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Daily Digest 1/15 - 2017 In Review, Joke Cryptocurrency Hits $2 Billion

Monday, January 15, 2018, 11:54 AM


Pandemonium and Rage in Hawaii (jdargis)

The alert turned out to be false, an epic—almost unbelievable—mishap. A state employee had accidentally triggered the Emergency Alert System message at 8:07 a.m., during what should have been a routine internal test. It took officials 38 minutes to announce their mistake, and to confirm that the warning had been a false alarm. Those 38 minutes were the 38 worst minutes of many Hawaii residents’ lives. And they were just as horrifying for people outside of Hawaii who, like me, felt helpless as they contended with the prospect of never seeing their loved ones again.

2017 In Review: Forecasting Intelligence (James W.)

Marine Le Pen did succeed in getting into the second round of the French presidential elections, as predicted, and had she faced Francois Fillon (“Fillon”), the conservative arch-Thatcherite candidate, may have had a better chance in the final result. As it happened, when I wrote my forecasting post, Fillon was still ahead in the polls with Emmanuel Macron (“Macron”) only starting to emerge into the limelight.

A Case for Math, Not ‘Gobbledygook,’ in Judging Partisan Voting Maps (jdargis)

The statistics in the recent gerrymandering cases were more complicated, but not by much. Just as comparing registration rates between black and white voters yielded a “racial gap,” comparing the voting power of Republican and Democratic voters yields what the challengers in the Wisconsin case called an “efficiency gap.”

My Joke Cryptocurrency Hit $2 Billion and Something Is Very Wrong (thc0655)

In 2013, the vision for the future of cryptocurrencies seemed relatively clear: To deliver a peer-to-peer alternative to cash that, through decentralization, did away with the need for trust in financial institutions, which the 2008 crisis showed to be unscrupulous, and often corrupt. Bitcoin, which ignited the cryptocurrency movement in 2009, brought real technical innovation to the table in achieving this vision. Back then, I hoped that through the power of community, a project such as Dogecoin may help drive further awareness of and innovation in that technology.

Use This Simple Strategy to Beat the Market in 2018 (Tiffany D.)

Back in November, I explained how these stocks are poised to outperform in 2018 after an underperformance in 2017. History shows we can expect a nice rebound in dividend-paying stocks, and all you have to do is buy 10 stocks and hold them for a year.

But I didn’t know the stocks yet.

Grassroots group tries to get a new kind of doctor in the House (and Senate) (tmn)

If even one of them wins, it will be historic: Nearly all of the 49 doctors elected to Congress in the past 60 years — as the nation debated Medicare, Medicaid, Hillarycare, Obamacare, and a whole host of other major health reforms — have been Republican men. The lone pair of female physicians, former Reps. Nan Hayworth of New York and Shelley Sekula-Gibbs of Texas, were both Republicans. (One nonvoting delegate, former Rep. Donna Christian-Christensen of the Virgin Islands, was a female physician and a Democrat.)

When wildlife conservation meets war (jdargis)

To see how these conflicts had affected the local wildlife, they scoured the scientific record to find data on wildlife population that had been recorded throughout the same time period. Again, to make the task more manageable, they narrowed down their focus, looking only at large herbivorous mammals (anything over 5kg counted). After extracting the most reliable data, they were able to track the size of 253 different populations, across 36 different species, from 126 protected areas in 19 countries.

Photos of California's Deadly Mudslides (jdargis)

The massive wildfires that scorched parts of Southern California last month left hillsides devoid of vegetation and covered with ash and a dried-out layer of topsoil. On Tuesday, heavy rains fell north of Los Angeles, turning many of these hillsides into torrents of mud and boulders that destroyed dozens of homes and damaged hundreds more. At the moment, 17 deaths have been reported, as search and rescue teams are looking for eight missing people, who may still be trapped inside their homes.

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Welcome to the "Meme" Economy

Dogecoin: ‘Joke’ Cryptocurrency Hits $2 Billion Market Cap (InvestorPlace)


Dogecoin, a cyrptucurrency that started out as a joke back in 2013, hit a new market cap high of $2 billion over the weekend.

Dogecoin: 'Joke' Cryptocurrency Hits $2 Billion Market Cap
Source: Dogecoin.com

Dogecoin wasn’t able to maintain that new high and is now sitting closer to $1.7 billion. The rise to a $2 billion market cap comes as a surprise to the developers behind the virtual currency, which hasn’t been in active development for years.

“It says a lot about the state of the cryptocurrency space in general that a currency with a dog on it which hasn’t released a software update in over 2 years has a $1B+ market cap,” Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin, said last week before the virtual coin hit the $2 million market cap.

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