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Daily Digest 1/6 - Lies We Tell Ourselves, Is A "Geopolitical Recession" Looming?

Saturday, January 6, 2018, 10:24 AM


New Study: Here's Why Life Speeds Up as You Get Older (and How to Slow It Back Down) (blackeagle)

"People who try to live 'in the moment' may better appreciate the uniqueness of those moments once they have passed, making it less likely that they'll be swallowed up into a 'chunk,'" notes BPS. Art too might help you get back in touch with your sensory impressions of the present, and help you notice the small things that distinguish one day from another.

Lies We Tell Ourselves (Time2Help)

Unfortunately, it seems Americans are in for (at least) three more years of this increasingly bellicose—and perilous—rhetoric. We saw it when Sean Spicer, President Trump’s former press secretary, had the gall to declare that questioning the success of a botched January raid in Yemen “does a disservice” to the Navy SEAL killed in the firefight. It got worse from there. Trump tweeted that a certain senator—Vietnam veteran John McCain, of all people—who talked about “the success or failure of the mission” to the media had “emboldened the enemy.” According to this fabled logic, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens died for his brothers-in-arms, and thus to even ponder the “what-for” is tantamount to abetting the enemy.

This US Military Officer Explains Why America’s Middle East Wars Have Been Utter Failures (blackeagle)

Here our nation stands, 15-plus years after 9/11, engaged militarily in half a dozen countries across the Greater Middle East, with no end in sight. Perhaps a more critical, factual reading of our recent past would illuminate the futility of America’s tragic, ongoing project to somehow “destroy” terrorism in the Muslim world.

CA May Accept 'Charitable' Donations To Counter GOP Tax Plan (Alex M.)

SB 227 — dubbed the "Protect California Taxpayers Act" — would make it so taxpayers in the Golden State could make a "charitable donation" to the state, according to the lawmakers. In return, the taxpayer would receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on the full amount of their contribution.

Currency Wars: The Anglo-American Century and Why the Financial Engineers Hate Gold and Silver (older article, David M.)

Money is power, and the ability to control the distribution and value of money and wealth is power in its most refined and effective form. One only needs relatively small armies to retain the power to control the money in order to subordinate vast resources and peoples if you can control their definition of wealth and the distribution of money, and all that follows from it.

Is A “Geopolitical Recession” Looming? (Uncletommy)

Trade and investment. No country today has developed as effective a global trade and investment strategy as Beijing. China is writing checks and creating a global architecture while others are thinking locally or bilaterally. This model generates both interest and imitators, with governments across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and even Latin America tacking more toward Beijing’s policy preferences because the direct transactional consequences have become much more impactful.

Venezuela Is Recruiting Miners For Its Cryptocurrency (Michael K.)

Venezuela also plans to use the Petro to pay suppliers and avoid imports delays because banks are delaying payments to scrutinize operations in the wake of the stricter U.S. sanctions, according to El Impulso.

The delays will end once the Petro is used for transactions, Minister Rodríguez said, adding that “It will be materially impossible for the dictatorial financial centers of the world to intervene against this initiative.”

Satellite images of today’s bomb cyclone show a snowy monster on the East Coast (blackeagle)

The GOES-16 weather satellite — operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration — has been capturing the cyclone’s progress toward the coast. Its imagery shows what looks like a pillowy white hurricane, one that rapidly formed east of the Carolinas and then cycled its way up toward New England.

Coral reefs are bleaching way more frequently because of global warming (blackeagle)

Bleaching occurs when the colorful algae that live inside the corals are expelled. That can happen because the water is too warm or too cold, or because of extreme low tides. But bleaching is disastrous for coral reefs, because the algae provide about 90 percent of the coral’s energy. Without it, the coral goes white as it starves. Previous studies have shown that global warming is causing corals to bleach and sometimes die. This latest study gives hard numbers on how often these bleaching events are now happening compared to the past.

‘Raw water’ is the latest pseudo-scientific craze that could make you sick (blackeagle)

Groundwater wells — the ultimate in off-the-grid water that roughly 15 million households in the US rely on — also need to be routinely tested for safety. Chemicals like arsenic, metals like uranium, or contaminants from agricultural activities like nitrates can leach into the groundwater that supplies both wells and springs. Even rainwater — which is a great for your garden — is less safe for drinking unless it’s been treated, the CDC says. Animal feces, chemicals in air pollution or in roofing materials and gutters, and insect larvae can all swim around in rain barrels.

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