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Daily Digest 2/8 - Ghost Towers, How VW Got Off Easy For Deiselgate

Thursday, February 8, 2018, 9:48 AM


Paul Craig Roberts Exposes The Plunge Protection Team's Fraud (Alex M.)

The Plunge Protection Team was created in 1987, approaching the end of the Reagan administration, in order to prevent a market correction from costing George H. W. Bush the presidential election as Reagan’s successor. The Republican Establishment was desperate to reestablish its control over the party. The Republican Establishment, convinced by Wall Street that the Reagan tax cut would result in high inflation, found themselves instead confronted with a long economic expansion. In those days that meant that the expansion could be nearing its end, and a stock market correction could deny the presidency to George H.W. Bush.

Chinese Police Add Facial-Recognition Glasses to Surveillance Arsenal (sign in required, Alex M.)

As hundreds of millions of Chinese begin traveling for the Lunar New Year holiday, police are showing off a new addition to their crowd-surveillance toolbox: mobile facial-recognition units mounted on eyeglasses.

Market Chaos Could Be Your Last Warning (Tiffany D.)

It’s a red flag about interest rates, market risks and the need to shift your portfolio toward value-laden investments that can withstand higher rates, or benefit from them — such as I have in the Total Wealth Insider portfolio.

Here’s why: For the past decade (really, for the past three decades), we’ve gotten used to the idea that rates only go in one direction — low, lower and lower still.

Market Crash Update: Mike Maloney (Diane C.)

Mike Maloney gives an update on the recent market volatility.

This Indicator Warned Us Before Every Market Crash (Tiffany D.)

One tool many large firms use is the advance-decline line. The advance-decline line indicator subtracts the number of stocks that closed down every day (declines) from the number that closed up (advances). The A-D line is the blue line in the charts below. The S&P 500 Index is the black line.

Ghost towers: half of new-build luxury London flats fail to sell (tmn)

Pryor says developers of luxury blocks lining the Thames have failed to sell homes despite offering discounts, incentives and freebies – including free furniture, carpets and curtains and even cars. He adds that new-build towers are proving hard to sell because while they offer luxuries including concierge, gyms and spas, “they’re all the same”.

Utility Sues Nuclear Energy Institute For Extortion (Michael K.)

NextEra as a major nuclear plant operator depends on a data base maintained by the NEI on existing and prospective nuclear workers. Like many nuclear facilities operators, NextEra hires outsider contractors and consultants to aid in refueling its nuclear power stations. And it cannot do so without a thorough personnel evaluation--which NEI's data base conveniently provides.

How VW Paid $25 Billion for Dieselgate — And Got Off Easy (jdargis)

Schmidt was a henchman, everyone understood, and his sentence, a stand-in. The judge was addressing a set of people in Germany who are beyond the reach of U.S. prosecutors because Germany does not ordinarily extradite its nationals beyond European Union frontiers. Above all, the Detroit courtroom was haunted by the shadow of an individual who was absent: Martin Winterkorn, who was VW’s CEO during almost all of the fraud. His name was uttered only twice, yet his aura loomed over the entire hearing.

Decoding The Redwoods (tmn)

When the three-year project is complete, scientists will have the genetic fingerprints of hundreds of redwoods, a sample large enough to determine which trees have the characteristics to best withstand increased moisture or drought, heat increases or temperature drops. The results will be available as an open online resource, a shared tool for those managing the forests.

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California: What Does the Market Plunge Mean to Your Pensions?

California: What Does the Market Plunge Mean to Your Pensions?

City Watch-9 hours ago
If there is a 15% drop in pension fund assets, and the new projected earnings percentage is lowered from 7.0% to 6.0%, the normal contribution [1]will increase by $2.6 billion per year, and the unfunded contribution will increase by $19.9 billion. Total annual pension contributions will increase from the currently estimated ...

Junk Bonds Are Starting to Crack as Stock Selloff Persists

Bloomberg-9 minutes ago
The biggest exchange-traded fund that buys the debt clocked its worst day in more than a year on Thursday. Investors pulled money ... The weakness in junk started in the most actively traded instruments, mainly ETFs and derivatives known as credit-default swaps, which insure investors against losses. Investors have been ...

The $321 trillion timebomb: Former UK bank boss warns debt may ...

New Zealand Herald-8 hours ago
King said it was essential to tackle the global debt pile, which stands at £166 trillion ($321t), according to the Washington-based Institute of International Finance. "The areas of weakness in the current system are really focused on the amount of debt that exists, not just in the US and UK but across the world," King said.


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