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Daily Digest 8/2 - Low Paying Jobs Here To Stay, Lack Of Rain Major Cause Of Indian Grid Collapse

Thursday, August 2, 2012, 9:10 AM


Max Keiser: Bankers and Central Bankers are Responsible for Eurozone Debt Crisis, Barack Obama's Devastating Missed Opportunity (Jaime)

The result of the Greek capitulation: Greece gave away their sovereignty to the Troika. Greece is not a sovereign state. It is no longer up to them. The IMF is in Greece with hundreds of agents. The goal of the Troika is to acquire Greece's income-producing assets for next to nothing - their ports, the lottery, the airports, the toll roads - for the benefit of the patrons of the IMF.

Low-Paying Jobs Are Here To Stay (Tall)

Lower wage occupations grew by 3.2% over the year ending in the first quarter of 2011, according to the National Employment Law Project. This was fueled mainly by the expansion of retail salespeople, office clerks, cashiers, food prep workers and store clerks, whose median hourly wages ranged from $7.51 to $13.52.

What Is A Pesticide? (dons)

A pesticide is any substance or mixture of substances intended for:
repelling, or
mitigating any pest.

More than 700 Million Left without Power after Latest Blackouts in India (James S.)

Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Indian power minister, blamed the failures on the states individual electricity operators being too greedy and drawing more than their allotted share from the grids. “Everyone overdraws from the grid. Just this morning I held a meeting with power officials from the states and I gave directions that states that overdraw should be punished. We have given instructions that their power supply could be cut.”

Lack of Rain a Leading Cause of Indian Grid Collapse (guardia)

On Tuesday, India was hit with its second large blackout in two days. When the northern grid went dark Monday at around 2:30 am local time, more than 300 million people were left without electricity for several hours. The Power Systems Operation Corp. reported that New Delhi was completely restored by 1:00 pm, as well as 70 percent of the rest of the region. But the problems weren't over.

Clue to carbon storage in the Southern Ocean (Arthur Robey)

"Until now we didn’t know exactly the physical processes of how carbon ends up being stored deep in the ocean,” he said.

The team explored the workings of the ocean with the help of small robotic probes, known as Argo floats, which dive to depths of two kilometres. The researchers also analysed temperature, salinity and pressure data.

Historic Drought, Dust Storms & Power Grid Failures Are Sending Food Prices Higher (David B.)

On Monday, the high temperature hit 111 degrees in Little Rock, Arkansas. That was a new all-time record for July 30th, and it was the third-highest temperature ever recorded in Little Rock.

U.S. farmers urge Obama administration to suspend ethanol quota amid drought (Michael W.)

"The extraordinary and disastrous circumstances created for livestock and poultry producers by the ongoing drought in the heart of our grain growing regions requires that all relevant measures of relief be explored," said the petition to the EPA's administrator Lisa Jackson.

Prosecutors open criminal probes over Fukushima meltdown disaster (VeganD)

Another complaint accuses six government officials, including Kan, of failing to act quickly to ensure that radioactive steam was vented from the containment vessel of the plant's reactor 1, leading to hydrogen explosions that injured plant workers.

Buy farms and food: Grantham (Michael W.)

“The general assumption is that we need to increase food production by 60% to 100% by 2050 to feed at least a modest sufficiency of calories to all 9 billion+ people plus to deliver much more meat to the rapidly increasing middle classes of the developing world,” Grantham said.

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Renewable Energy Potential in Every U.S. State, Study Shows

A new study of renewable energy's technical potential finds that every state in the United States has the space and resource to generate clean energy. The U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory produced the study, U.S. RE Technical Potential, which looks at available renewable resources in each state

The report is valuable for decision-makers and utility executives because it compares estimates across six renewable energy technologies and unifies assumptions and methods. It shows the achievable energy generation of a particular technology given resource availability -- solar, wind, geothermal availability, etc. -- system performance, topographic limitations, and environmental and land-use constraints.

The study includes state-level maps and tables containing available land area (square kilometers), installed capacity (gigawatts), and electric generation (gigawatt-hours) for each technology.


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Spanish and Italian bond yields much higher


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USPS "default"

though the Postal Service now has more than $45 billion in prepaid retiree health benefits funding, the law requires an additional $5.6 billion payment by Sept. 30...there are also $11 billion in overpayments into their retirement fund & they have to pay healthcare for employees that havent been hired yet...if congress mandated that for corporations, they'd all be bankrupt:


Pension Plans Increasingly Underfunded at Largest Companies…AFTER years of poor investment returns, the pension funds of the United States’ largest companies are further behind than they have ever been. The companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 collectively reported that at the end of their most recent fiscal years, their pension plans had obligations of $1.68 trillion and assets of just $1.32 trillion. The difference of $355 billion was the largest ever, S.& P. said in a report. Of the 500 companies, 338 have defined-benefit pension plans, and only 18 are fully funded. Seven companies reported that their plans were underfunded by more than $10 billion, with the largest negative figure, $21.6 billion, reported by General Electric. The othercompanies with more than $10 billion in underfunding were AT&T, Boeing, Exxon Mobil, Ford Motor, I.B.M. and Lockheed Martin. 


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