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Daily Digest 9/2 - Scientists Warn UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise, Skim Reading Is The New Normal

Sunday, September 2, 2018, 11:53 AM


Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise (Paul D.)

For the “first time in human history,” the paper says, capitalist economies are “shifting to energy sources that are less energy efficient.” This applies to all forms of energy. Producing usable energy (“exergy”) to keep powering “both basic and non-basic human activities” in industrial civilisation “will require more, not less, effort.”

A deadly storm is coming in Syria (tmn)

Several times during our meal, he performed card tricks at our table. He was good: No matter how hard I looked, I could not catch his sleight of hand.

Something similar is happening in Syria right now.

Report: Trump Admin Denying Passports to Citizens Along Border (tmn)

Immigration officials in the Trump era are now asking subjects to provide additional information—like evidence of prenatal care, a baptismal certificate, and rental agreements from their infancy—in order to adequately prove they are American citizens. “Individuals who are unable to demonstrate that they were born in the United States are denied issuance of a passport,” the State Department said in a statement. The Post reports that passports are sometimes revoked very suddenly, with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arriving at homes with no notice and taking passports away in some instances.

So Much for The Great California Bail Celebration (sv)

Many criminal justice reform advocates have cited evidence that the cash bail system unfairly targeted the poor, forcing those who could not post bail to languish in jail while awaiting trial. Advocates also argued that the cash bail system pressured defendants to take plea deals, even if they were innocent of the charges, so they could get out of jail and return to their lives.

Elections board takes less than a minute to reject proposal to close 7 of 9 polling places in majority-black county (sv)

Critics had said the plan to consolidate polling places in Randolph County, Georgia, was a brazen attempt to suppress the black vote in Georgia's governor race, which pits former Georgia House minority leader Stacey Abrams, who is black, against Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is white.

Skim reading is the new normal. The effect on society is profound (tmn)

Multiple studies show that digital screen use may be causing a variety of troubling downstream effects on reading comprehension in older high school and college students. In Stavanger, Norway, psychologist Anne Mangen and her colleagues studied how high school students comprehend the same material in different mediums. Mangen’s group asked subjects questions about a short story whose plot had universal student appeal (a lust-filled, love story); half of the students read Jenny, Mon Amour on a Kindle, the other half in paperback. Results indicated that students who read on print were superior in their comprehension to screen-reading peers, particularly in their ability to sequence detail and reconstruct the plot in chronological order.

Attention, Shoppers: Kroger Says It Is Phasing Out Plastic Bags (sv)

Single-use plastic bags create a huge amount of waste. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 380 billion plastic bags are used in the U.S. every year. That plastic can end up in waterways, harming marine life.

U.S. court orders Trump administration to enforce chemical safety rule (sv)

In February, a federal court ruled that the EPA could not delay a regulation limiting methane emissions from oil and gas installations and this week a federal judge reinstated the Waters of the United States rule, which the Trump administration had delayed.

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Rob Kirby interview gives hat-tip to Chris & the Crash Course

Rob Kirby has an interesting interview on Greg Hunter's USA WatchDog, "$21 Trillion in Dark Money Will Cause Hyperinflation – Rob Kirby".

He gives a nice hat-tip to Chris and the Crash Course a little after the 2 minute mark in his discussion about fiat currencies, and how they eventually hit an inflexion point and go vertical like a hockey stick.

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Matt Holbert
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The "establishment" view...

Re: A deadly storm is coming in Syria

This piece certainly highlights the diversion between mainstream perspective/rhetoric and reporting by alternative media. Almost every point in the article has been exposed by alternative media to be false. Who are you going to believe?

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Totally agree!

Some have called 'CNN' the "Clinton News Network", but in my opinion, the "CIA's News Network" would be even more on the mark.

One could look to Seymour Hersh, Robert Fisk, John Pilger, Patrick Cockburn, Chris Hedges and many others for more accurate reporting (meaning reporting that isn't outright lies and propaganda) on these types of issues.

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Thanks to the DD team!

I guess nobody can resist cute puppy GIFs.

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