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Daily Digest 7/1 - Urban Agriculture In LA, New Oil Sanctions On Iran Will Change Policy

Sunday, July 1, 2012, 11:39 AM


Wales Managed to Double Its Recycling Rate in Just a Few Years (jdargis)

In 2005, the United States recycled 32.1 percent of its household waste—far better than Wales, which recycled only 23.1 percent of household waste in 2005-06. But between 2005 and 2010—the most recent year for which statistics are available—the U.S. recycling rate increased rather sluggishly, from 32.1 percent to 34.1 percent. Wales, meanwhile, just announced that its 2011-12 recycling rate was a remarkable 48 percent—more than double what it was six years ago. So what gives? What has Wales done since 2005 that we haven’t?

Farmscape Brings Urban Agriculture to Los Angeles (jdargis)

Projects range from a rooftop garden on a downtown Los Angeles highrise to small plots for families. An exciting project in the works is a three-quarter acre-sized farm for a restaurant in the West San Fernando Valley. And the diversity of the projects is echoed by the diversity of their clients. "When we first started, we expected that our clients would be of a higher income level and would be two-parent working families," says Bailin. Instead, Farmscape has been delighted to build gardens for preschool teachers, single mothers, and institutions and businesses that want employee gardens as perks.

Oil Wealth Returning, Iraq Sees Malls Rise (jdargis)

One of Washington’s principal aims was to develop a free-market economy here. Yet with so much oil wealth at hand, Iraq’s leaders have taken few steps to develop a private sector. More than 90 percent of Iraq’s government revenues derive from oil, and with oil production rapidly expanding, the country’s annual revenues could triple over the next five years, to more than $300 billion. With that kind of wealth rolling in, one of the greatest questions the country faces is what it will do with all that cash.

U.S. Bets New Oil Sanctions Will Change Iran’s Tune (jdargis)

Even before these steps, Iran conceded last week that its oil exports were down 20 to 30 percent. Its currency has plunged more than 40 percent against the dollar since last year. But so far the escalating sanctions, which the Bush administration started and the Obama administration has intensified, have failed in their central goal of forcing Iran’s mullahs to stop enriching uranium. Negotiations have stalled, though it is unclear whether this is a tactical move by Iran or a collapse of the latest diplomatic effort.

This Beautiful, Sweet Little Town Is Just Gone (jdargis)

A block further into town on Elizabeth Street, Steve Roark grabs his dogs and cat and runs to his basement. He has seen tornadoes before—he followed one in his car once, in 1997—and he knows what’s out there. “It felt to me like the whole house was gone, you could feel the pressure change,” he says. Above him, the wind tears off some siding and a few shingles. It breaks his windows. His parents’ house down the street is barely touched.

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Government by the Banks, for the Banks: The ESM Coup D’Etat in E

http://webofdebt.wordpress.com/2012/07/01/government-by-the-banks-for-the-banks-the-esm-coup-detat-in-europe/  MUST READ

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Intense Storms Called a "Derecho" Slam 700 Miles of the US

Power knocked out for millions yesterday, and 13 deaths - from wind storms across a swath of the country...

Intense Storms Called a "Derecho" Slam 700 Miles of the US (June 30, 2012)
"A 'super derecho' of violent thunderstorms left a more than 700-mile trail of destruction across the Midwest and mid-Atlantic on Friday, cutting power to millions and killing thirteen people."

Got your bug-out bag packed yet?


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