdargis)

“You can think small and be small, or you can think big and be big,” said Christopher M. Gardner, executive director of the Eastport Port Authority. Eastport has the greatest natural depth of any port on the East Coast, but it gets less traffic than many others.

High Winds and Drought Fuel Oklahoma Wildfires (jdargis)

Gov. Mary Fallin, after touring the town of Luther on Saturday morning, described the damage as “devastating.” On Friday, fires had destroyed at least 25 homes, a day care center and other businesses there, according to the State Department of Emergency Management.

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Maine east west highway

My feeling is, if you want more highways then move south of Maine.  

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Curiosity has landed

We watched the landing live on our laptop......  to be able to watch the telemetry dials, live from Mars/NASA JPL, here in Australia, and the entire hyper complex procedure going flawlessly was just mind blowing....  Congratulations America.  Humankind has proved itself utterly ingenious and clever, again.  And yet we can't work out how to extricate ourselves from this Earthlocked looming disaster........

Just what is wrong with us........??


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improve the existing rail connection

Yes,forget the highway. There already is an east-west connection through Maine - railroad tracks that needs improvement. Too obvious I guess for TPTB!.

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