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Daily Digest 1/26 - Good News Friday: Evolution Unleashed, The Proven Health Benefits Of Honey

Friday, January 26, 2018, 11:33 AM

This is Good News Friday, where we find some good economic, energy, and environmental news and share it with PP readers. Please send any positive news to [email protected] with subject header "Good News Friday." We will save and post weekly. Enjoy!


Evolution Unleashed (blackeagle)

In his book On Human Nature (1978), the evolutionary biologist Edward O Wilson claimed that human culture is held on a genetic leash. The metaphor was contentious for two reasons. First, as we’ll see, it’s no less true that culture holds genes on a leash. Second, while there must be a genetic propensity for cultural learning, few cultural differences can be explained by underlying genetic differences.

Mexico and Hungary tried junk food taxes — and they seem to be working (blackeagle)

According to their review of the scientific literature on junk food tax bills and laws, a federal tax on unhealthy foods would be both legally and administratively feasible in the US. Instead of a sales tax that would show up at the point of purchase, the researchers argue for an excise tax on junk food manufacturers. That should increase the shelf price of junk foods and beverages, and deter consumers from bringing unhealthy food choices to the checkout counter in the first place.

Florida voters will be able to restore voting rights to over a million former felons in November (sv)

“Knowing that we’ve actually sent in over a million petitions and that people have answered the call to have a more inclusive democracy is just overwhelming,” Meade said. “People never thought we would get to this place, and now it’s actually here.”

Montana Governor Signs Order to Force Net Neutrality (sv)

The idea is similar to bills in New York and Rhode Island that are also trying to use government contracts to regulate the practices of internet service providers. Those efforts are proceeding slowly, along with multiple lawsuits filed last week by more than 20 state attorneys general and public interest groups.

Davos: the inventions cutting plastic consumption (ZWW)

The VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland has created a cellulose wrapper that looks like transparent plastic but can be made from wood, rice straw or sugar cane tops. Usually the drawback with cellulose is sensitivity to moisture, but VTT has come up with a cellulose film with superior barrier properties.

First Solar Is Using Robots to Better Tap the Sun (jdargis)

Today a visitor to the factory, which reopened in December, looks out over a line of robotic arms guiding sheets of specialized conductive glass onto rollers that snake 3 miles through cleaning, grinding, and spraying machines. A final robot grabs the completed panel, about the size of a large flatscreen TV, and places it in a box for shipment. There are just a few dozen workers scattered about; before the renovation, there were hundreds. The company acknowledges that it’s cut jobs, but it says the ones that remain are safer and pay better.

The Proven Health Benefits Of Honey (blackeagle)

There's no doubt honey has the power to kill bacteria. Studies have shown that it is effective against dozens of strains, including E. coli and salmonella. A specific type of honey from New Zealand, called manuka honey, along with Malaysian Tualang honey, has been shown to fight staph and the digestive bacteria responsible for peptic ulcers, H. pylori.

How Decluttering Saves Me Money, Time, And Stress (blackeagle)

I’ve so wanted to share how this process felt as it unfolded, but I knew I needed to finish it first. I think I was afraid if I told you about it before it was completed it might never get done. I did the same thing with my book–I didn’t want to tell you until after it was written for fear it might not happen. I think I’d do the same with my pregnancies–just show up one day with a baby–except that it’s quite obvious I’m carrying around an infant in there.

Wales Is Second Best in the World at Recycling Household Waste (ZWW)

“It’s great to see the ambition of the Welsh bearing fruit, with their recycling rates close to the top of the table,” said Dominic Hogg, chairman of Eunomia. “It’s embarrassing for England, which… is standing still in terms of performance and dropping in the rankings as others continue to progress.”

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This Country Will Experience 13000% Inflation This Year,IMF Says

Treasury to Sell $110 Billion in Debt

Wall Street Journal-21 hours ago
The U.S. Treasury Department will auction $110 billion in securities next week, comprising $62 billion in new debt and $48 billion in previously sold debt. Details (all with minimum denominations of $100):. Monday: $48 billion in 13-week bills, a reopening of an issue first sold on Nov. 2, 2017, maturing May 3, 2018.

This Country Will Experience 13000% Inflation This Year, IMF Says

Fortune-Jan 25, 2018
The International Monetary Fund sees Venezuelan inflation spiraling to 13,000 percent this year, as the crisis-torn nation prints money to tackle fiscal deficits and confidence in its currency evaporates. That's more than five times the inflation previously projected by the IMF, and way above the median forecast from ...


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Top 10 Lies Doctor's Tell Themselves

Mirroring Adam and Chris' stories of escaping from the corporate rat race to find a more deeply satisfying life is this writer from the medical field.  She works with physician suicide.  This is particularly poignant as one of my co-workers committed suicide 2 days ago.  She worked a full time job, and 2 part time jobs and could not see any path forward.

The "lies" she writes about are calls to question the beliefs that doctor's hold that keep them locked in a rat race.

Sadly, I find myself in many of them.  But I can see some options.

Top 10 Lies Doctors Tell Themselves

  • I’m stuck in assembly-line medicine.
  • I’m not smart enough.
  • I have no power.
  • I’m burned out.
  • I must overwork and overextend myself.
  • I can’t get confidential mental health help.
  • I’ll go broke. It’s the system.
  • Nobody cares.
  • Nothing will ever get better.
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Applicable To Many

Great post Sand_Puppy

 Change the first bullet point to 

  • I am stuck in an assembly line ____________

And the post can be applied to many.  A generalization is that Doctors make a lot of money and have life easy.  Not the case certainly and it's good to be reminded that we all have demons and doubts to deal with.



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Thanks for the evolution

Thanks for the evolution article Blackeagle. Nice to see we're not just products of genetics alone.

Sorry to hear about your colleague Sandpuppy.  That list can apply to so many people.

We need to communicate that its ok to be not ok. Nobody's 100% ok.

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